Friday, April 23, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Nov 15

Hey, where's the family journal gone?
Don't worry Dad, I got you covered.
Since when?
Since I decided we need more parties.

Sheesh, what a fuss.  As far as I could tell, Dad never really liked the whole journal thing.  He only did it because Granddad asked him to.

At any rate, I've decided that we do need more parties around here.  With lots of girls if I get my say.  But I'll invite the relatives too, I asked Uncle Henry, Uncle Rick, Uncle Jack and Aunt Laura over for this one. But I got a couple of the girls over too, I'm hoping the parents are too busy to notice.

Everyone was having such a great time downstairs that only the family came up to eat. 

Poor Aunt Laura.  Uncle Sam died earlier today and she's heartbroken.  Dad says they were teen sweethearts and that was a long time to know someone.

Dad had a chat to Aunt Laura, but I think it's time that will help her.

Some people really need a personal stylist. Look at what Marta and Wyatt are wearing to the pool. I'm not that into clothes but those [shudder]

My cousin Tate at least dresses for the pool.  He's a young adult now and has a girlfriend.  The family doesn't know much about her.

Now let me show you two of the cutest teens I know.

This is one of Tate's little sisters.  Tosha Grant has hit teen.  She's inherited Grandmom Rachel's hair, just like me.

Tosha's twin sister Keri.  Why do such pretty girls have to be my cousins?

Held a big beach party and invited almost every teen in town.  We all deserve FUN - too much homework around here.  I brought a radio, and we were dancing and drinking until dark.

This is Rick Walker, the second child of that couple oddly dressed at the pool.  He seems to do better at dressing then his dad.

Eric is still madly in love with Katie. 

She's inappropriate and hot-headed...he may have an interesting future.

As I say, madly in love.  They are now engaged and Eric think they might have gotten just a little carried away with the celebration.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Nov 10

Eric and Katie are quite the item these days.  The boy has even had her move in.  They don't seem to be in a hurry to get engaged, married or start on those grandchildren yet. 

We let Phillip cook breakfast.  It wasn't very good but better than starving, I suppose.
Waffles are not meant to be extra crispy boy.  Remember girls love it when the man cooks for them.

We ran across Celia and Jack Pendragon's boys the other day.  Darren with the brown hair.

And their toddler Marcelo, who is trying to hide from the camera.  He's grown to child since this picture was taken.

The women in Henry's life - his wife Cindy and their daughter Callie.  Once Henry settled with
Cindy, there was no looking back for him.  But we heard that he never missed a single child support payment for Darius.

We decided on a small family holiday to Egypt.  Most of the holiday we were all doing separate things.  Phillip learned to use a camera and did some fishing.  Eric and Katie did some fishing and a bit of tomb hunting.

Judy spent quite a lot of time in one tomb.  Not a good place to have a moment of absent-mindedness.

The tomb hadn't been explored by Mum or Dad so Judy got to be the  first in the family to tread here.

And zapped here.

Judy doesn't like tombs much.  She doesn't like traps and she hates water.  Not a good thing when exploring.

Eric managed to retrieve a small artifact for a local.

And so did I.  Finally on Visa 1 for Egypt.

Judy and I really just aren't the tomb raider type.  Not like Mum and Dad.  We are more home bodies, enjoying the comforts of our lovely house.

We've set the boys to gardening.  Eric wants to be a real scientist one day so he needs gardening skills.  Phillip, well, we don't know what he's going to want in life.  In the meantime, he can build useful skills too.

Judy loves the board breaker.  Her favorite hobby is smashing boards.  And she is damned good at it too.