Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Nov 28

Denise and I flirted the night away at Dad's latest party.  Her new hair style is very cute.  So is she.

Dad was really happy.  He's finally earned his black belt.  He is a Master of the martial arts now.  He says that the time and stench were well worth the effort.

Katie seems to be doing well with The Shrimp.

I had the oddest dream last night.  It's not like I'm even serious about anyone yet.  And all my siblings are married so why a wedding cake?

Eric hasn't been getting much time with the baby.  He's trying to advance his career in science and that's taking a lot of time gardening and working on the appliances around the house.

Pauline Grant, Tate's new wife.  We still don't know much about her but at least I've seen her now.

I decided to try again with Vanessa.  So far, she's the only girl I've wanted to kiss.  I know Dad said I didn't have a chance.

Dad isn't always right though.  This time I convinced Vanessa to kiss me.
Had you improved your charisma by any chance?
Yes, Dad, I had been working on that.
And chat a little instead of straight to flirting?
Yes, Dad, that too.
I did tell you more charm and not rushing in would make a difference.

The Shrimp is getting a lot of attention.  Mum, Dad and Katie were lining up.  Eric was back in the garden again.  It takes ages to weed and harvest everything.

My birthday.  I had to share with the Shrimp so I wasn't pushing for a party.  Dad would have insisted on all his siblings coming.  While I like them, I'd rather have some people my age.  And that would have left the house so crowded.

Thinking about Dad's siblings, we hear that Uncle Henry and Aunt Cindy are expecting a new baby.  Their first kid, my cousin Callie, is already a teen.  That's a big gap between kids and Uncle Henry is an elder.  No one was expecting them to have another baby now.

OMG.  I look exactly like Dad did at this age.  I've seen the old photos in the album.  This is downright scary.

I still look a lot like Dad but I feel a bit better about having my own style.  A young adult, ready to tackle the world.  I'm tossing up my options; should I try my hand at being a visionary or should I just go out and break some hearts.  Hmm...

The Shrimp as a toddler.  He definitely got the hair colour from his mum and grandparents.

One of our more colourful families in town.  That's Lavar Hill, his wife and their daughter Lakshimi.  A second baby is obviously nearly here.  Lavar's daddy was Clover Hill, he moved into town back when granddad was still young and the family has done very well.

Vanessa has also grown up.  We meet up on the beach after she got a job in Science.  We flirted a bit.  Then I decided to ask her to dump Cecil Landgraab.

She agree to ditch Cecil.  Now my way is clear.  So far, Vanessa is the only girl I want.  I have this urge to massage her but she'll be just a little bit reluctant after just dumping Cecil.

Oh, and Denise?  She's dating one of the Walker boys.  I can't remember if it is Wendell or Rick but I think it's Wendell.

This is Melanie Hunter with one of her twin girls. No idea which one this one is.  She married Ernesto Hunter - Auntie Patricia's baby brother.  I wonder if the other girl got her daddy's bright pink hair.

By special request - the Walker boys

Rick Walker - young adult married to Ashley Smith - Tyler Townsend and Rebecca Smith's girl.

Wendell Walker - teenager now dating Denise Wolff-Lessen.


  1. Oh, this is wonderful. Phillip you do look just like your dad. Very handsome too. Vanessa is a very pretty girl. You two will make beautiful babies some day.

    :D Love the nickname shrimp and shrimp is soooo cute.

    Denise is dating a Walker. Oh my.

  2. So, his heart was set on Vanessa. Sorry, Denise. I was rooting for you. The Shrimp is adorable.

    I'm still rooting for Denise. Darn it, Boy!

  3. Phillip is virtually an Indy clone. No trace of his mom's genetics at all.

    So far, all his romance wants have been Vanessa - 100%. I did try and point him to Denise but he's just not interested except as flirting practice.

    Shrimp is very cute. And the nickname just fit.

    Denise did pick up a Walker boy on her own. That should be an acceptable substitute. :)

  4. I can't complain. Denise has a son of wyatt and Marta.

  5. I can't help it. Dee got me set on Denise and now I'm stuck. *laugh*

    A Walker boy is always good. Ask Marta. :D

  6. :) I'll see if I can round up a picture of the Walker children. Their daughter Gladys has been in the blog a couple of times. But the boys, if they have been in, they would have grown a lot since their last picture.

  7. :D If anyone would know it would be Marta.

    I will admit, I too was rooting for Denise. How could I not?

  8. Yes, I want to see what the Walker boys look like.

  9. Poor PiB,take a drink, she probably feels like she's dealing with a couple of kids here. :D

  10. *jumps up and down and takes Dee's toys*

  11. :) As I say, I did try to gently shove Phillip at Denise. He spent nearly an entire night flirting with her. And never once had a single romantic want for her at all.

    When he finally did kiss Vanessa, he immediately threw new romantic wants about her.

    What can I say. The boy is as stubborn as his granddad Sammy.

    Booting game to get pic of Walker boys now...

  12. Thank you PiB, thank you. :)

  13. My god, that's funny. My game says I have two new gifts. they were the 1000 and 1500 recommendation badges.

    I have no where near 1000 recommends. I am still missing the Featured badge.

  14. I'll steal your bottle Chrysame.

  15. You started it. Mom, she started it.

    It's a glitch PiB. I've been reading about it on the forum.

  16. In sims2 toddler could steal the other ones bottles.

  17. I don't think you should let a toddler have my kind of bottle.

  18. LOL, Pibs gonna strangle us.

    Mom, we lost PiB.

