Family Ties

This is a work in progress, it's going to take some time to find and fill this out.  Names that appear in red will have married into the Grant family that appear in another family list below.

Grant Family

Gen 1

Sam Grant + Rachel Thorpe (Sue_D_Nim) ->  Laura, Indiana, Henry, Jack and Rick Grant

Gen 2
Laura Grant + Sam Sekemoto -> Chance Sekemoto

Indiana Grant + Judy Jitmakusol -> Sammy, Kathy, Eric and Phillip Grant

Henry Grant + Celia Pendragon -> Darius Pendragon
Henry Grant + Cindy Harkness -> Callie Harkness-Grant, Derrick Harkness-Grant

Jack Grant + Gabrielle McCall -> Tate, Tosha and Kari Grant

Rick Grant + Patricia Hunter -> Shelly and Rhonda Grant

Gen 3
Chance Sekemoto + Ursula -> Marco, Kendrick Sekemoto

Sammy Grant + Malia McCall -> Glen, Devon Grant

Kathy Grant + Malcolm Landgraab V (see NOTE) -> Malcolm Landgraab VI, Shanna

Eric Grant + Katie Lee -> Jerod, Elmer, Rocio Grant

Phillip Grant + Vanessa Landgraab Bachelor -> Vincent, Stephen, Penelope, Veronica Grant

Darius Pendragon + Mindi Landgraab -> Bert, Hayley, Kyra Pendragon

Callie Harkness-Grant + Malcolm Landgraab VI -> Kayla Landgraab, Malcolm Landgraab VII

*Derrick Harkness-Grant + Devon Grant -> Adolfo Grant

Tate Grant + Pauline -> Charles, Dustin Grant

Rhonda Grant + Bert Pendragon -> Jeffry Pendragon

Shelly Grant + Marcelo Pendragon -> Donovon Grant

No children at present from Tosha Grant.

Gen 4
Kendrick Leman-Sekemoto + Danya Leman-Sekemoto -> Mason, Tomika Leman-Sekemoto

*Devon Grant + Derrick Harkness-Grant -> Adolfo Grant

Bert Pendragon + Rhonda Grant -> Jeffry Pendragon

Jerod Grant + Elsa Clayton-Leman -> Dedric Grant, Alfred Grant

Elmer Grant + Jeffrey Hill -> Troy Grant Hill, Molly

Vincent Grant + Kari Grant -> Miriam Grant

Stephen Grant + Abbey Kane  -> Marshall, Shane

Penny Grant + Nicolas Kane -> Buddy, Ruby, Daisy, Joey

Marco Sekemoto + Beatrice Warren -> Shaunna Warren

Rocio Grant + Terrance Walker -> Gail Grant-Walker

Charles Grant + Dianna Hanna -> April Hanna

No children yet from  Glen Avarti-Grant, Shanna Landgraab, hayley Pendragon, Kyra Pendragon,  Dustin (many still teen or younger.)

Gen 5
Elena Wolff-Lee + Dedric Grant

Pendragon Family

Celia Pendragon (Chrysame) + Henry Grant -> Darius Pendragon
Celia Pendragon + Captain Jack Harkness -> Darren and Marcelo Pendragon
Gen 2
Marcelo + Ursula Pendragon (formally Ursula Sekemoto) -> Stephanie Pendragon

Hunter Family

Zayne Hunter (Sue_D_Nim) + Christian Montgomery (rflong7) -> Ernesto, Patricia Hunter
Gen 2
Ernesto Hunter + Melonie Hunter -> Sandi, Jeana, Jenny Hunter

Walker Family

Wyatt Walker (Selahfreeatlast) + Marta Tomasi (Chrysame) -> Gladys, Rick, and Wendell Walker

Gen 2
Gladys Walker + Benny Hatch -> Trent, Kendra Walker
Rick Walker + Ashley Smith -> Tawana Walker
Wendell Walker + Denise Lessen -> Andres Lessen-Walker, Nikole

Lee Family

Benjamin Lee (Selahfreeatlast) + Macy Monroe (Chrysame) -> Kim, Tracy, Katie Lee

Gen 2
Kim Lee + Eloy Wolff -> Elena Wolff-Lee
Tracy Lee + Robby Leman -> Dayna Leman

Baez-Butler Family

Bettina Butler (Selahfreeatlast) + Kyle Baez -> Jeremie Baez-Butler

Leman Family

Thomas Leman + Bebe Hart -> Erwin and Robby Leman
Gen 2
Erwin Leman + Christi Clayton -> Denis, Elsa, Erica Clayton-Leman
Robby Leman + Tracy Lee -> Dayna Leman

Hawke Family

Hugo Hawke (Chrysame) + Susie Pierce (Chrysame)  -> Shanita, Autumn Hawke

Wolff-Lessen family

Mick Lessen (Chrysame) + Suzette Wolff -> Denise Wolff-Lessen

Townsend family

Tyler Townsend + Rebecca Smith (worsiedog) -> Ashley Smith
Tyler Townsend + Sierra Nevada (muleskinner) -> Jodie, Rosie Townsend

Warren family

Ripley Warren + Carlos -> Beatrice Warren

Kane family

Travis Kane(Kaleeko) + Ginger -> Blanca, Johnnie, Alonzo
Bradley (Kaleeko) + Emerald Kane -> James, Abbey, Nicolas Kane
Amelia Kane (Kaleeko)

Gen 2
James Kane + Jaimee

Hill family

Clover Hill (sidonzo) + Kristen Zaney (VenusABatson)  -> Lavar Hill
Gen 2

Lavar Hill + Alysia -> Lakshmi, Jeffery Hill

Gen 3
Lakshmi Hill + Janny Hill -> Kayla Hill

Other Families

All children married into another family and will be followed there.
Riley McCall (lovints)+ Jon Lessen -> Gabrielle, Malia McCall
Kayne Richardson + Kathryn Jitmakusol -> Judy Jitmakusol

NOTE: Not from the EA games Sunset Valley Landgraabs but a separate family starting with a Sims 3 equivalent of Malcolm IV from Sims 2 Open for Business

Landgraab Family (PiB version)

Malcolm Landgraab IV + AJ Anderson -> Mindi, Malcolm V, Cedric Landgraab.