Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Dec 20

That's Corey, the gnome I bought at the consignment store. But how did he get here? I left him by the mailbox. I'm sure I left him by the mailbox. Weird.

I met up in the park with Dad and Uncle Rick. I wasn't to know it at the time, it's the last time I'll see either of them. I fear that the Reaper has been after my older relatives now.

Not long after I saw Dad, I found out from Mom that he'd passed away. The family is in mourning, I tried to console Mom but she's just broken hearted over the event. They spent a lifetime together, I don't know how Mom is going to cope without him.

Within a few days of Dad passing, I heard that Aunt Laura and Uncle Rick were gone as well. Apparently Aunt Patricia was elated by the news that Uncle Rick died. I knew they didn't get along but it was appalling that she was so happy.

I happened across Uncle Henry who has been devastated by the deaths of his siblings. He and Uncle Jack are the only ones left now. I must try to remember to visit Uncle Jack.

It was good to catch up with Uncle Henry. He told me a bit about my cousins. Callie is doing very well. And he has a son...Derrick maybe? Uncle Henry told me to drop by for a visit.

Vanessa went to the hospital today and confirmed that our little family here is about to grow.

She was ringing everyone she knew to tell them the news. I'm hoping for a boy. She just hopes it's healthy.

Sometimes we deal with grief in interesting ways.  Eric was out fishing in the middle of night. He had a hard time sleeping. Eventually he gave up and went fishing instead.

Wait, a baby?  Now? But I'm not ready! Stop! I'm not ready!

I have to learn, babies do not wait just cause daddy isn't ready yet. Our son Vincent Grant was ready to make his appearance in the world. His mother was ready as well, Vanessa did not want to wait any longer than she had to.

Ok, the miner dug up a gnome. And I left that little guy out by the side of the house. I know I left him by the side of the house. How the hell did he get inside?

He didn't want his picture taken either.


  1. Yep, I have 2 magic gnomes. I actually saw this second one disappear from the yard and had to find where he reappeared. :)

  2. If I'm to keep this game going, I'm going to have to kick the town into reproduction overdrive. About 2/3 of the population is either adult or elder which means there aren't many at young adult or below.

  3. The first gnome is new to me. He's cute. The elders are really dying off in your game. It does seem to come in waves.

    Welcome, Vincent!

  4. The Gnome of Sculpture - I wonder if Johnny will make one someday.

    Yes, I've been losing a lot of Sims to the Reaper. Gen 2 is dying off quickly and those Sims I dropped in the game to supplement gen 2 as well. Like Celia Pendragon just died, leaving behind her Captain Jack and their two sons. Her first boy with Henry is doing fine.

    I am glad I got Phillip out before Indy died. I've seen enough reaper with Sam and then Ripley in the other blog.

    I can hardly wait for Vincent to grow a bit. Bet he is just as cute as the Shrimp. :)

  5. The shrimp is a redhead, though. ;)

    Time to do some major repopulation with your game. That should be easy enough with the mods. I still remember when towns would just die out when I first started Sims.

    Did you solve your issue with the CAS problem? I've only had a couple of sims go dark in CAS. One was Hans so I'll have to re-download him.

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  7. Well, the reaper has been around to take the lives of the sims he cared. And lots of them! But, at the end of it all, a new life has begun. There is happiness after those grief. I love the way you told the story. Eric has a way to deal with his own grief, like a man would. Great update.

  8. Oooo! That is one *wicked* gnome.

    Sad that there's so many deaths, but, the younger generation just has to have a little bit more woohoo to fix the problem. ;) SP is pretty good about doing baby booms when there's a big chunk missing in the population.

    Awww, Vincent Grant. :) I love that name. Welcome to the world!

  9. @Chrysame Yes, the Shrimp is a red head. It helps that his maternal grandparents are Benjamin Lee and Macy Monroe, doesn't it? :)

    I'll keep an eye on the population situation. I have some new Sims to throw into town when this lot of elders is mainly gone.

    The CAS thing was only after long game play and some Stylist work followed by CAS. On restart, it was back to normal.

  10. Hi MJ.

    Yes, the reaper has taken several of older relatives and his last two uncles will probably go soon. But the family does have several new babies to celebrate - so we do have much happiness along with the grief.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Kaleeko, I know. Corey is really cute!

    I may have to do some instant baby work just to ensure there's enough kids for all the Grant children to find mates. But it will work as long as I keep an eye on things.

    I also have reserve Sims for emergency population crashes; the newer ones like the Kanes, MJ's Sims, etc have never been dropped into this neighborhood.

    Glad you like Vincent. We'll have to see how he grows.

  12. I feel your pain, PiB. I may inevitably have to move some more peeps into my hood if Amelia ever hopes to find a boy to call her own.

