Family biographies

The Grant Family

Penelope Grant

Traits: Slob, no sense of humor, hopeless romantic, athletic, adventurous

Bio: Hopeless romantic Penny found her life mate in her best friend  the boy next door, Nicolas Kane. They've recently moved to a new home and started a fresh life. Penny's life want is to master the martial arts, in the meantime, she's employed by the local sports team.

Her relationship with Nick tends to be slightly complicated by his evil streak. Will Penny with no sense of humor be able to put up with Nick's somewhat evil humor?

Nicolas Grant

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Shy, Genius, Perceptive, Evil

Bio: Nick Kane was the boy next door. Much the same age as Penny and Ronnie, they have known each other since they were old enough to walk next door.

Nick fights to keep his evil impulses under control. His career in the military should help him learn the self discipline that he desires.

Penny's parents

Phillip Grant

Traits: Athletic, Photographer's Eye, Flirty, Green Thumb, and Adventurous.

Bio: Phillip was the youngest of the 4 children of Indiana and Judy Grant. In some ways, he was the pampered baby of the family but there was always the pressure to measure up to the achievements of his older siblings. As a teenager, Phillip developed a love for parties as a reason to get friends and family together. The only thing he adores more than parties is his wife Vanessa, the only love in his life.

He is an artist; he works in both painting and photography. His photographs can sell for hundreds of dollars, his paintings are increasing in value.

Vanessa (Bachelor) Grant

Traits: Couch Potato, Can't Stand Art, Easily Impressed, Angler, Genius

Bio: Vanessa was the only child of Bella Bachelor and Malcolm Landgraab. Her half sister Annie was adopted by Malcolm before his marriage with Bella. As a teen, she dated a few other boys but Phillip proved to her that he loved her beyond any other. She has been devoted to her husband and can usually overlook that he's an artist, since she can't stand art.

Her passions are fishing and writing. As a novelist, she's written a number of best sellers. Her genre is the satire novel, her fan base has been steadily increasing as she publishes more works.

Penny's siblings

Vincent Grant

Traits: Perceptive, computer whiz, genius, virtuoso and Adventurous.

Bio: Vincent's main passion is music. His life's ambition is to master every instrument known to Sims. As a musician, he can be spotted around town playing any instrument that happens to be available.

After moving from home, his parents hoped he'd stay with his teenage sweetheart Erica. However, Vincent married an older woman, Kari. Vincent and Kari have a daughter, Miriam.

Stephen Grant

Traits: Neurotic, great kisser, daredevil, athletic, natural cook

Bio: Neurotic Stephen has always worried his parents from his unpredictable pattern of panics. Even washing his hands can worry Stephen.

His life's ambition is to master the art of mixology, and he now is the owner of the local pub. He has recently moved from home, his parents hoping that things will work out for him. He married Abbey Kane, Nicolas's older sister.

Veronica Grant
Traits: Genius, excitable, Photographer's Eye, bookworm, shy

Bio: Veronica is a serious studious girl.She generally prefers quietly reading in some corner than anything else. Veronica is hoping to become a world renown surgeon some day. With her brains, it should be an achievable goal.

To reach her goal, she has joined the medical profession as a young adult.

Nick's parents

Bradley Kane (lovingly stolen from Kaleeko a major character in Desperate Sims)

Traits: Grumpy, friendly, eccentric, no sense of humor, loves the outdoors.

Bio:  Bradley Kane decided to move his family to Sunset Valley. The house he choose happened to be next door to the Grants and the two families have been close since. Brad's chosen career is politics and he has done well since the move.

Emerald (Greenwood) Kane

Traits: Friendly, computer whiz, daredevil, brave, vegetarian

Bio: Emerald was Brad's childhood friend who became his first and only love. Emerald is in the military, it suits her brave and daring personality.

Her career inspired her son Nick to follow in her footsteps.

Nick's siblings

James Kane

Traits: Light sleeper, friendly, natural cook, slob, excitable.

Bio:  James is the oldest of the Kane children. As a teen, he had a brief romance with Ronnie Grant. Since growing up, he married local girl Jaimee.

His current career is that of musician.

Abbey (Kane) Grant

Traits: Savvy sculptor, friendly, unflirty, neurotic, loner

Bio: Abbey had an on again, off again relationship with Stephen Grant. As teens they drifted apart because there were no sparks in the relationship.

As adults, they found themselves drawn together again and now have a happy home with 2 sons Marshall and Shane.