Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Sam - August 25

Rachel and I remained in France for a few more days after Laura and Sam left.

We got home to the spectacle of the boys trying their luck with Patricia Montgomery Hunter. Rick taking his turn.

Then Jack chatted with her a bit.

Finally Henry took a turn

I think that's Jack finishing a painting. Jack wants to perfect painting and photography skills.

The boys met up on the beach with Patricia and Gabrielle. Gabrielle is the daughter of Jon Lessen and Riley McCall.

Neither Rick nor Henry seemed to hit it off well with Gabrielle.

But she seems to appreciate the charms of Jack much more.

Such good boys, they usually do their homework without being told

We have a new family who moved into the old Alto place. This is Jed Harkness

And his teenage daughter Cindy. I decided to get acquainted with them so I could invite them to Indiana's big birthday bash.

We invited Judy too, so Indy and his girlfriend celebrated their birthdays together.
Their first kiss. My son is now a man.

He decided on a bit of a change in look and was exceedingly pleased with himself.

I have a feeling that this will not be the only night Judy spends with us.

Laura and Sam moved back to Leighton's place. And they tied knot, she rang in the morning as Laura Sekemoto. That makes me feel old.

Of course, that's not the only thing that makes me feel old. Many of our friends are elders now and those that aren't are quickly getting there. Plus we are starting to lose many of the original residents to the Grim Reaper. Malcolm Landgraab has buried both of his parents and his girlfriend Dorie Hart. Rachel's first boss Koffi has passed away. It is a reminder to live life fully while you can.


  1. Indy and Judy sitting in a tree...
    Refresh my memory, please. Judy's parents are?

    Is that Cindy Grant?

    I felt a sad for Sam when he talked about his daughter getting married and his friends all getting old. Of course, he'll live his Sim life to the fullest. He's Indiana Sam!

  2. Judy's parents are two of my guest Sims but not our group ones. It's Kathryn and Kanye there they are out with the young Judy.

    Cindy is indeed Cindy Grant with a new dad I just did. The only really acceptable girls for my three boys were Patricia and Gabrielle before I added Cindy. The townie girls and Suzette, my boys deserve better options. :)

    Indiana Sam is doing very very well with his life. He has earned to date 180,000 lifetime reward points. I've never had any Sim have anything like that before.

  3. *choke* 180,000?! Good God.

    OMG Indy now looks EXACTLY like his dad. It's jaw dropping.

    Cindy is gorgeous!

    All the trips are so incredibly FINE. I don't know how Gabrielle or Patricia can choose. I wonder who the boys will choose? Hmm.

  4. Oh wow, great update again. Indy is looking good. Another like father, like son.
    Judy, I hope you like having babies. These grants love those babies.

    Is that Jed Harkness or Jack? I thought his name was Jack.
    I'm getting confused. Then again, I stay confused.

    Must be a hard choice for Patricia Montgomery Hunter. Looking forward to seeing who she picks, or who picks her.

    I love seeing the paintings our sims do. I am still seeing paintings that I never saw before.

  5. Sue, not quite exactly like his dad. His hair and face fuzz are Rachel.

    I like how I got Cindy to turn out as a teen. I just hope I can convince either Henry or Rick to favor her. Gabrielle did respond to flirting from Jack when she didn't really respond to either Henry or Rick. Patricia is flirty and responds well to all the boys. :)

  6. Dee, this is a new Sim with the confusing name of Jed Harkness. Captain Jack Harkness is still in the bin waiting his time. I was going to put Cindy out by herself but you aren't allowed to make a house with just a teen.

    I know what you mean about the paintings. There are a lot of different possibilities.

  7. Thank you for telling me that. With so many sims in so many games, I never know if I have it right or not.

    The paintings are something else. Some are crappy, some beautiful and some just make me wonder where the idea came from.

  8. I know what you mean Dee. It's getting easy to get confused.

    Jack needs more painting practice but he is producing interesting art.

    BTW results of the custom thumbnail Exchange experiment. Original Thomas had 11 downloads in months on the exchange. Thomas with pretty thumbnail has 46 in the days since upload. Laura has 27 which is far more than any female I've ever put up before. And my lovely Indy has 70, he was going to stick at about 12 with the original thumbnail. It's truly impressive. I should do an Indiana Sam upload with custom thumbnail and see what happens.

  9. With the thumbnail Sammy should really take off. I'm just too lazy to bother with the thumbnails I guess.

  10. "I should do an Indiana Sam upload with custom thumbnail and see what happens."

    It'll probably crash the server.

  11. LOL Sue. Now I gotta try it you know? If the exchange dies, it will be Sue's fault.

  12. BTW - A thought for Indiana Sammy fans. His theme song is "You can leave your hat on" as in the end of The Full Monty.

    for your viewing enjoyment

  13. Better than coffee to jump start the morning!

  14. Well, I must say. That woke me up. LOL :D

  15. Pleased to kick start your mornings. Nearly Monday bedtime here.

  16. LOL. Nice timing, as I just this minute finished watching said film (one of my favorites - I know you're not surprised).

  17. No Sue, I'm not surprised that you love the film. It's a really good one and the end is a lot of fun to watch. :)

  18. My favorite scene (and there are a lot) is the one where they're all standing in line and that Donna Summer song starts playing over the speakers, and they all start very subtly dancing their routine. ROFL!

  19. LOL - that one is on youtube too. Not surprising, it is a great scene.


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