Monday, September 27, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 24

Our time in China is rapidly ending, we are making the most of our 'couple' time. Enjoying each other's company just before we sleep and again when we wake up. No matter how often it happens, waking up next to Vanessa is simply joy.

My latest request was to capture several of the large and rare Red Assassin beetles. I had to scour the neighbourhood for them but in the end, I found enough.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 20

The boys went to the park to do a spot of fishing and a bit of male bonding. Poor Stephen is now the middle child and he's going to feel ignored with the twins. I hope we can keep it from getting too bad.

It took some convincing but Vanessa and I are taking a holiday. She was worried about the babies, and the boys, and the boys with the babies. I told her to hire a sitter, if Vincent wants to help care for his little sisters he can. We could afford an army of sitters, there is nothing to worry about.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 18

Pregnant woman can want the weirdest stuff. Vanessa wanted her cave man back. But if that's all it takes to make her happy...

Daddy big scary cave man.
Daddy want baby happy.
Daddy want mommy happy.

Vanessa is really starting to concentrate on her book writing now. She currently has a critic at hand to help with the writing. He apparently thinks it's a little overdramatic though.

She does need to concentrate quite a bit on writing since she wants to be taken as a serious author some day.

Another night, another party. This one is our official family funeral. I invited at least one cousin from each branch of the family to mourn/celebrate the lives of our parents.

It is good to have the house full but I think that Vanessa was feeling slightly outnumbered.

Vanessa took some time to talk to the neighbours next door. Brad's frequently around and at this time of night, so is their son James.

Vanessa said later that she caught a glimpse of Emerald and Abby but by the time she turned around to say hello, Emerald had left again. I haven't met Em either, she's never home when I visit.

We were having a nice sleep in, since neither of us have regular jobs, we don't have to keep regular hours.  Then suddenly.

Oh my god, it's time. The baby is coming. What do I do? What do I do?

Hospital - that's right, the hospital.

Whew, we made it in time.

Ok, I really wanted a girl. Really really wanted a girl. I'm not sure I'm ready for two of them but here we are.

Vanessa is holding Veronica and I have Penelope. Our new babies.

We decided we better get some renovations done because the boys aren't going to want to share space with babies and twins will take space.

So we build a new room for Stephen.

And one for Vincent. When the boys get home, they can add some more furniture and decorate the rooms as they like.

I'm sure Stephen will be happy not to be in this room now.  Hey Pen, I hope you don't mind that daddy is a bit smelly at the moment.  Fortunately, hungry lonely babies don't notice subtle things like stinky daddy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 14

Well, I left a lot of photos at the consignment store. I also decided to use my miner here, see if I could dig up something new.

I didn't find anything and I had to cut the explorations short because I had arranged another party. It was a very important birthday party.

Actually, it was a lot of important birthday parties. Stephen was about to get to school age, Vincent was about to be a teen and I was about to be an adult.

I heard Dad talk about wild times when his younger triplet brothers had their birthday. I'm glad three birthdays isn't common in this house.

So I invited neighbors like Brad, relatives like my cousin Shelly and a few other friends.

Vincent was the first to reach the cake.

Oh dear, a teenage male. What have we done to ourselves?

Then Stephen had his cake and isn't he just shooting up like a weed.

Good food, good tunes, good friends, what more can any man ask for on his birthday?

Except maybe a sink that doesn't break. Not good in the middle of a party.

I received more good news. The photos at the consignment shop sold for 11,000. I think that was only some of them, there are a few left.

And the best news of all? Well, look at Vanessa. Our third is on the way. I really hope for a little girl, two boys should be plenty.

Look out world, I'm ready for anything.

Bonus pic

Gen 4 of Grants are throwing up the occasional mutant.

Devon Grant - niece of Phillip from his oldest brother Sammy. Her lower lip sticks *way* out, her lower jaw is seriously inset and from the front, that lip is pointy almost making a heart shape. The mouth alone suggests that here is one non-breeding Grant. Actually, her eyes and nose are cute but still...

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Jan 10

A new family moved next door so we went over to meet them. It's the Kane family, I got a chance to chat to the dad, Bradley, who held his daughter Abbey very close.