Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Nov 10

Eric and Katie are quite the item these days.  The boy has even had her move in.  They don't seem to be in a hurry to get engaged, married or start on those grandchildren yet. 

We let Phillip cook breakfast.  It wasn't very good but better than starving, I suppose.
Waffles are not meant to be extra crispy boy.  Remember girls love it when the man cooks for them.

We ran across Celia and Jack Pendragon's boys the other day.  Darren with the brown hair.

And their toddler Marcelo, who is trying to hide from the camera.  He's grown to child since this picture was taken.

The women in Henry's life - his wife Cindy and their daughter Callie.  Once Henry settled with
Cindy, there was no looking back for him.  But we heard that he never missed a single child support payment for Darius.

We decided on a small family holiday to Egypt.  Most of the holiday we were all doing separate things.  Phillip learned to use a camera and did some fishing.  Eric and Katie did some fishing and a bit of tomb hunting.

Judy spent quite a lot of time in one tomb.  Not a good place to have a moment of absent-mindedness.

The tomb hadn't been explored by Mum or Dad so Judy got to be the  first in the family to tread here.

And zapped here.

Judy doesn't like tombs much.  She doesn't like traps and she hates water.  Not a good thing when exploring.

Eric managed to retrieve a small artifact for a local.

And so did I.  Finally on Visa 1 for Egypt.

Judy and I really just aren't the tomb raider type.  Not like Mum and Dad.  We are more home bodies, enjoying the comforts of our lovely house.

We've set the boys to gardening.  Eric wants to be a real scientist one day so he needs gardening skills.  Phillip, well, we don't know what he's going to want in life.  In the meantime, he can build useful skills too.

Judy loves the board breaker.  Her favorite hobby is smashing boards.  And she is damned good at it too.


  1. Glad youposted this now because I have to leave soon.
    Marcell is cute. He knew that would make a cut picture.

    Those absent minded sims can be funny. They just get lost in their own little nowhere land.

    That fountain does look like it's been there a long time and poor Judy. She got to be the guinea pig. :D

    Darn, I have to go.

  2. Great pic of Marcelo! Poor Judy getting zapped. But, wow, she's gotten quite good at board breaking. Those boards look painful.

    Nice to see Eric and his Katie together. They'll give Indy and Judy cute grandkids one day. Phillip, listen to your father. Women love men who cook for them.

  3. Hey Dee. I was pleased that the holiday went alright for them. If the game is going to major glitch, that would be a bad time and place for it.

    Judy doesn't like the whole guinea pig thing. She and Indy just don't do adventuring like Rachel and Sam did.

    Marcelo is a real cutie. I think he's still adorable as a child but I haven't gotten close to him yet.

  4. Chrysame, Judy loves breaking boards. She's only working on oak at the moment because she wants to break 100 more and the hard the board, the longer the time before they strike. She can break space rock but it takes forever. :)

    Expect to see Eric and Katie for quite a while yet. No hurry to move them out until Phillip ages to young adult and has a girl to move in. Katie is so cute I may yet change to Eric staying and Phillip leaving. We'll see.

  5. The dress on Katie is very cute. The colors are good on her.

    No idea what Phillip wants to be when he grows up? I have the same problem.

  6. Since Katie is a young adult, she has the full treatment of selecting a nice style then a recolor. Glad you like the result.

    Phillip hasn't been a teen that long yet and he has yet to want any life time challenge. Except maybe the same as Eric, and if he wants that, I ignore it. One mad scientist per generation is plenty. :)

  7. BTW - I have a start on the family trees for this hood

    I've started with mainly the ones that have married into the Grant family but I'll probably get all our Sims that have families up sometime.

  8. Nice, PiB! That looks great! I like that you included a couple other families.

  9. I'm definitely planning on doing more. Wyatt and Marta's family, the Leman family, and others that have children who seem to be producing new members of the neighborhood. Eventually they'll all probably have at least one red family member who got a Grant descendant. :)

  10. My Grant blood is getting a bit diluted. I think I'll be able to introduce another Grant into the mix. As soon as I need a male to balance out the demographics, I'll add one. I have Indy on stand by.

  11. Ohh, Indy on stand-by for emergency Grant infusion...I like it!

    Not in this update but definite for the next one, Sam Sekemoto has just been claimed by the Reaper. Grant gen 2 is getting to that age now. Laura isn't 90 days old yet but it won't be long either.

  12. Before you know it, you'll be blogging about generation four in the Grant homestead.

  13. Well, we do have Sammy Grant's baby Glen and Kathy baby Malcolm to start off gen 4. Just need to get Eric and Phillip a bit busier.

    Poor Indy, he had to wait so long to start a family because of the triplets. Until they left home, there just wasn't room.

  14. Eric and Phillip, if you don't get busy, that hand is going to reach down out of the sky and start pushing buttons. You hear what I'm saying boys?

  15. Phillip has an excuse. He is a teen and I think all the teen girls around have a boyfriend. Or the one that doesn't is one of his cousins. He needs to figure out which is prettiest and hope he can convince her to dump her current beau. I suspect that means he'll be competing with his cousin Darren who did snag a cute girl.

    Eric, well, he needs to decide that if he gets the girl to move in, he has to go further.

  16. Uh oh, trouble brewing if Phillip takes Darren's girl.

    I keep going back to that picture with the fountain. The pictures you posted of Egypt make me want to get the EP, just for the scenery. No Dee. You're waiting for Ambitons.

  17. Dee, I've been very happy with World Adventures. Indeed, this entire blog wouldn't exist without that EP!

    This time, I'm admitting to myself that I will get all EPs. I just might wait on installing until at least one stable patch is out. :)

  18. I plan to install as soon as I get it. I know good and well that after I do, I'll probably be cursing and kicking myself for not waiting for a patch.
    I keep reminding myself of how nervous I was installing sims3 base. I had already read numerous post about big problems. When I installed, I didn't have any problems except for minor things like time not speeding up when sims were sleeping.

  19. You know, I realised that poor Indiana has never had a fair chance. He spent his entire life up to elder being over-shadowed by Sam. He never really got a chance to shine on his own and all too soon one of his sons will be taking over.

    I must try playing Indy at some time in a game that he is *the* Grant rather than just a Grant.

  20. Oh, I love Indy. He's cool, but, if it wasn't for Sammy, we wouldn't have Indy.

  21. :) I'm fond of Indy but I think I've never really paid enough attention to him. Because there was always Sam.

    As I say, sometime I'll play Indy in his own right so I can really appreciate him.

  22. What a gorgeous story! Love the pics and the fun writing style. Keep up the good work!

  23. Thanks Berry! I need to get back to this blog soon, but I'm trying to wrap up the current storyline in the Hi Mum blog. But you will find more here in the next week or so.


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