Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 18

Patricia with the new baby.  They should be happy with little Shelly in their lives.  Though Patricia hasn't been feeling very happy about Rick lately.  We've heard reports that they are fighting sometimes.

Typical day in the park.  Dad is busking. Sammy is making out with Malia.  Kathy is hoping that Malcolm can show up.  Laura turned up and so did Dad's oldest friend Thomas.

Kathy wasn't disappointed.  Malcolm did turn up.

Did they ever stop to breathe?

More visitors to the park.  Ripley Warren married some cute townie and they are expecting their first.  As far as we know, Bettina isn't involved with anyone yet.

Another evening, another party.  Dad just invited a few random friends over for the evening.  He's talking to Marta Walker.  I don't think she's pregnant again, she just didn't change after the third baby was born.

Mum's ghost has starting appearing.  We'll have to work out if we can have a resident ghost or if it is a bit much for the house.

This is Kari Grant - one of Jack's twins.  She and her sister

Tosha are just the cutest little things.  Tosha has Mum's hair colour, and Kari has the same hair as her mum and big brother Tate.

I decided to tell little Phillip about love and how it can make you do strange things. And that his siblings were in love.

Another night, another party.  This time, it was for Eric's birthday.  We decided to combine that with Sammy's birthday and Malia's too.  

Malia as a young adult

and Sammy

And Eric as a teen.  
He looks like you did at that age.
That hair is all yours, Dad.

We had the normal crowd for the party.  Plus a random gate crasher or two.
It's not a party without a gatecrasher.
Dad, you're feeling chatty again?
I'm 102, don't get used to it.  The reaper is near, he must be.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 15

Eric as a child.  He fortunately didn't catch fire during the great birthday cake fire party.

Dad with Tosha Grant - one of Jack and Gabrielle's new girls.

Dad with Kari Grant - the other twin.

Dad challenged Jack to a bit of sparring.  Jack didn't come close to winning.

Another party - Thomas Leman, Susie Pierce and Henry were among the guests to celebrate.

The party was for Phillip.  Phillip is now a toddler.  He has Mum's hair colour.

Nothing like a party to fill the house and make people happier.

Laura's boy Chance has grown to young adult now.  He's grown up very well.

Dad loves visiting Jack and the girls.  

Then he goes to the park to socialise for awhile.  He found Sierra Nevada Townsend - very pregnant with  Tyler Townsend's baby.

Mick Lessen dropped by with his wife Suzette Wolff Lessen and their baby.  I don't know if Suzette and Henry are still friends, they stopped hanging around each other when they left school.

Chance dropped by with his girlfriend.

Dad caught up with Henry and Callie

So Dad had an audience for his practice session.
I know you put them up to this.
It's good to see all of them so often.

At home, teenage hormones are raging along.  Our girl has a boyfriend, his name is Malcolm.

And Sammy has a girlfriend, he finally made connections with Malia.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 12

Poor Dad is still in deep shock about Mum.
Oh Rachel.
I'm arranging with the rest of the family for someone to keep an eye on Dad.

He's taken up guitar playing.  I think it's good therapy.

Our family is having a rough time lately.  We were having a birthday party for Kathy who was growing up to teen and Eric who is going to be a child. And poor Kathy ...
Her cake caught fire and so did she.

The fire even spread to one of the other guests.  But we had Rick, Judy and Marta all ready to extinguish the fire.  It took them awhile but the fire was out before the fire department arrived.

Kathy once she finally had her birthday.  Now we have two teenagers at home.  She's definitely taking after Judy.

Judy and I took Sammy and Kathy on a brief holiday.  At first we all mourned Rachel.

Eventually though, I took Sammy to a couple of tombs and Judy took Kathy.  We still miss Mum but it's getting better.

Dad kept watch over Eric and Phillip.

After we got home, Dad went to visit Henry because he knew Henry and Cindy had a baby.
This is Callie, so pretty.
Dad, where's Henry?
He left.
[grumble] I told Pretty Boy when I told the others.  Don't leave Dad alone!

Dad went to the park and Laura was there.  Soon after he arrived, Jack showed up and we drove over too.

The guitar is good therapy for Dad but...

whenever he stops for a break.

Finally, last night Dad had the funeral for Mum.  My sibs all came plus young Darius.  Darius may be a Pendragon by name but he is Henry's boy.

Can you believe that we had a free-for-all over Phillip?  Somehow Darius was the first to the baby, but Sammy wanted to be there for his little brother.  I wasn't nearly quick enough.

Dad is never going to be the same without Mum, but I think this party did help heal the broken heart a bit.
Family is good.
We are there for you.  Just shout.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 10

Dad, need a hand with anything?
Just get on with it boy.

The family all together.  Well, we are all doing our own thing but in the same room.

I thought I'd tell Eric a few of the important things of life.  Like how to impress girls.

And I had a chat to the baby-to-be.  It's going to be great to have another little one in the house.

Sammy found a new girl to chat up.  He had better be careful though, her dad is right behind her. 

That didn't stop Sammy from trying a few not-quite-smooth moves.

Damn, a man can get really hungry around here.  But there's plenty of leftover cake.

Oh god, it's time. No, what was I thinking about another baby?

Finally home with our new son, Phillip.  It was so late, the rest of the house was asleep.

In the morning, the first to greet his new brother was Sammy.  Sammy played with Phillip.

Then he got Eric out of the crib and played with him.  Then he went back and fed Phillip.


Nephew Tate was playing chess with one of the Lee girls.  I think her name is Kim.

Sammy on the other hand was meeting a new girl.  This is Malia - she's the much younger sister of Gabrielle - Jack's wife and Tate's mum.  But this meeting had to be cut short because...
Oh God...
How do you break this gently?
Oh God...

The Reaper came for Mum.

We weren't ready for this, not at all.

Dad's completely heartbroken.

I tried to console him but ...
I miss her!
We know, Dad.  We know.

In reality, I had to do this again.  The first time the Reaper didn't actually come and claim Rachel.
The second time, he did come but it was at night in the back garden which is bad for pictures.  
I seriously was not expecting to lose Rachel first, even though she was 92 days old.  Nearly cried watching poor Sam grieve.