Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Oct 25

Dad finally got to see Marco, his first great grandson.   Sam and Laura are both elders now.

What can we say, another day in the park.

Marta Walker was there with the youngest Walker child.

Dad had another party, this time inviting the grandchildren and spouses (if they had them) along.  Darius came with his Mindi.  Sammy came with Malia.  Tate didn't have a steady girl at the time.

And our little girl has had her boyfriend move in.  She and Malcolm are well on the way to making it a permanent relationship.

Eric and Phillip went fishing.  Malcolm's mum and younger brother came by.  Wonder if they are looking for Malcolm, his decision to move in was quite sudden.

Looks like our Jack is doing well in his career.

This is Shelly Grant.
Shelly and her dad Rick.  I think he's flying high in his career too.

That's Laura talking to the middle of the Walker children.  I've sort of lost track of their names.

One of Jack's twins, Kari Grant.

And Tosha Grant, the other twin.
Dad is now 109.  I'd love to take Judy, Kathy and Malcolm on a holiday but I hate the thought that the Reaper will come while we are away. 


  1. I swear, Sam is going to outlive some of his children and that is going to be even sadder than losing him.

    LOL, just how many Grants are in that town now? I can see why you won't download any Grants.

    I always love seeing Sam with those babies. He loves them so.

    Good to see Sam and Rachels children are
    successful and good to see all the cute kids.

  2. The reaper often shows up in unexpected time..I had a glitch once, my elder sims (husband and wife) they just won't die. I waited and the reaper wouldn't show up. Both of them are not athletic, eat ambrosia, or fruit life.Those Grant have interesting faces. Who is the sim, the one that Indi's Dad were talking to at the party? They seem didn't get along so well.

  3. Hey Dee,

    I'm not too worried yet about Sam outliving the children. It would be sad but he'd need another 10 days...not likely.

    How many Grants?
    Laura - one child Chance - one grandchild Marco
    Indiana - 4 children Sammy, Kathy, Eric and Phillip - one grandchild in progress
    Henry - 2 children Darius and Callie
    Jack - 3 children Tate, Tosha and Kari
    Rick - 1 child Shelly and one in progress

    5 children - 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren total adding in the pregnancies.

    I thought both Rick and Jack look damn spiffy in their work clothes. ;-)

  4. Hey MJ,
    Sam is one of the oldest in the neighborhood. He's not done anything but topping out athletics to deserve it. He's just a stubborn old coot who isn't in a hurry to leave the family.

    Sam was talking to his grandson Tate and Tate was rude to his granddad. That was the start of the evening, by the end they were getting along well again.

  5. While I can remember it, the three Walker children names.
    Gladys - last seen as a teen but is a young adult now. Rick - the child seen above but he's aged to teen. And the toddler is Wendell.

  6. Rick looks great in uniform. Jack looks a bit like a member of the Village People in his but he's doing well and I always like seeing him.

    Love that Sam is having parties all the time but it's very odd to think of Laura as an elder.

    The kids sure are good looking. The Grants make pretty children. No doubt about that.

  7. Yep, Rick is looking splendid in uniform. And I rather liked the Village People in their day - very disappointed when I finally did hear about that group being gay.

    It's going to be an odd week with the Grants. Indy and Judy are on their last day before forced to elder. The triplets have 4 days to go and they all will go to elder. So the whole of gen 2 is going to be elder by the end of the week.

    :) The Grants do throw up lots of great kids. For generations, thank goodness.

  8. That's a whole bunch of Grants.

  9. Seeing all the Grants is making me anxious to get back to Mason and Ripley.

  10. That's a good thing Chrysame. Get back in that game.
    I'm using the oldies but goodies. I'm sorting my pics now.

  11. Dee, it is a lot of Grants, but I've been watching and there are plenty of Sims in town not at all related to the family. Some are townies, some are descendants of some of our other Sims - Eric is getting acquainted with one of the children of Benjamin and Macy Lee. In two generations, everyone may have a bit of Grant blood but I've never worried about 2nd cousins marrying.

    Yeah, Chrysame, we need to see Mason and Ripley. Though it will be tough watching the family grieve, and they all will be.

    But I'm glad that I did keep on. They loved Rachel, they missed Rachel and now we ready for a new generation to be born.

  12. Well, we posted at the same time PiB.

    2nd cousins won't matter. In real life it might be different, but not in the game.

  13. *nods* That's how I feel about it in game as well.

  14. :) In real life, I don't even know my second cousins - I've always been surprised how vehement Simmers are about hating second and even third cousins marrying. First cousins would be a bit weird but anything beyond that and I fail to see a problem. Game or real life.

    That's just me.

  15. Oh my, I knew I had seen several notices about Rick and Patricia. Rick and several other Sims were stuck on a lot so I used the controller to make them active long enough to send them home. While I had control of Rick, I checked his relationship panel.

    He and Patricia *hate* each other. Patricia has romantic interests in two other guys. The baby she carries is Rick's baby but that's about all that they have in common now.

  16. Wow. I'm surprised they haven't divorced.

  17. Oh my. There must have been some big time fighting going on there. Maybe the baby happened when they were trying to keep it together.

  18. Poor Rick. He deserves a bit of happiness.

  19. I wasn't entirely surprised to see how bad it had gotten, we had at least three different notices about Patricia and Rick having fights on the street.

    I didn't notice Rick having any other love interests. Poor faithful baby.

  20. He probably caught her with her romantic interest.

  21. Patricia is evil. She might just have felt like picking on him.

    Sam did tell Rick to keep an eye on her because she was evil. He must not have taken Dad's advise seriously enough.

    BTW - half-way through Sam's day 109. I cannot believe that he is that old on a 90 day cycle.

  22. She's evil and has boy toys on the side? No wonder he hates her.

    Is Sam the last standing elder from the original bunch?

  23. Chrysame, from our original import of Sims, yes. Sam is the last Sim left from that lot. The only older Sim in town is Blair Wainwright. There may be a few Sims around who started as teens but even most of those are gone.

    I did replace a couple when I realised they would never have children. And others have been dropped in the neighborhood more recently, like Benjamin Lee and Macy Monroe.

  24. Urk, what a play session. Something happened in the middle of play and my town went somewhat insane. Many Sims were just plain stuck all over the place. Fortunately I did a save as and when things were still weird, I could go back to the old save. Lost about 1 1/2 day Sim progress but that wasn't too bad.

    Sam is 111 days old and I am seriously thinking I will have to "Transition to next age stage" myself aka summon the Reaper. I hate to do it, but he may have been responsible for that major glitch - I was going to send him on a quick holiday when all hell broke loose.

  25. I'm happy to hear you didn't lose much progress. That's a nasty glitch. I've never sent anyone on a holiday since I had my major problem with my first Marta/Wyatt match. That was a long time ago and a few patches back. I'm still wary of trying.

  26. No one in Sam's family travels quite so much now but they still holiday now and then. They have to, it is the family tradition.

  27. I'm glad you were able to get everything back to normal.

    That "family tradition" reminded me of an old country song.

    I see you have a new update. See you there.

    I had noticed Chrysame hadn't been on vacation.

  28. After that Wyatt and Marta catastrophe on the one work related trip, I can't blame her. If something that annoying and weird happened to me, I'd be pretty unlikely to try again.

    Dee, the normal wasn't permanent yet I fear. More in the update that is after the Oct 28 one.


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