Monday, February 14, 2011

The Journal of Phillip Grant - March 8

Vanessa and I decided to have the morning out. The kids were in school, the butler was busy cleaning the house, and we needed some fresh air for a change. We went to the park near where Vanessa grew up, the Landgraab estate.

Vanessa indulged in her favourite hobby fishing. It can be hard sometimes to stir her out of the house, she is such a couch potato.  Once she gets near water, the fishing bug can hit her hard.

Me? Well, I never did finish this tunnel over here.

Didn't find anything particularly interesting, I did dig up a cheap microwave. Honestly, can't people take their rubbish to the dump any more?

After fishing in the hot sun for most of the morning, Vanessa went to the local pub and found our oldest indulging in a drink.  They had a drink and a nice chat together.

Also my nephew Jerod was there, but you have to expect the local party boy to be found at the local pub fairly regularly.

Stephen was up to his own form of entertainment. He best be on good behaviour if he insists on hitting on his girl that close to the front door.

Brad must be getting used to the boy hanging out. Doesn't seem to worry him at all to find Stephen there, again.

Well, that's one way to deal with it. They are an official couple now.

That's a sight to warm any parent's heart. They all just decided to get the homework out of the way.

Brad's not the only dad around who has to get used to a visitor. His boy and Penny are best friends and they are always visiting one house or the other.

I joined the kids in the video game this time. I can see why they like it. Damn Stephen has lightning reflexes.  Maybe I'm slowing down a bit? Nah, he just has more practice at games.

Night night, my little angels. Tomorrow is the big party for your birthdays.

Honey, are you sure we can't stop this?

No dear, you can't stop the girls from growing up.

But they'll be teens. There may be boys.

Dear, you could hardly wait for the boys to find love. What's so different about your daughters?

It has to be a special boy to be worthy of dating our girls.

Dear, if you can't behave, I'm going to have to lock you in our room till the girls grow up and leave home. In your caveman outfit, because you are acting just like one.

Sigh, a man could hope to stop time.

I was digging through the family attic when I ran across the martial arts training equipment. When the hell did I buy this stuff anyway? Been a few years since we've been to China.

I set them up and Stephen and I had a practice session. I was rusty, even breaking foam boards took me far too long. Stephen was playing pattycake with the training dummy, too timid to try for a proper hit. He'll learn if he keeps practicing.

While I made arrangements for the girl's birthday bash, they decided to play some chess.

Ronnie is the family genius but Penny isn't half bad at the game. A bit more practice and they may start having draws more often then one winner.

It's nearly time for the party to start. I decided to give my girls a big hug each before the party. My dear little Penny.

And my sweet little Ronnie.

Stephen decided to try his hand at mixing drinks.

Hey Dad?

Yes Stephen?

Can we talk after the party? I have two favours I want to ask about.

Sure boy, we can talk. Why not now?

The party is about to start. I don't want to be interrupted. And your complete attention.

The party had our usual mix of friends, relatives and party crashers. I don't remember the last time I threw a party that didn't have at least one gate crasher.

Veronica blows out her candles first.

Ronnie is a teen. And does she ever take after her mum.

Then it was Penny's turn. She's growing up to be a real beauty.

Maybe being the dad of teenage girls won't be so bad?

Eh, who am I kidding? I want them to stay my little girls forever, and it's just not going to happen. The house is going to overflow with hormones once the boys notice my girls.

The bonus pics

Phillip and Vanessa still adore each other. Fortunately for me, they prefer just plain woohoo, they could be picky Risky Woohoo and that's not a safe option for another few days. Watching them together is so sweet.

Dustin and Charles Grant - the sons of Tate Grant.

Veronica's idea of a nice formal outfit. Sims and style sense - ain't never gonna happen, is it? You can tell that she looks stunningly like her mother.

Awkward much? Penny grew up into the same formal outfit that Abbey was already wearing.

 Closeup of Veronica Grant as a teen.

 Close up of Penelope Grant.

To the left Elsa Grant. She and husband Jerod Grant (aka Shrimp) have just taken in her little sister Erica - their mom Christi Clayton-Leman s on the daily 'death from age' list.

To the right Ginger Kane (nee Hatch), new bride of Travis Kane. Yep, another game and another time when Travis jumped almost immediately into marriage. I have two theories about it. One is that Travis is trying to prove that any infidelities on his part are because Kaleeko made him do it over in the DS blog. The other is that he wants to be on my 'breeder' list and not my 'Sim Toy' list. Breeder == dropped into a hood and expected to produce 1 to 3 children. Toy list == who knows what might happen - his dad would definitely recommend staying *off* that list. So far, that list has resulted in one very unexpected lover, one untimely painful death and harassment by the local police for Jeb. Jeb is permanently marked as toy, Brad is permanently off the toy list. Amelia and Travis - well Travis is nearly off the toy list.

Ginger has Grant hair colour. I don't remember the Hatch family as having that colour, though I made them so long ago I've forgotten when. I think that the game just used that from my hair colours in game. I did double check her ancestry to make sure no Grants had snuck in. :)


  1. Wow, so much to comment on. First, I love the part when Phillip really wished to stop the girls from growing up. I know, there will be boys drooling for them in a near time. They are so beautiful.