  19. I think the Walkers stole PiB.

  20. Bah, she's waaaay faw away. She can't get us.

  21. If the kids are anything like their mom and dad, Pib may be stuck in their family inventory. :)

  22. Along with a couple of plates from Hogan's!

  23. And a couple of Hogan's lights. You know how Marta loves lights.

  24. I never understood why they always steal lights. The one thing they always have plenty of.

  25. :) All right children. Reload the page and find the piccies.

  26. I just checked to see where my game is. Damn. It left Greensboro at 2:08 AM and hasn't landed anywhere since.
    My Ambitions has been gamenapped!!!

  27. Oh noes Dee. Not gamenapped!

  28. Those boys need some serious plucking.

  29. Oops, she's back.

    Yep that's a Tomasi/Walker if I ever saw one. You did good Denise. You go girl.

    Thank you PiB!!!

  30. Yes, gamenapped. What will I do?

  31. Let Simon have another baby?

  32. I do hope if they have daughters, the daughters don't get their dads eyebrows. :)

  33. Simon doesn't need any more babies.

  34. Gladys does not have those ultra heavy eye brows. She also has no babies. Nor does Rick.

  35. If Denise and Wendall have babies, I also hope they get her nose. Someday, I'm going to give wyatt some plastic surgery on his nose.

  36. PiB, I saw something on the forums about Mac users being able to access the store now. I'm not sure if it's related to a patch, Ambitions, etc.

  37. Ooh, great update. Denise hair did look cute. Is that from store? I know I am getting behind lately :). He looks cute as young adult. It seems he really likes Vanessa. Their story is so cute. I think I will hear a wedding bell soon :)

  38. Denise's hair is from the stuff pack High-end Loft. My game still isn't letting me use store stuff.

    Phillip does like Vanessa. But we'll have to see about those wedding bells. :)

  39. OMG - what a scream. Local bike Ripley Warren had an affair with one Wyatt Walker. Marta found out and dumped him. Good thing their last son is nearly adult so Marta isn't stuck with a child to raise.

  40. Ripley! Marta's gonna kick your butt. The familiar implications here are very iffy so I'm going to ignore them.

    Marta, go get a young hottie and have a couple more kids. You'll feel better.

    Ripley!! Wow, can you imagine Ripley and Marta going head to head? Neither one takes any guff.

    It's bad that I can't stop laughing at this. *snickers*

    I'm much farther along with setting up the new game for Jack/Ollie and the other families I'm bringing along. We'll have them soon. Seeing them flirty in your game makes me want to hurry up and get them rolling, again.

  41. Marta is too old for more kids. She needs her brood to produce grandbabies.

    Marta and Ripley head to head. Josh would fork out cash for that one!

    I know the implications are evil but we have to forget that the Sims had other relationships in other lifetimes. Like I have to ignore old relationships with Rachel and Phillip because he really adores her.

    Hurray Jack and Ollie. I wanted to see them so much that I put them together in this game just to have them there. :)

  42. Then Marta needs to find a young stud to keep her happy if Wyatt does work his way back to her.

    I'm glad you put Ollie in Jack's orbit. They've become one of "those" couples to me. Couples that just fit and look best together.

    I try to ignore the odd relationships, PiB. But, sometimes I just can't and I interfere.

    Ripley, give up the bike title. You've had your fun.

  43. If Wyatt moves out, I'm sure a young stud will find his way to her heart and bed. :)

    Yep, I thought that Jack deserved an Ollie.

    Ripley doesn't need the title. She has a teen daughter, was married once (dead of old age now) and is on a new relationship with Angelo Averti.

  44. Hopefully, she tosses her title to another. She might be enjoying it too much. She can be stubborn.

    Have you tried the new personalities from Twallan's upgrades? Nerd, Tart, Gigolo, etc, I like the messages you get from Gigolo. The women seem quite happy to pay for an escort. *laugh*

  45. No, I haven't upgraded since I haven't patched up either. Still a bit worried about the patch, so many mixed reports.

  46. It's so neat having a game where you have a large number of Sims you have a history for

    Marco Sekemoto is getting serious about Dayna Leman. So Sammy's great grandson may soon be dating Thomas's granddaughter.

  47. For me that's part of the payoff. Seeing those connections flowing down from the founder and through the town.

    Seeing genetic hair color, eye shapes, cheekbones handed down three or four generations, popping up here and there, it really makes me smile.

  48. OMG,I read my first emails of my morning and discover Wyatt cheated on Marta with Ripley (the town bike). Marta kicked Wyatt out. Ripley apparently tired of Wyatt and has a relationship with Angelo Averti.
    I almost choked on my coffee.
    Okay Marta, it's payback time.
    Josh, you're missing it all. You would love this. Josh said he's waiting for the cat fight.
    Wyatt, man, you're screwed. Hope Marta was wearing pointy toed shoes when she kicked you butt out.

  49. Okay, now that I know how this mod is working:
    If Wyatt and Marta continue to live together since they divorced, I hope Marta finds a "boy toy" to go around town with.
    Poor poor Angelo. Wise up.

  50. If they continue to live together, it could end up like Sierra and Clover getting divorced and bringing new spouses into the home. Sierra and Clover are still friends.

    But to do that, Marta and Wyatt will have to move. There isn't really space in that house for two couples.

  51. Believe it or not I know some people that did what Sierra and Clover did. Not the cheating part, as far as I know, but the divorcing, re-marrying, etc...
    Still amazes me.

  52. I'm liking Phillip he seems like a ladies man and a flirt which is so cute! And Shrimp :)

  53. Hey Angiebeno,

    Phillip was meant to be a big time ladies man and party boy. He failed at that, he's meet the love of his life and that will be that.

    And now you've seen the true origins of Shrimp. :)


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