Monday, September 27, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 24

Our time in China is rapidly ending, we are making the most of our 'couple' time. Enjoying each other's company just before we sleep and again when we wake up. No matter how often it happens, waking up next to Vanessa is simply joy.

My latest request was to capture several of the large and rare Red Assassin beetles. I had to scour the neighbourhood for them but in the end, I found enough.

Come to papa, you red beauty. You are such a valuable specimen, I know someone dying to add you to their collection.

You bet that the collector was ecstatic to add these rare beetles to his collection. He paid me very well.

 Vanessa was also helping the locals. She went savaging for metals for this woman.

Vanessa's also nearly finished her next book, we both hope it sells even better than the last one.

Nothing like being in China to put you in the mood to learn martial arts. I started sparring with opponents as soon as I could. Dad always said that you learn more that way then you ever can from the training dummies.

I did buy a training dummy as well. I wonder if we can open our own dojo when we get home? We should have the cash to be able to own it outright.

Someone challenged me to learn from this master of the martial arts. I have some bruises because I have a lot to learn but it was very educational. His movements are amazingly quick, I haven't the reflexes to block them yet. Maybe a rematch someday.

No matter what happens in life, Vanessa is my ideal. It's time to go home to other responsibilities and the kids but I'll treasure each moment I can spend with Vanessa.

Home sweet home. Nothing like going away to make you better appreciate the comforts of home. Vanessa's first thought? Check on the twins, of course. We might have had a sitter however she won't rest until she sees our girls for herself.

Vanessa was worried about Vincent and the twins. He's a good big brother, he came to check on...damn, is that Veronica or Penelope?... without either of us asking him to.

The boys added desks and posters to their new rooms. I think they'll be happy having their own space away from the girls.


  1. Aww, it's always great to get away, just the two of them, and not have to worry about anything but fun. It does look like they had fun in China.

  2. That's funny, until I saw your comment, I forgot that this was due to publish.

    Yes, they did have a good time. They did a lot of stuff, Phillip will be able to arrange a longer holiday in China next time - his visa went from 0 to well into level 1. And he has some valuable photos to sell.

  3. They seem like a very sweet couple. And I loved the first pic with 'waking up next to Vanessa is simply joy', awww!

    Great martial art shots too.

    I must make some time to read some of your earlier posts, it's always nice to get to know the characters. :)

  4. Welcome Jennifer! Nice to see you here.

    Phillip has only ever wanted Vanessa as his romance. He had to convince her to give up her teen romance but eventually he did. I failed entirely to make him into a heartbreaker playboy. :)

    As for going back - Phillip is gen 3. So you can travel back to when he started doing the journal. Or back to when his daddy Indiana Grant started up. Or all the way back to Sam Grant - aka Indiana Sam - who is our founder. Depends on how much you want to read.

  5. Back home and back to the kids. They made some good memories and some nice cash in China.

    Those beetles are worth serious money if you're able to bring some back with your sim.

  6. Thanks Chrysame,

    They do love their time together but they are always happy to get home too.

    I think Phillip did grab another assassin beetle. The most valuable insect I've found in game was a rainbow butterfly, they are even better than the beetles.

  7. I love the third line "waking up next to Vanessa is simply joy." It's very romantic. Great update.

  8. Hey MJ,

    Phillip is still very devoted to his Vanessa. It's very sweet how much they are both in love still.

  9. Oooh so I'm up to date. :)

    I enjoyed reading your earlier posts PiB. Easy to read and I enjoy the light hearted humour you throw in.

    Phillip and Vanessa are a very sweet couple, I look forward to seeing more of them. ;)

  10. Yep, you caught up. Now you have to wait for updates like everyone else! LOL

    Thanks for the comments.


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