Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - April 16

Ven brought Stephen home again. I don't know if she thinks he's interesting or he's just the least dull boy she knows.

He's probably just a friend to her. She's a bit too much of a bookworm, it's going to take someone pretty determined to make my sister pay attention.

Mum and Dad have really been dancing a lot lately.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - April 12

Mum is working hard on another novel. She spends so much time at her desk.

Writing satire is hard. It requires a lot of effort to get the humour just so. On the other hand, your mum loves having fans recognise her work.

"Daddy, when we were in China, you said we should meditate together sometimes."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - April 9

Daddy? What's this?

It's the family journal. You get to start now


Yes, now.

Right, so last night Mum and Stephen were dancing up a storm. She seemed to have taught him a few new moves.

Your mother always did know good moves.

Daddy, are you going to have me do this or not?

All yours.

Then hush.

Nope kiddo, you are stuck with me.

Dad still spends a lot of time painting. And Mum writes novels still.

What can I say, painting is fun and profit rolled into one. Your Mum does stress a bit over the novel writing though.

I think it's so romantic, how Mum and Daddy still adore each other. I hope that Nicolas and I stay together like that.

Daddy, do I have to wear a hat?

Kiddo, you get the journal, you have to have a hat.

Can't Ven have the journal?


Pen and Ven. We tried P and V but Ven broke up laughing every time she said P.

So, how would you like to come with me down into the tombs next trip? Lot's of pushing, pulling and there may be traps. There will also be lots of treasure.

I've been hoping you'd take me.

And your sister?

Are you kidding? Give her a book or computer.

There you go, kiddo. You want the thrills, you get the journal and the hat.

Honestly, I do love my sister but I don't understand her at all. She loves to have her head in a book, or doing computer stuff or playing chess. Where's the thrill? Where's the romance?

Dad's latest painting was declared a masterpiece. It's the first masterpiece he's ever painted.

To celebrate the masterpiece, Dad hosted a pool party. Mostly family with a few friends invited. And a few people just happened to be swimming today.


Yes, Penny?

Why is Abbey skinny-dipping?

You can ask your mother about that. Abbey really shouldn't skinny-dip with you and Ronnie around though.

Stephen looks like he's thinking about joining Abbey.

Unlike Abbey, Stephen decided not to undress when there are teens about. Especially since two of them are his little sisters.

Stephen with no clothes??? Ewwww.

It's been hours and hours since I've seen Nicolas. It feels like a lifetime.

I just adore doing romantic things with Nicolas.

I didn't realise until I lost him, how much I wanted Nick and only Nick in my life.

Nick says I look hot with the new hat.

Should I be insulted that I didn't look hot before?

Wow, Dad, another painting finished. I don't like it as well as the last one.

It wasn't a masterpiece but it sold alright.

Hey Daddy, who's that?

Another of your cousins. This one is Malcolm, he's your Aunt Kathy's oldest. That's his little boy he's carrying.

There's nothing Mum likes more than getting out of the house and to a fishing hole. The other kids think it's funny, she just goes and never pays any attention to what she happens to wear.

My Mum is the best dressed fisherman in town.

She catches a lot of fish too.

Look, Dad. It's Nicolas's Mum and big brother James. But who's the other guy?

That would be Nicolas's uncle Travis. Bradley's older brother.

Poor Ronnie, it's a shame about James.

James is dating now. Ronnie is going to have to move on.

We had more relatives in the park, Penny. That's your Uncle Sammy and his daughter Devon.

How old is Uncle Sammy?

He's nearing 100. We'll probably be getting a phone call any day about him passing away.


Yes, Penny?

This can't be right. I was looking through the parts of the journal. There are some old pics there with your name...but that can't be.

Hmm, they are right. I'd forgotten how long my hair was when I was a teen.

Really you?

Yep. Your granddad wasn't fond of that hair either.


The bonus pics

Since this blog has no filter on it

Stephen did decide to join Abbey

Nicolas, if you finish that step, you are going to regret it in those clothes.

He actually froze there like that for several minutes till the game figured out how not to have him instantly either swim or walk on water.

Beatrice Warren, the Master Thief daughter of Chrysame's Ripley.