Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - Sept 7

So Rachel and I went back to China She wanted to concentrate on her martial arts training and I had some unfinished business. I needed to find Pangu's Axe. Indiana and Judy came along as well. More than time that boy married her.

Yet another pile of rubble in my path. Good thing I always carry my trusty pickax.

Indiana had his first official tournament match. The boy won but she made him work for it.

He and Judy also had some private time. Even in base camp, you are less likely to trip over someone then at home.

It's a big place, the dungeon under the Stairs of Heaven. But I finally found the axe. It's certainly magic, it told me it wanted to smash boulders.

So I found a huge boulder I couldn't get by before and...

One hit from Pangu's axe split it in two. Nice.

Hmm, do those two ever get out?

Indiana and Judy do get out. They wandered over to the Dragon Cave to explore for a local.

Rachel has really improved her abilities with martial arts. She can do the most amazing flying kicks. I am going to be bruised after our next sparring session, I know it.

Soon after this, we all went home again. Indy improved his martial arts skills and athletic. Judy improved in her logic and martial arts. Rachel finished off an old adventure she had from before and really improved her martial arts. Me, I'm glad I have that magic axe. It took me a couple of days to retrieve it.


  1. First, I'm impressed Sam got the Axe. The one time I tried I couldn't figure out the route to get to the darn thing.

    That's an awesome pic of Rachel doing a flying kick. It looks quite impressive.

    It seems to me that Indy has his priorities exactly right. Hot girl first and adventure next.

  2. The funny thing about the axe. I had got Sam to this one place and he stepped on it. Four of those little light trails went flying off and I just saved and quit cause I had enough of the area. Turned out that spot had the axe, I peeked at a walk-through and recognised it instantly. Fortunately, Sam was still right there and so we got the axe. It's pretty cool when they get it.

    It took me three tries to catch Rachel in mid-flight. It was worth it though.

    Indy and Judy are a great couple. Now both Sam and Rachel want their son married. After that, it's going to be interesting whether someone wants a baby or a grandchild first. :) No button pressing until someone wants it.

  3. That first pic is just downright sexy. Those broad shoulders swinging that pick ax. Man.

    Indiana appears to be having lots of fun. Girl and adventure. What more could a guy ask for.

    That's a cool pic of Rachel.

  4. Thanks Dee. Sam always gets a great workout clearing rubble. Though it's going to be easier with his new tool. Sammy == sexy.

    Judy is an official member of the Grant household now, which is how she could come along on the holiday. Indiana was pleased to travel and pleased to be with his girl so much.

  5. Technical note, my neighborhood just underwent a purge. I deleted Sims known to have romantic inclinations toward the same gender and a few that just never had kids. I reintroduced fresh copies of our Sims that got deleted for those reasons. Since most of those left to prefer the opposite gender, maybe this time I won't get over 1/2 the neighborhood being gay. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded a few but this hood was just ridiculous.

  6. Well, you're not going to get new babies if that keeps going on, PiB. I have to say I'm excited that you're going to keep going with this family and follow them.

    I like them all so much and I'm not anywhere near ready to stop reading about this families adventures.

    Heck, in the future if you need more girls (or boys) I'll be happy to upload one of the kids from my game. I've got Hugo in my bin!

  7. Yes, I have yet to fill like I'm satisfied with where the family is. I want Sammy to die of old age, happy and with grandbabies all around. I want to see all the kids be successful and happy.

    And so we have to go onward.

    I'm happy that you want to go on reading about them!

    Marta, Mick, Wyatt, Tyler, Celia, Rebecca and Auston have all been replaced by clones. Hopefully to actually find a mate and produce little ones.

    And I threw in the Lee family again; Benjamin, Macy, their two girls and toddler daughter. Shake things up and I hope things go better this time.

    I'll let you all know if I do need some fresh Sims. Hugo would be at the top of my boy list. :)

  8. Yay, we need babies.

    I'm loving this story.

  9. And the next post will include the results of 4 birthdays. Oh, and one birth. I took a moment and visited Laura the other day to ensure that grandchild one was on the way.

  10. And generation # 3 is on the way. Looking forward to the next update.


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