Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 10

Dad, need a hand with anything?
Just get on with it boy.

The family all together.  Well, we are all doing our own thing but in the same room.

I thought I'd tell Eric a few of the important things of life.  Like how to impress girls.

And I had a chat to the baby-to-be.  It's going to be great to have another little one in the house.

Sammy found a new girl to chat up.  He had better be careful though, her dad is right behind her. 

That didn't stop Sammy from trying a few not-quite-smooth moves.

Damn, a man can get really hungry around here.  But there's plenty of leftover cake.

Oh god, it's time. No, what was I thinking about another baby?

Finally home with our new son, Phillip.  It was so late, the rest of the house was asleep.

In the morning, the first to greet his new brother was Sammy.  Sammy played with Phillip.

Then he got Eric out of the crib and played with him.  Then he went back and fed Phillip.


Nephew Tate was playing chess with one of the Lee girls.  I think her name is Kim.

Sammy on the other hand was meeting a new girl.  This is Malia - she's the much younger sister of Gabrielle - Jack's wife and Tate's mum.  But this meeting had to be cut short because...
Oh God...
How do you break this gently?
Oh God...

The Reaper came for Mum.

We weren't ready for this, not at all.

Dad's completely heartbroken.

I tried to console him but ...
I miss her!
We know, Dad.  We know.

In reality, I had to do this again.  The first time the Reaper didn't actually come and claim Rachel.
The second time, he did come but it was at night in the back garden which is bad for pictures.  
I seriously was not expecting to lose Rachel first, even though she was 92 days old.  Nearly cried watching poor Sam grieve.


  1. Wow. Poor Sam. The entire family must be heartbroken. I can't imagine Sam without his Rachel.

  2. I don't think Sam is able to imagine how he'll go on without her.

  3. Sam is a bit older than Rachel. I guess he wasn't ready to go. I can't believe you had to do this twice.

  4. My fault, I should have known the game was due to glitch after having it run all day.

    The save was from just a short time before Rachel was to die so at least it wasn't one of those "Play for hours to get back" It was more like a few minutes.

    Damn near cried the second time because in Rachel's final queue of things to do was "Die" "Be hugged" Sam was on his way to give her a hug...

  5. Sam never got to give her that last hug. That's even worse.

    Are you going to need a break from this game for a few days?

    On the bright side, Sam and Rachel had a long time together with lots of adventures and a fine family.

    To comment on something else, good for Sammy for taking care of his brothers and letting his parents rest. And welcome, Phillip! You've got a heckuva Sim family.

  6. Well, I was planning on playing until the Reaper visited. I just didn't realise that he'd take Rachel first.

    Rachel was very successful in her own right. I think she had 250,000 or so lifetime reward points. She had maxed out several skills including gardening, fishing, athletic and martial arts. She loved her kids and her husband. She was the second time a Sam has been married to a Mad Scientist - but I never asked her to experiment on the household stuff.

    Sammy really was a treasure. He did all the care for his little brothers on his own. Sam and Rachel were both up and doing things but I didn't have to interrupt them for the sake of the baby.

  7. After we've talked about Sam's age, I've been prepared for him to go, too. I wasn't expecting Rachel. This game will always surprise you just like life. It's one of it's best features even when it isn't a pleasant surprise.

    She did a lot of adventuring as well. I'm sure she came close to filling her passport. I know Sam has.

  8. I think Rachel had a level 1 visa for everything and probably a level 2. I never needed to pay attention, since Sam had level 3s for everything and Rachel could get extended holidays. She had done quite a bit of her own exploring, especially those little breaks after each birth that she went on alone.

    BTW - Poor Sammy has lost out on a second girl. Not long after he talked to Mindi, she started dating one Darius Pendragon.

  9. I've been trying to comment on your post on the forums but I keep timing out and can't even get to the reply box. Bah.

    Poor Sammy. Beat out by his cousin and best friend. I have no doubt he'll find a nice girl. He's got plenty of time. Any more babies being born in the neighborhood?

  10. Henry's new baby and Celia's new baby have yet to actually be born, though they should be close.

    I don't think we've heard of new pregnancies but if the Reaper claims some more of the elderly, the SP should decide there's plenty of room in town.