    Love to see that Phillip and Vanessa still adore each other.

    Aww... Stephen finally has a girlfriend.

    ROFL about Travis and the lists. He surely didn't waste any time, did he, in spite of his commitment issues?

  2. The twins are growing up to be so lovely. I did a sneak peek when they were toddlers so I've known that they will be stunning as young adults.

    Phillip adores Vanessa with all his heart. So sweet.

    Stephen and Abbey needed to take another step. They've been nearly dating since they turned teen. :)

    Travis has plunged into marriage in two of three hoods I dropped him in as an adult. Have yet to hear about him in Johnny and Brooke's game. But he does seem to love getting married, since he did that to Kaleeko too. LOL

  3. Ahhh, true love is just grand and Phillip and Vanessa have it.
    The girls grew up very pretty.
    That pic of him crying in front of the cake while no one is watching is is just so sweet.

    So happy for Stephen.

  4. Thanks Dee.

    Phillip and Vanessa have been as happy and in love a couple as you could ever want to see.

    The girls really are lovely. I'm really proud of Penny.

    DebugEnabler and knowing that an over-emotional Sim wipes their eyes - that's how I got Phillip to cry about his girls. :) I know about over-emotional cause of your honey Thomas - he always has done that pretty regularly.

    Next episode is for Stephen.

  5. Finally getting a chance to comment: yay!

    Stephen and Abbey kissing: Awww.

    Penny and Ronnie with friends: awww.

    Checking on them as they sleep: double awww!

    And, this is the birthday I was really looking forward to--mostly because it gives us such a better idea what they look like! Honestly, they both really are so pretty. Penny definitely looks like she'd win more beauty pageants, but I always have soft spots for more unique features. Veronica looks lovely in her own way. :)

    Also... I've given up hope on Travis. :P

  6. Yeah! Kaleeko visited.

    Glad you like the update. Lot's of awww moments.

    Veronica is lovely but you can see her heritage. I was just playing a game with an adult Bella Bachelor Landgraab. Vanessa and Veronica both resemble Bella a great deal.

    Deciding on the next Grant to follow is going to be tough. Stephen, Penny or Ronnie? I'm more inclined to Stephen or Penny but you never know.

    I developed a serious soft spot for Travis the day he made friends with Sam and gave Sam a hug while I was watching over Georgia. Not everyone gets on that well with Sam if I leave them alone. :)

  7. Y-know, PiB, I'm tempted to build you a new family tree just so I can keep track of your Sims' traits better. I know Veronica's the genius and Penny's athletic... What traits did they pick up this birthday? Or do I have to wait to find out? ^^

    I do like seeing heritage. :) As goofy as Brad/Jeb's genes look on a female, I'd much rather have Brad have a girl look like him than Alesha, for the sake of keeping my Kane genes.

    Travis is a nice guy. I probably gave him less credit than he deserved in my blog, but it's hard to have two Sims fight without making one the antagonist and one the protaginist, and everyone just fell onto Brad's side of things. Now that that fued is 'over', hopefully people feel more inclined to like him. :)

  8. Also: this blog always has 'awww' moments. They're definitely my favorite family of yours. :)

  9. You definitely have to wait to find out. I've already forgotten what they got though I think Penny has Hopeless Romantic which may be interesting given she also has no sense of humour. :)

    Sim genetics are interesting. Sometimes the heritage is just so strong, other times you do get a blend. Hmm, worst case for Brad and Alesha - his nose, her mouth... that would not be good since both are a bit on the large size.

    I started to feel bad for Travis the day he accused Jeb of agreeing with Brad that Travis *killed* Em. At that point, it was poor Trav - breaking up with a girl shouldn't be fatal. He's happy enough now though so it's all good.

    I'm glad you also love these Grants. They are a nice family, just going along well.

  10. Oooo, hopeless romantic. That definitely could be interesting. ^^ Still, it's a good trait, and I love No Sense of Humor. Sounds like she's gonna be interesting. :D

    I definitely agree--Brad's nose and Alesha's mouth could be... mm. I'll admit I put them both in CAS and played with different possibilities of kids, and there's definitely some... less than desirable options in there, but, honestly, I'd be fine with them appearing. Less-than-attractive Sims have a way of making up for their looks in other ways. ;)

    Haha, yeah. I'm surprised you remember that instance with Travis--he definitely didn't deserve to be outlawed 'that' bad. Teenage drama isn't murder. He was just being a guy--but he was paying for it like it was some sort of crime.

    They definitely are a sweet family, these Grants--I can't wait to get them into my hood. :) Someddaaaaaaaaaaaaay...

  11. Penny will be but so is my neurotic little Stephen. We'll just have to see how they develop as teens.

    :) I'll agree about the less than attractive Sims, they can be quite entertaining in many other ways. I certainly don't help Sims pick mates based on attractiveness, they have to have some sparks there.

    I have a hell of a memory for details. So remembering that Travis was being generally shunned is well within my normal range of 'yep, that happened' memories. :)

    I am looking forward to seeing them in your hood someday. By that time, you may know what the girls look like as adults. JK

  12. Aww, someone went all the way back to post one in this blog - a hit for The Journal of Indiana Sam - June

    I know that's post one cause it wasn't till the second that they got dates like March 3


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