Friday, November 12, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Feb 1

Vincent is a good big brother to his baby sisters. If he notices that they need something, he is there for them. He should be a good daddy someday. If he ever gets around to noticing girls, that is.

Vanessa is working hard on a new novel. She spends hours on each one, her specialty is humour and it's tricky keeping a balance that keeps the humour flowing. She tried explaining the plot to me but I got lost on about the fourth twist to her tale of a bachelor challenge gone very very wrong. It will be easier when I can read it for myself.

Vincent went to the gym to workout. Good for him to get out and work on his cardio. However I wish he didn't borrow the family car, what if we need to take the twins somewhere?

As for me, I'm back to painting. I don't want to show the picture, let's just say it's a long way to professional for me at this time. Still, I like to get in as much practice as I can. I should get better as long as I keep at it.

Very slow though, I'm so used to photography where it's simply a snap.

Stephen baked a couple of cupcakes and set up to sell them. His first customer was James from next door. It didn't take long for the other cupcake to sell and then he was ready to go out.

Stephen's first stop was next door, to get to know Abby Kane a little better. She's really close in age to Stephen, they'll be seeing a lot of each other in school. And at home, seeing the Kane family are our only neighbors.

Stephen also went to play in the park. While he was there, he met Hayley and

Bert Pendragon - Uncle Henry's grandchildren from his first child with Celia Pendragon. We have a lot of kinfolk in this city now.

Bert is engaged to Rhonda, Uncle Rick's younger daughter. No, she's not preggie, just some unfortunate workout clothes.

Now it's party time, our babies have their birthdays today!

The first to go to her cake was my little Penny. She has black hair like her mom but her face is a bit more like mine.

Then it was Ronnie's turn to celebrate. The family all gathered to watch.

Veronica Grant, my hair and Vanessa's eyes. Won't she be stunning when she grows up?

We had lot's of party guests, including Uncle Henry. He's 108, that's just amazing. I've heard that his third child Derrick is dating my niece Devon - Sammy and Malia's youngest.

Vincent is dancing with Elsa Clayton-Leman. At least the boy does know a couple of girls but he's still not showing much interest. When I was his age, I wanted to kiss Vanessa so much.

Oh god, did I just say "When I was his age"? Where does time go?


  1. Vincent's not all that interested, huh? That definitely is very strange. Teen hormones are usually all over the place, especially with boys! ;)

    Awww @ Stephen going to see Abby. What a sweet little friend, he is.

    I have to say, Penny is very cute. Well, actually both twins are. Toddlers are so sweet, widdle munchkins!

  2. Vincent hasn't seen the right girl (or boy) to rock his world yet. He'll let me know when he finds her.

    Stephen and Abby will be seeing a lot of each other as kids. Then we'll see if his teenage hormones kick in with her when they hit that age.

    I am definitely aiming for at least one Grant/Kane marriage - Stephen and Abby or one of the twins with Nicolas. But they do have to act like they'd like the idea.

    I agree that Penny is the cuter twin at the moment. Ronnie needs to grow into that jawline a bit.

  3. I'm sure he'll find a gal eventually. I find that Twallan's 'scoring' social interactions are nice for telling if Sims are right for each other, but the Sims themselves seem to be better judges of that. Still... If he takes too long, I can picture PiB giving a little nudge in the right direction. ;)

    I'm giddy about seeing some Kane genes in the Grant line. Although, most of the kids seem to take heavily after Emerald, rather than Brad... Not saying that's a bad thing, though. She's the better looking of the two, hehe.

    I'm sure Ronnie will be beautiful when she gets older, too. Some genes look great on adults but horrible on kids, or the other way around. Bradley was an adorable baby, for instance... It didn't *quite* stick. ;)

  4. I do have to make sure I've let him flirt at least once for practice and let him make up his own mind after that.

    James and Abby do seem to take more after Em but they both have their daddy/granddaddy ice blue eyes. Just not obvious in the average screenshot. And who knows how they will grow as teens/adults.

  5. Hehe. I've seen Sims flirt on their own before to some really interesting ends... I'm sure Vincent will start showing some promise once he meets "Her". ;) What traits does he have?

    It seriously amazes me how long the Kane eye color has stayed in the tree. I actually didn't even intend to have it passed down at all, because of the way I had made the family in CAS. It somehow managed a skip a generation into Kaylee, then Farah and onwards... So bizarre.

    I look forward to seeing what they all look like as they grow... Especially Penny and Ronnie. Vincent's definitely turned out to be a handsome boy! :)

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  7. Hey, PiB, it's nice to see you back! This is a great update.

    It seems that he's a bit worried about Vincent. May I say, don't worry there will be a time for him ;)

    Still, Elsa Clayton-Leman is quite a girl. He has to open his eyes a little bit.

    His little girls are adorable!

  8. This is a great update Pib. The little ones are so cute and Vincent's time will come. I see you had a gnome helping celebrate.

    Ahhh Phillip. The time does slip away.

  9. Hey Kaleeko, I'm afraid I don't remember what traits Vincent has. Nothing that has really influenced him to date, that's for sure. :)

    It's fun watching what traits do get passed down the generations. Like the plum hair colour; Rachel -> Indy -> Phillip -> Vincent & Ronnie (and more in the other family branches.)

    Thanks MJ, it's good to be back. Phillip knew from almost the day he turned teen which girl he wanted. He's worried about Vincent since Vincent hasn't had the slightest interest yet. :)

    Hey Dee, glad you liked the update. Not too long, a good length to get back in the swing of things.

  10. PiB's back! YAY!!! *kermit flail* And just before your birthday, too.

    The girls are very cute. I like that pouty pic of Penny.

    Bert Pendragon is a handsome sim. Vincent will find his way. I've tried forcing my sims one way romantically and it rarely works well. They know who and what they want and that's it.

  11. Thanks Chrysame. Toddlers are almost always cute, I just hope the girls stay that way.

    Bert and his little sisters Hayley and Kyra should be great looking Sims. Their grandparents are Henry Grant - Celia Pendragon - my Malcolm Landgraab IV - AJ Anderson. Very nice genetics on both sides of the family.

    I'm not about to force Vincent. His daddy was so stubborn about Vanessa and not Denise (remember I did try to get him interested in Denise), I'm sure that Vincent will be the same. When he spots his love.

  12. Lovely update!
    Haha to the comment about Vincent getting around to noticing girls. He looks like a clean cute guy, can't see why he wouldn't have girls chasing after him. He works out too. ;)

    I love little Stephen's hair. So suits him.

    Penny is a darling and Veronica is definitely going to be a looker with that hair and her mama's eyes.

  13. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer. Vincent is very slow off the mark for a Grant boy - teenage hormones usually hit them early and hard.

    Vincent is working out causes he is a bit on the pudgy side for that family. I suppose it had to happen something though. :)

    I'm looking forward to watching the girls grow. So far, they are a pair of cuties.


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