Friday, March 26, 2010

The Journal of Indiana Grant - Nov 6

Dad still comes out at night sometimes. I haven't quite decided what to do...

Kathy and her Malcolm get along very nicely. It's good to see.

While they were otherwise occupied, I got a chance to play with the grandson.

And Eric came home from getting a job to change his nephew's dirty diaper. Good boy that.

Malcolm wanted to learn some martial arts so I helped him along. He had a new belt by the time we were done.

Then Kathy and Malcolm moved out. We bought them a nice little two bedroom house in town. Must invite them all over soon.

Chance's boy Marco. He has Mum's hair colour.

Our grandson Glen as a toddler.

Dad! Why are you insisting on the hat?
Hey, I let you keep the hair. But the heir to the house has to have his hat.

I have a feeling that it won't be long until we have another daughter-in-law.

The triplets had their birthdays.
Henry as an elder.

Jack as an elder.

Rick as an elder. His wife has declared him to be her nemesis and yet they still are married and living together. Weird.


  1. Poor malcolm. You worked him 'til he was all stinky.
    Some growing old, some growing up. Babies, toddlers, young adults, adults, elders and ghost. You've got it all right here.

    Glen's a cutie. I still see a little of Sam there. The genetics in this game are amazing.

    I forgot his name. The one with the hat looks like Indy and Henry looks like Sam.

    Marcos gonna get the girls.

    Dad's remembering his book writing days. :)

  2. Jack has his eyes closed. That's perfect. Poor Rick. His marriage hasn't been a happy one. Eric is a fine looking lad. He reminds me of Wyatt in one pic.

    Does Glen have the Grant hair? I can't tell. Rachel's hair color has certainly been strong genetically.

  3. That family certainly does have it all. Plenty of births, and all too soon gen 2 will start leaving us.

    Glen just has plain black hair. Must be Judy's genetics like those big brown eyes. Glen's dad Sammy does look more like Judy then Indy.

    Poor Rick, I wish he had a wife who loved him. The other boys got much better spouses.

    Dee, the elder with the hat *is* Indy. :)

  4. Not the elder. The young one with the long purpleish hair.

  5. Opps sorry. The teenage Phillip, due to be the heir to the house. He does look like his dad, doesn't he?

  6. Yeah, that's it. Phillip. He looks very much like his dad. Especially his bedroom eyes that say "come here girl". :)

  7. *laugh* Okay, Dee. That had me rolling.

  8. Phillip is definitely a Grant. Too bad there aren't many teen girls around for him. But he'll manage somehow.

  9. I don't know what I am going to do with Indy in my game. I want him to have a Phillip for me. I'd put him with one of Alicia and Jons girls. It looks like I'm going to have to give him a little push before he gets old.

    Chrysame, I decided to be nice and cut the quote short. ;)

  10. Give Indy a push. He won't mind in the long run.

  11. A push? Nah, make it a shove, a very serious shove. I mean the dude loves kids, he's a great dad and takes his family quite seriously.

    At least guys can still make babies as elders. So even if he's nearly elder, there is still time.

  12. I'll see what I can do with Indy.


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