Monday, February 6, 2012

The Journal of Penny Grant - May 31 - Baby invasion

I don't think there was ever a better or scarier moment then coming home with so many babies. Triplets, oh dear plumbob, how were we going to cope with triplets?

One boy, two girls. They are going to so change our lives.

My parents did twins and that worked out fine for Veronica and I. But I think Stephen was a bit more mature at the time than little Buddy is. It's going to be another year before Buddy starts school. In the meantime, the triplets are going to take a lot of our time. And I already shudder to think of when all three are tottering around the house.

We had to stow away the beds in this room to make space for the three cribs. I sent Nick out to get cribs so of course they are identical. Men don't like to try and find different items, I guess. He found one he liked and ordered three of them.

At least there are cribs for everyone and a bedroom with a big bed to spare for Buddy when he's old enough for it.

I am a terrible mother. I'm having the hardest time remember which blanket we wrapped Ruby in and which is Daisy.

"Are you my lovely little flower, Daisy? I think you are, little cutie."

That has to mean that this is Ruby, our little gem. I can't wait for them to grow a bit and make this easier on me.

The grandparents were arriving to come and say hello to the newest members of the clan. Why is it not a surprise that the grandmothers manage to arrive first?

Mind you, the grandfathers weren't that far behind. Just a few minutes later.

"Hey everyone. I'm glad you could come by for a visit."

"It's not just a visit," my mother declared. "I know our Penny. Lovely girl but I'm sure this place could use cleaning from top to bottom."

"I'll help," said Emerald.

Give him credit, Nick did try to dissuade the Mom brigade. "But you are guests. Guests don't do the house chores."

"Let them be," my dad advised Nick. "Never attempt to stop a woman on a mission."

"It's even worse when it's two woman on one mission," Brad declared. "Stay well out of the way is the safest option."

My dad and Brad disappeared out the back. I was busy tending babies.

Nick decided the safest option was to read to Buddy on a thoroughly cleaned floor. They had to duck the cleaning madness from time to time but it was much safer there then in either bedrooms, bath or kitchen.

"Emerald, thanks so much for the hand."

"It's the least we could do, Penny. Triplets, my goodness, you are going to barely have time to breath. Brad and I both finish work early afternoon so just call us if you need a hand any time after that."

"I'll keep it in mind, but I think the main thing that we have problems with is money. We have some saving but it's going to disappear fast with the new babies."

"I'll have a chat with Brad, I'm sure we could give you some money to help out."

"That's kind but I think we'll be fine."

"Dear, why don't you act your age?"

"Vanessa, why do you act your age? This is fun, even if it's meant for teens."

Our moms do not agree on proper activities for a grandmother. My mom wanted to watch her soaps. All my Simdom was about to start.

Emerald was all about kicking butt on level 4 of the latest video game. Mom decided to watch Em play. Since Emerald is in the military, she has very good reflexes. I think I won't challenge her to a game.

Buddy so adores his Daddy. When Nick is home, Buddy is never far away.

And Buddy seems to have stolen some of his father's heart. It's so sweet looking at the pair of them.

Nick is trying with the triplets, but he keeps taking them to Buddy's room so he only has one baby to deal with.

Apparently three little strangers at once is just a bit much for our Nick.
"Penny, do you think my brother might want to adopt one or two of the triplets. He and Jaimee have been married for years and they don't have any babies yet."

"Nicolas! Is that meant to be a joke? Because it's seriously not funny. We are not adopting babies out."

"I wish we could Penny. This is going to be difficult, and I just wasn't ready for three babies. I wanted one, just one."

Nick was right. Three babies and a toddler was going to be difficult.

After a few days, we were both running on empty. If you timed it badly, the nursery echoed to screaming babies. When there are three babies and two of them want to be moving around all the time, well, it does get a bit ugly.

I was saving up the calls to the grandparents until things got a little worse though. We were going to need help off and on with the triplets for quite some time. And I know that Brad and Em recently joined the ranks of official senior citizens. 

It's enough to give poor Nick a perpetual headache.

The army gave him a few days parental leave but he's ready to go back to work as soon as he can sneak back on base.

