Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 13

Oh dear, time is simply flying by.  Our little girl is a young adult now.


And we have a house of 4 teenage boys.  This is far scarier than any mummy, even the ones that curse you.

Laura is getting reacquainted with Sam

I believe she proposed that they go steady.  I think she'll be moving to his place very soon.

As for the boys,
Rick Grant

Henry Grant

Jack Grant

Ok, this is definitely Henry and Indy but umm....

And just a brief update from the neighborhood. 
Patricia Hunter

Hair may be inherited but she doesn't have mom's sense of style.

Jon Lessen's family

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 10

Yet another one of those "Where does the time go?" moments.  It was Indy's birthday, I can't believe we have two teenagers in one house.

Henry, Jack, Indy and Rick fishing.  [Are you showing off dear?]

My boss is going to have a baby with Jon Marsh soon.

Indy's birthday

Doesn't Laura have interesting taste in athletic wear?

She's talking to Judy, the daughter of Katheryn and Kanye, who is also a teen.  Judy is quite a pretty girl.

What every home needs, its own Dive Well

Indy is getting a bit fresh with Judy.  She seems to like it and him.

A closeup of our teenage son

We always keep our hats on...drives Rachel crazy though.

Travelling again and I found something to excavate.   One dig got me several relics, it was nice.

I've made Superstar in the athletics career.  I feel like a mobster in this outfit though.

Rick is not getting on well with the Wolff girl.  Henry likes her just fine, he better visit her place next time.

Makes a man proud to look at my sons

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 8

We took the whole family to China, Rachel and Laura did a lot of 
working out and martial arts skills. The boys went to various 
places and met people, did fishing, played chess and just hung 
out a lot. Indy helped finance the trip by using a collection helper 
to find tons of rocks and gems. I went to solve a quest.

Yuck, I hate bugs.

But I love treasure! Piles and Piles of it!

This tomb was very mazelike, but I finally found the main treasure chest.

Do the locals really eat pancakes with chopsticks? I mean, 
it's one thing to try to blend in but I think we might be taking it a bit far.

We did a family expedition to the next tomb. The Grants are ready 
for action.

The trick will be to keep the kids far enough back to be safe.

Traps already?

At this point, I asked Rachel and a couple of the boys to go back to 
camp. They needed showers and food and this tomb obviously 
takes concentration.

So Henry, Rick and Laura followed me in one more stage but we reached 
yet another trap here. I asked them to go back to camp too.

Probably just as well I did, it's not a lot of fun being a pincushion. I 
passed out for awhile. This is by far the most trap laden tomb I've 
ever explored.

My god, I'm glad that the rest of the family is safe, this place is 

But the reason is that it's just loaded with treasure. Glorious piles 
of the stuff.

I hope I have the keys to make this safer. That looks deadly.

Thank god, it needed four crescent keys and I had found all four.  
Plus I had found a steam trap, another dart trap and at least one 
more electric trap the hard way.

But this was the prize and certainly worth a great deal of risk.

This was a very profitable trip, we earned more money overseas than 
we had spent getting there. But I don't think I'll try taking all the kids 
again, it was a bit much trying  to track them.

Speaking of kids, Rachel has that baby want in her eyes. Another one?  
The current tribe isn't huge enough for you?

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 6

First a few shots from around the neighborhood.

Riley and her husband Jon. She managed to convince him to marry her,
his name changed, not hers.

Jon Marsh lost his first romantic interest and picked up AJ Anderson on the rebound.

Zayne Hunter is expecting a little one.

Her boyfriend Christian

I found out later that it's a girl named Patricia. She should be a stunner
with those parents.

Three of the boys working hard on homework.

[DAD!] Hey, from left to right it's Henry, Rick and Indy. [He's right? Weird.]

This town is full of burglars, but this time he was caught before he
could do much.

The boys at play - same three as doing homework too. [By Jove, I think 
he's finally got it.]

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 2

I swear, you turn around and they all get older by the moment.

Our darling girl is showing an interest in boys.

I was going to take Sam to the side and have a serious chat about what happens to boys that break Laura's heart. That turned out to be unnecessary because the next day he had finished school.

Then the triplets had another birthday. Henry was first [Hurray, Dad is right!]

One down, two to go but I had to leave for work

and the other cakes were missed.

Here's a group shot of our boys

Umm, Rachel honey, could you help me out here? [Left is Rick, in the center is Henry and that's Jack on the right.]  I thought Rick has glasses now?  [Just after that picture was taken and only Henry has his proper day clothes on now.]

We were hoping to start catching up with neighbor families but discovered that we don't have many neighbors with children at all.
Geoffrey Landgraab with his newly adopted granddaughter

New neighbors the Muleskinners
They were married when they moved to town.

Two of the boys...Henry and Rick?

[Yes dear, you have it for once.]

The following day, something completely bizarre happened.  Rachel went to work, the kids went to school and I had the house to myself.  It felt so empty, I went off and took a gardening class then went to the gym till everyone was home.