Friday, January 29, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Sept 18

Mum and Dad have been thinking a lot about grandchildren and
It won't be long before a new Grant is born in the neighborhood.

Jack's finishing off one last piece of art.  Mum and Dad have bought a house for Jack and Henry to move into.  They are taking their girls along.  As far as I know, Jack is engaged but Henry and Celia aren't even boyfriend/girlfriend officially.  I wonder when they'll do something about that.

The day after they had moved from home, Dad went to the library and found Celia and Henry in one room.   I wonder how suited Celia is to a career in the military.  It doesn't seem like her style.

Jack and Gabrielle were in the next room.  From the looks of it, Mum and Dad are going to have a lot of grandchildren in the near future.

Can we stop this?  I'm not ready for fatherhood!

Our baby.  Our son.  His name is Sammy.  That should make Dad very happy.

It's been too long since there was a baby in the house.
Judy and I may not have to spend much on baby sitters.  Not with Dad around.

Jack's Gabrielle is getting bigger.

As is Henry's Celia.  Dad is going to do a lot of visiting to keep up with everyone.

While they were at the park, the reaper came for yet another resident of SV.  Old age is taking a toll from our neighborhood.

Mum showing off her black belt.

If I'm quick, I can get to play with Sammy sometimes but...

Dad is pretty darned fast when it comes to the baby.  His first act in the morning.

Wyatt Walker out with his daughter.  Her name begins with G, might be Grace.

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Sept 16

Boy, it's time you took over this job.
But Dad, you know I'm really busy just now.
And when was the last time I wasn't?
But Dad, they are your fans.
[serious growl] Indiana Aloysius Grant, you will write the journal.  It's your job.  Get started now.
Yes sir.

Ok, so I'm not sure how this goes.  But once Dad decides something, that's it.  And I better get on with it before he actually gets annoyed.
I'm still working on art.  It certainly takes some practice to get anywhere with that skill.  I don't earn much at all per painting.

Dad visits Laura fairly often so he can see Chance.   I think he's still not happy, no one is ever looking after the boy when he visits.  Sam doesn't like children so it's kind of expected from him.  But Leighton is family oriented and Laura should know better.

Judy and I decided we had better start a family before Dad brings Chance home permanently.

Thomas is one of Dad's old friends.  He visits from time to time.

Pretty boy finally got his first kiss.   
Indy, your brother has a name and you should use it.
[sigh] Henry finally got a first kiss with Celia from next door.

Mom had birthday to elder.  The family all came to celebrate.

She wasn't exactly pleased by the change.

This is Dana Anderson, the son of AJ Anderson and Jon Marsh.  We live next door to one of the community swimming pools, you never know who you'll find there.

Poor Judy suddenly wasn't feeling well.

Beret Boy decided to propose to his girl.
Indiana Grant...
Jack bought a ring so he could propose to Gabrielle.

So Dad, you'd object if I called Rick Geek Boy?
What do you think?
Damn, he is a geek boy.

It wasn't really a surprise to anyone when Gabrielle accepted the proposal.

Mum got some new clothes which made her much happier.  And she reached her lifetime goal of physical perfection.  Her hair may be gray but she is wicked fast as a sparring partner.  Dad thinks of grandchildren quite a lot.
At my age, I'm allowed.
Dad, I thought I was doing this now?
Sorry Indy, it's a habit.
That's ok Dad.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - Sept 13

One of the boys hide my outfit after the birthday. I found it again but the tailor had to make a few changes for me.

Patricia Hunter celebrated her birthday at our place. She even spent an extra day here, selecting an outfit and getting herself established in her career. Does Rick realise that his girl wants to be an Empress of Evil?

Boy, keep an eye on her.

She is her mother's daughter, she loves pink as much as her mom.

Indiana is working on his art skills. The one to the far left, he started ages ago. His technique is changing.

I've decided to go for comfort these days.  I've earned a change.

Rick and Patricia are very fond of each other.

And here they are, about to move out.  Well, as soon as they finish other important business.  Rachel and I bought them an inexpensive house, not far from Laura.  We couldn't buy them a fantastic house, we have to plan for two more boys to move out. But it will do and they should do well enough since they are employed.

Well, the plan was to have them near Laura.  Later we found that Laura, Sam and Chance had moved next door to the old Crumplebottom place.

Our first grandchild, Chance Sekemoto.  It was a bit of a shock visiting.  The baby was on the floor crying and not one of them paid any attention.  Not Laura, not Sam and not Leighton. 

Henry is still on the prowl for a girl.  He's practicing with Marta Tomasi, who was about to go swimming.  Obviously, she must have a partner.  He found out she is the girlfriend of one Wyatt Walker.  They must be new in town, I haven't met them yet.

And next door, Henry found three unattached ladies.  One is Sierra Nevada.  She liked his sweet talk.  The other two are Rebecca Smith and Celia Pendragon.  I know the boy will chat to them all.

Jack decided to ask Gabrielle to be his girlfriend.  Behind them are Judy's parents, Kanye and Kathryn.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - Sept 10

You would have thought that life gets quieter after a big event like a wedding but that doesn't happen for us.  Events just keep coming.

Zayne and Ernesto, poor nearly bald pink haired boy.

We traveled again to France and I achieved my life goal.  I have a level 3 visa for France, China and Egypt.  It's taken quite a lot to get here but I'm very happy about it.

Caught a glimpse of the train in the distance.  I'd love a train trip but we have never found the station to board it.

Rachel and I celebrated with what we do best.  Explore a new tomb.

We got home to a normal life.  Rick and Henry were off to toss a baseball.

While Jack finished his latest painting.  Realism is apparently not his thing.

Rachel and I are still in love after all this time.

I found Laura in the park looking quite different then she did before.  I know about pregnancy clothes but she has a pregnancy hat? 

I decided to say hello to the little one.  We found out later it was a boy and they named him Chance.  Our first grandchild, Rachel and I were both thrilled.  We stopped by to see the baby but were too excited to get a picture.

Clover Hill and Kristen Zaney with their boy.  The boy looks quite like his dad.

Benjamin Lee with his toddler.  I think the baby is Katie.

Well, it's arrived.  My birthday.  Might as well get this over with.

I'll try and look at it as a new adventure.  Elder. 

Then it was the turn of the triplets. 

Henry Grant

Jack Grant

And last but never least, Rick Grant. 
Three sons that any man could be proud of.  Now, when will they move out and give us some space?