I can't say I blame him. Family legend says my great grandparents fled the country under the onslaught of triplets. They came back after a good holiday and managed quite well after that. If we had the cash, I'd grab Nick and run for it too.

Bonus pics

Brad was being eco-friendly - but Em drove so it was a waste.

Ok, this was a surprising moment. Vanessa decided to flirt with her son-in-law. In front of hubby Phillip (he's the flirty one for heaven's sake) and Nick's parents.

Nick wasn't very impressed by it. To say the least. Fortunately, she left off at a compliment so no one was left angry at the scene.


  1. I love your depiction of grandmothers - there is so much truth in it! Good luck with triplets - I find that twins is too much for me and pray that it never happens. I hate it when an in-law flirts with a spouse. It seems to happen often once the relationship levels are high enough and having to have your controllable sim run around apologizing for something they didn't instigate is a pain in the butt.

    1. I've known more than one grandmother in my time.

      triplets - never an accident in my game. I have to do something to get three babies.

      Nick didn't have to apologize, thank goodness. She stopped with one of the milder flirts and didn't upset everyone.

  2. Grandmothers are awesome like that!

    And they think the babies are hard now! Wait until they are toddlers! O.O

    1. :) They were very awesome grandmothers.

      Yes, the babies are a bit of work now (not really that hard but you gotta make things seem a bit more real.) I've done triplets a few times, it does get tricky at toddler if you aren't dragging the mood bars up.

      Thanks Cami

  3. I love Penny's hat! :D

    Aww, triplets! They're going to have one monster of a headache when they reach toddlerhood. <3

    LOL, Vanessa is very...erm...friendly, I guess.

    1. I bought a set at the store specially for the hat though some of the rest should be useful. :)

      Yes, they are going to be handful when there are three toddlers in the house.

      I was startled it was Vanessa who did that. I'd expect flirty Phillip to hit on someone but not Vanessa. Nick was not impressed.
      Thanks for popping by cheezy.

  4. First off, aesthetics: I absolutely adore the baby blankets and baby carrier thingies (which I now realize I have NO idea what they're called). Are they cc at all? If they're not, how did you get them to look so cute?

    Secondly, I feel sooo bad for them. I know they love all their kids and all, but I'd go crazy with four kids (never mind the triplets)! And Penny's not a terrible mother- my mom could never tell my sister and me apart until our hair grew in. And my dad never got the hang of it whatsoever.

    Also, I love the name Daisy. It's one of my favorites!

    It's always nice to see Brad and Emerald- they're looking nice! I love Emerald with the video game XDDD Reminds me of my mom.

    Goodness, Buddy's little mohawk is so cute! He's such a looker already- I can't even imagine how cute he'll be when he ages up.

    Lmao Vanessa... That was hilarious XDDD

  5. Baby carriers - automatically happen with triplets or a delivery of baby from social worker and you can't touch them. The blankets - use MasterController - Advanced - Edit in CAS and ONLY touch the blanket. Do not change anything else, it will crash.

    It was a standing joke in gen 1 - Sam could not tell his triplet boys apart until they grew to children. He was always wrong.

    Glad you love the name Daisy. We'll have to see how you like the girl.

    Brad and Em - due to hit elder and will never look the same again. Poor guys.

    Buddy was uploaded to the Exchange - he's doing very very well there. And he will look very nice when he grows up. :)

    Vanessa - bad girl. I'd be angry but honestly, she will be leaving the family quite soon. As will my Phillip. :((((

  6. Oh, triplets... The time I had to raise triplets, I used to keep their needs on high and their energy on low to give the parents a well-deserved rest. ;) Moral of the story, fertility treatment for both parents is not the best of ideas...

    1. I've done the triplets before and it's a question of coordination - and yes, this was fertility for both because I wanted a lot of babies at once (devious plan in action.) :) Thanks FlyingAce

  7. Congratulations on the triplets--very cute! A very nice chapter with a very funny ending.

    1. Sim babies all look the same, I am looking forward to toddler.
      Thanks for the comment, dreamsong.

  8. Oh dear, triplets! lol They will have their work cut out for them now! ;)

    All sim babies are cute thought and the more the merrier I say. Haha.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Yes, there are some intense days ahead. Triplets and Buddy is still a toddler.

      The more the merrier, as long as they aren't ours, right?


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