Friday, October 8, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 28

First stop in the morning, give my sweet little Penny her first cuddle of the day. I love my daughters.

Both of them. Now it's Ronnie's turn. We found some cute kiddy furniture the other day and made their room a nicer place. They won't notice yet but I'm sure they'll love it later.

I've mastered photography but I'd love to master painting as well. It seems so slow compared to taking a photograph though, it takes hours to paint anything.

Of course, to get good photographs, you need to leave home. Painting means that I'm here and so is my adorable Vanessa.

That is a real advantage for when one of us is feeling affectionate. Vanessa is welcome to interrupt my painting session whenever she likes.

Drilled in front of the library today. Didn't find anything fascinating in this hole but you never know what will happen until you investigate.

I've been decorating the house with some of my very best photographs. This is worth around 2000 simoleons, and it really enhances the room.

I caught up with my big sister Kathy at a protest meeting today. She was telling me about her family, her husband and the two kids, Malcolm and Shanna. Sounds like they are doing well.

And Vincent met up with a girl he's met at school. Good to see the boy making friends. Elsa Clayton-Leman, her family has known our family since forever. I think the two of them will be good friends but nothing more than that.

While I was out, Vanessa was working on a new novel and looking after the babies.

When I came home, I felt the need for a bit of romance. I serenaded Vanessa with one of the songs I learned in Egypt.

That lead to a lot of making out and bed action. She's very fond of that song.


  1. Yay for an update!

    Phillip must sing very well. Vanessa seemed very taken with his song.

    They look great in the new clothes. And the baby room looks good, too.

    Update! *kermit flail*

  2. Sometimes I wonder if I've installed woohooer correctly cause my Sims don't auto-woohoo that often. Phillip and Vanessa did twice after his song...she must like it.

    Update == Hurray!!!

    Now Vanessa and Phillip can both dress slightly piratey. :) She still loves the cave man though.

  3. Hey! I commented. Where'd it go?

  4. Don't know what happened Dee.

    Might have just not pushed your comment to blogspot correctly, I've had that happen from time to time.

  5. Okay, now I two comments of the same freakin' thing. Let's try this again.
    I love the update. I think I said something about how great it is to have all that new stuff and how great everything looks.
    I know I said something about how that must have been some more song.

  6. With two infants, it probably isn't easy to get in the mood. Obviously, Phillip's singing is the trigger.

  7. :) I can delete one of the dup comments but I'll make sure you aren't about to delete one.

    The new stuff is a lot of fun. Some BB clothes invaded Sunset Valley and the babies are benefitting from a gifted Animals Abound set.

  8. With two babies and a large queue of things to do, usually, they don't reach the mood often.

    Both times were just plain woohoo, they aren't as mad as Jack going for risky after twins are born!

  9. I'll delete it. Maybe some sims are like some people. :D Some want it more than others.

  10. Nevermind. You already did.:)

  11. So someone else going to post soonish?

  12. I will be posting again but don't know when. I'll be going to bed here soon.

  13. I like your narration. When I read it, it really sounded like Phillip - like a guy. The outfits are really good on them!!

  14. Awww, isn't Phillip just the sweetest!

    Love his briefs! Fluro green. lol They're a nice contrast to his tanned toned frame. ;)

    Love the outfits you put them in too. Very cute how they are matching.

    A short and sweet update PiB. :)

  15. Haha... The last line made me chuckle. Serenade Vanessa to the bed! Good thing he probably picks up lots of songs in his travels...

    Phillip really looks the part of a painter in that one get-up. He's such a sweet father, too.

    Although... I do believe most PiB men are excellent fathers! They seriously need to coach my Kane boys into perfection, hehe.

  16. Hey Jennifer,

    Yes, Phillip is a real sweetie. Once he found love, he's been determined to keep her.

    I got new outfits to play with, it becomes very obvious that I like to play with them.

    Yes Kaleeko, most of my males are great dads. They adore the kids in the house, even the ones that aren't theirs.


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