  11. It's way past my bedtime. I'm sure Dee will have plenty to say tomorrow.

  12. omg, I noticed Sam wasn't commenting. I expected to see bad news at the end. I never expected the bad news to be about Rachel. When I saw the "Dad?", I thought it was because Sam was gone. Poor Sam, and you. You've played them for so long, and I've read about them for so long, that they feel like part of the family.

    At least we know that Rachel lived knowing she was loved by all. She had great adventures with her Sam. She had a loving family who brought joy to her life. Even though he didn't get to give her the hug, she died knowing that was his plan.

    Poor Sam is going to be so lost without her.
    Everytime he gets sad, I hope someone hands him a grandbaby to hold. They need to let him snuggle the babies to make him feel better.

  13. I thought about how to approach Sam's response and came to the conclusion that he was still in shock and not responding. Indy tried to encourage him to talk a little with the Dad? but Sam just wasn't ready.

    The only part of the family unaffected by the death were the toddler and the baby. Everyone else periodically cries and thinks about Rachel. It's a sad sad house.

    They've finished one day of mourning out of the two that moodlet provides.

  14. Forgot to mention, Sam is a granddaddy again. Henry and Cindy had their baby. Seeing the new baby will cheer him up at least briefly.

    Indy is planning to make sure at least one of Sam's offspring is somewhere close by most of the time now. Jack, Indy and Henry work late afternoon/early evening. Laura and Rick work early until about 2pm. Between them, they can pretty well be somewhere near at all times.

    Rick and Patricia are now expecting. They did it once on their own but my game crashed and I hadn't saved. On the second pass, they didn't do it themselves but I decided a bit of "pollination" was called for.

  15. LOL. PiB, the pollination technician.

  16. I don't have green skin nor very big black eyes though. :) Nor do I specialize in male Sims. LOL

    It's going to be tough in the neighborhood. I think I'm going to help along a few of the really elderly elder to meet the reaper. This includes Thomas who has been on the reaper list twice, Zayne and Alicia who are very old. There's one of the original neighborhood Sims who is 110 days old. We killed Artie Page who was even older than that.

    I think I may have more elderly then young adult and adult combined, which is slightly ridiculous.

  17. Looks like it's time to help out Grimmy, PiB. As hard as that may be. I've checked out the demos for my town and it's pretty balanced at the moment. I have a lot of elders and my YA's are moving into Adult stage. The elders are slooowly dying off.

    110 days old on a 90 day cycle? Wow!

  18. LOL,I didn't even think about that when I wrote pollination tech. I hated when my male sims were abducted by aliens and came back pregnant. I stopped letting them have the expensive telescopes because of that.

    Since I started this new game, the only elders are the Goths. Oh, and two old couples that moved into town and I let them stay.
    The town is still too quite though. I may have to push some buttons. Riverview was more alive. Everyone is either at work or staying at home.

    I remember AJ living to 120 something days on 190 day life span.

  19. :) I didn't have many of them, but I quite liked pregnant males. a) turn about is fair play and b) I love the animation of an alien birth. I also had a male kidnapped from the dance sphere and come back preggy. His new bride got pregnant 1/2 day later so they gave birth on the same day.

    Dee, what exactly happened when you tried to install the mod? My towns are working much better with Twallan's SP - it's getting couples together, making babies, people are getting promoted and demoted a bit more consistently now.

    I'm wondering how long Sam will go on. If he lives long enough, Indy will be an elder and he might live to see a great grandchild... I think Chance is nearing young adult now.

  20. When I tried to install the rar thing. I ended up with something named delphie's something or other. I did manage to get it into the right place in the EA folder. By that time I was fed up with messing with it so I didn't go back and try to get the mod itself. I just deleted that delphie's thing and went back to the game.

  21. I'd love it if Sam made it long enough to see a grandbaby. I have to say, I love the mod. My game is running smoother and it feels so much more balanced. It might take a bit for the mod to get everything settled but once it does...yeehaw!

    Preggy alien abductees. That sounds fun!

  22. PiB liked the aliens and I didn't. The first time it ever happened to me was after I bought freetime and was playing, can't remember her name. She looked like a gypsy. I loved playing her. I got her married to her gardener and she had a baby. The next night he was abducted and came back pregnant. He had twins. I suddenly had one normal little girl and two green little girls to deal with. One was pretty ok looking except for the green skin. The other one was just down right scary.

