Friday, March 26, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Nov 6

Dad still comes out at night sometimes. I haven't quite decided what to do...

Kathy and her Malcolm get along very nicely. It's good to see.

While they were otherwise occupied, I got a chance to play with the grandson.

And Eric came home from getting a job to change his nephew's dirty diaper. Good boy that.

Malcolm wanted to learn some martial arts so I helped him along. He had a new belt by the time we were done.

Then Kathy and Malcolm moved out. We bought them a nice little two bedroom house in town. Must invite them all over soon.

Chance's boy Marco. He has Mum's hair colour.

Our grandson Glen as a toddler.

Dad! Why are you insisting on the hat?
Hey, I let you keep the hair. But the heir to the house has to have his hat.

I have a feeling that it won't be long until we have another daughter-in-law.

The triplets had their birthdays.
Henry as an elder.

Jack as an elder.

Rick as an elder. His wife has declared him to be her nemesis and yet they still are married and living together. Weird.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Nov 3

I'm still finding it hard to believe.  The rock of our lives, Dad, is gone.

Chance and Ursala's little boy Marco is growing up to be quite the little chap.  Not looking too much like Daddy though.

Mum and Dad always made time for each other.  Judy and I are trying to follow that example.

Eric has convinced Katie Lee to be his girlfriend.  Go boy.

Katie is quite a pretty girl.

If it lasts, it should be a good match.

Dear god, what on earth?
Rick is holding his baby girl Rhoda.
That is weird and scary.

Damn it, these things never hit Mum when she got to this stage.

[shudder] Long hair, my boy has long hair.
Dad, Chill, the girls love the stuff.

Guess what's about to happen.  Judy always had guys dancing around her, must be different to be on the other side of the panic dance.

And here is the new baby, coming home.  Chance and Sam were also at the hospital.  Chance and Ursala have another baby.

And another "new" resident.  So far, Mum's ghost is pretty innocuous but I'm not sure we need two ghosts around here. 

The ghost didn't notice a new baby in the house.  Possibly just as well.

Eric had his birthday to young adult.

Typical, there is a queue for the baby.  Nice to see Malcolm taking responsibility for the baby.

And little Rhoda managed to pull herself together. 

Author's note: I'm taking a break from this family for a little.  The triplets are all going to be elders by the end of the day and I need to work myself up to that and to sending Kathy, Malcolm IV and Malcolm V off into a new home.  Plus I'm thinking about what to do with Rachel and Sam's ghosts.  Indy and Judy could resurrect them.  We could move them to the graveyard.  We could delete them so help clear space and Sam may still be a cause of glitches...Decisions decisions...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 30

This may get more than a little confusing. We've all been suffering from some form of Déjà vu and I know that something things happened different ways at different times. I can't quite sort out one time line from the others so I'll just post everything and mention the bits that are no longer true.

Ripley Warren married a townie called Carlos. Carlos has since aged up, he is carrying their toddler.

This is Darren Pendragon - the older boy of Celia and Jack.  He's nearly as handsome as his half brother Darius. I may be slightly biased in favour of Henry's boy.

This is one of the did happen but not this way moments.  I had a birthday to elder...and then was an adult again and had another one.  As if once wasn't bad enough.

Same for poor Judy.  But doesn't she age well?

In one reality Dad found a friend in his bed.  Mum's ghost just joined him there.

I'm not sure if this one is real or not.  Dad was getting on very well with this townie.

I'm pretty sure that Grandpa Muleskinner has met the Reaper. 

I know that young Eric had his first kiss from Katie Lee, the youngest of the three Lee girls.  Not sure if her dad really was glaring at the time.

This may be right.  I think that this was my real elder stage.  Nice quiet family time.

It's a bad sign when this dude is stuck on a lot.  He was here for a couple of days.

Phillip is definitely a teenager now.

Kathy and Malcolm moved out once.  Then they were back and the second time around didn't move out.  Kathy is definitely pregnant. 

This is our first grandson, Glen Grant.  Sammy and Malia are doing quite well.

And this, I hate to say, is definitely real.  The reaper came calling for Dad.  I could have sworn I heard in the background "So sorry Sam, but I think you are the glitch.  I hate to Age Transition you but the entire neighborhood keeps stopping.  So it's your turn or we have to stop playing with your family altogether."

Dad had been expecting the reaper to visit again since Mum's death.  It wasn't really a surprise but...

No one was happy to see him go. Even our new son-in-law was upset by the death.

Finally reunited. 

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 28

It was hard to do, but Judy and I decided we really needed to travel again.  We went to China with Kathy and Malcolm.  We left Eric and Phillip in the capable hands of their grandfather.
I really needed that extra training.

Judy did some work for the locals.

At the end of the day, we compared notes.  Judy had been collecting things for the locals.  Kathy was working on her fishing skills.  I was working on martial arts and Malcolm was working mainly on athletics but he did some martial arts too.

I decided to see what Kathy's boy was made of. He'll learn but he has a long journey if he decides to master martial arts.

But he was useful, like here where he cleaned up the kitchen a bit for the family.

The holiday wasn't long enough, they never are. But we came home because it was time to stage an important event. The family is gathering.

In their best clothes to watch our Kathy get married to her Malcolm.

Kathy looks so stunning in that dress. Maybe not traditional but it really suits her.

It's great that everyone could make it to the wedding.

And so our little Kathy Grant becomes Kathy Landgraab.

Amazing how they never need to breathe.

Young Callie Harkness-Grant - Henry's second child. She's growing up well.

Kathy's latest creation. Too much children's tv when she was young?

Dad is showing off his mad cooking skillz. He flips the eggrolls over his shoulder and has them back in the pan in a moment. It's damn cool to watch a master at work.

Dad has also taken to novel writing. Though he doesn't have much of a fan base yet.