  23. For Twallan, you don't need the rar. His framework and his mods are just zip files - any unzip program will do.

    Poor Chrysame, I keep forgetting you didn't do Sims 2. Here is the pregnant
    Nathan Posinson and his alien wife Angelica - also pregnant. Angelica was my very first alien birth.

    Nathan and Orion his toddler alien son.

  24. Dee's not alone with disliking aliens. Lot's of people on the forums hated them.

    I was on a spree of getting all the special types of Sims. Alien, vampire, zombie, werewolf, plantsim and witch/warlock. Some I liked better than others, aliens had the looks but no special features. I even had combos, like Angelica is an alien witch. My zombie was also a werewolf. I hadn't decided if his partner was going to be a vampire or another zombie...

  25. Thanks for the pics, PiB. I think it looks cool. At least once!

  26. I liked them just fine. Poor Nathan was an experiment because this was his second alien kidnapping. His first was as a young adult and Sim 2 young adults were college kids and no pregnancy allowed. I had heard that a Sim previously kidnapped could be taken from a dance sphere. He was and that was the result.

  27. I only had 2 EP's. FreeTime and Apartment Life. I never had the dance sphere. If sims3 had not been released when it was, I was planning to get either Open For Business or Nightlife. I wanted to be able to have my sim go into a restaurent so bad. That was one of the things I missed from the first sims. Still can't go into a restaurant with them.

  28. A proper date at a restaurant would be nice.

  29. It would be so nice. Even in the first sims we could send them to a restaurant, get a table and be served. The problem was that their needs didn't let you spend a long time in town, or anywhere else for that matter. Eat, pee, sleep needs had to be met way too often.

  30. When it came to eating out, Nightlife was better. You had group outings or dates and then people would sit together. Open for Business (my first EP) your Sim could go to a restaurant with someone, but they wouldn't eat together except by coincidence. I did eventually get Nightlife and got that plus "slow dancing" MMMM, my Sims miss that.

  31. Slow dancing carried over into other EP's. I had that. Loved it. It sure did make a lot of sims fall in love.

  32. I would love for some of the sims 2 things to be brought back in sims 3.

  33. My first two EPs were OfB and Pets. Sims wanted to slow dance but the option was missing.

    I think FreeStyle put it back with the music and dance hobby.

  34. Slow dancing? There was slow dancing? Oh, that would have been so nice for Wyatt and Marta.

  35. I loved those hobbies. I remember that Mortimer Goth lived so long and was getting on my nerves so bad that I decided to drown him. I have only killed two sims on purpose. He was one of them. He swam around for so long that the hobby guy came to give him that membership thing. What was so funny about it all was that Mortimer had just peed in the pool when the hobby guy jumped in and swam over to him, pulled the membership out from who knows where, gave it to Mortimer and then Mortimer died with the guy still in the pool. I'll never forget that.

  36. Oh yes, Chrysame. The slow dancing was really cool. They would be dressed all formal and slow dancing. Please bring that back EA.

  37. I really miss the slow dancing and hang out conversation so they don't have to stand all the time. Somehow I also miss the wants and fears, but I love the moodlet, and the sims don't have to be stone hearted when they have reached the platinum lifetime. They will still receive negative moodlet. Why do I like my sims to suffer? :D I guess, there are so much things we miss from the sims 2 like weather, pets, business, piano, basket ball and ice skating ring, etc. Let's hope that EA will bring them back soon

  38. Oh, Sam, poor Sam. You know it broke your Rachel's heart to leave you. Her "mum" is tearing up now just thinking about it.

    She will love you forever.

  39. Thanks for going back to check this out Sue. Rachel and Sam dearly loved each other and Sam was ready when the reaper finally came for him.

    Later I did a bachelor challenge in a different blog and Rachel won Sam's heart again. She did have stiff competition but she won out in the end.

    Their grandchildren and some of the great grands still have Rachel's hair colour!

  40. Why does that make me so happy? LOL

  41. :) which bit, Rachel taking Sam's heart again in a bachelor challenge or that Grant's still have Rachel's hair colour?

    I know that Phillip (grandson) and Vincent (great grandson) both have her colour still. I think some of the rest of the clan does as well. Check out the family tie page - there are 13 great grandchildren these days. A couple of those are old enough that the great great grands will be along soon.

  42. Oh no it's too sad poor poor Sam :(

  43. Of all Sam clones, of all those spouses, I think Rachel was his ultimate partner. And he was shattered for quite some time after.


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