    Things sure have been quiet today. :) And... of course, as I'm typing that, my feed reader tells me that Chrysame has posted something new. Huzzah!

  13. It will be the second time I've had to do some emergency population moving for this particular version of the neighborhood. It was dying once before when a huge proportion of the males in town were gay and so reproduction was very low. I introduced a lot of Sims and a few families just to keep it going. And killed most of the gay males -> I really don't mind a few but not when they make up 1/2 the town.

  14. Isn't immigration working or are you keeping that setting low?

  15. I've left that setting on default. I pretty much never touch the immigration or emigration settings.

    Population max is 150 - current population is 128 and falling...

    I'm sure story progression will kick in soon. I hope.

  16. That is too funny, PiB. :) I can't imagine what that would be like... I don't ever seem to get many gay Sims unless I make that choice for them.

    Though, Marta was hitting on Meredith the other day. Awkwaaaard.

    Then again, that may be the solution to all her problems... :P

  17. I'm pretty sure that it started with a Simself who is flirty and inappropriate. He hooked up with Christopher Steel and slowly the guys were all flirting with guys and not girls.

    This meant that the few straight guys I had pretty much had 2 to 4 girls as romantic interests. Jon Lessen had one girlfriend but at least 2 more on the side.

    Both funny and tragic. That is why if you want a gay couple - make sure neither is flirty. Cause a flirty Sim will flirt...

  18. Marta hit on Meredith? Oh, that's awesome and hilarious. Go, Marta!

  19. Marta with a girlfriend would be pretty cool.

    Kaleeko, if Thomas Leman *ever* gets interested in guys, you will have a significant gay population. He loves to flirt - until he's safely married.

  20. Hahaha, PiB! I never thought about that, that gay flirty sims could influence others' preferences.. I'll have to keep an eye out for it, but I'm not worried. It would be more humorous than anything!

    Marta totally did. Proof!:
    Hehe. :D

    I'll keep an eye on Thomas, PiB. I still haven't seen him around, yet (I think I've at least glimpsed all but Thomas and Camille so far), but I can't wait to to run into him one of these days.

  21. Oh Marta, I don't think Mere was interested. LOL

    On average, Thomas will turn up with either a girlfriend or wife before you know what happened. He was one of the few males that did have a girlfriend when most of my guys were gay. But once he ends up flirting with guys, he can be quite an influence.

    Now that I have Twallan, I could just ensure that the guys had some instant babies and not have to worry about gay/lesbian couples so much.

  22. Hahahaha! I don't know why Meredith reacted that way either, Marta. I'm so saving that screenie!

    I really like the way you dressed Marta. She looks great. I want that pattern.

  23. That is true, PiB. That, or you could download a male pregnancy mod or something. Heeehehe.

    I... that just gave me a *really* bizarre mental image of Thomas, so. Um. Yeah. *facepalm*

    I guess Meredith is 100% straight. ;) That was too funny, though. I'm glad I caught that shot, I'd only just zoomed back in towards the stadium to find Marta trying to woo her.

    I get 90% of my patterns from TSR, that one may be from Liana though... I know I recolored it. I'd upload the outfit for you so you get it from me, but my Studio is still broken. *(@%*^@$! EA. Grr.

  24. Without a male pregnancy mod, he has no body just a head and feet. Not that I've done it before...well, ok once but to some poor random male Sim.

    But if you want to play with it, by all means pick on Thomas. He doesn't get nearly enough abuse. Certainly not from me. With Twallan, you can pollinate any male or female of the right age. He just won't have a body for 2 days.

    Poor Marta. She should have waited until they were best friends. Best friends and flirting can be very dangerous, no matter what the normal preferences are.

  25. "Wait, a baby? Now? But I'm not ready! Stop! I'm not ready!"
    That just cracked me up. I love little Vincents name and it looks like daddy got his wish for that boy.

    You have no idea how happy I am that you have some gnomes. I've never seen one like Cory before. He's so cool.

  26. Thanks Dee. The baby panic dance deserves some words. :)

    Corey is a cool little guy. But not moving around quite as often as the other.

    @kaleeko - you officially now must provide a pregnant Thomas pic...I have come to realise that I expect it now.

  27. Hahaha! I'd have to download a male pregnancy mod... Which would be interesting, because I just got a popup about an hour ago letting me know that Thomas and Carolina North are now dating. ^^ Then again, she *could* be the man in that couple... *flees!*

  28. :) You could let him have no body for 2 days. It doesn't damage them, they just look odd. Head + feet.

    But since he started dating, he can go off the hook. Carolina North seems to be pretty reliable as far as hooking up with someone in games.

  29. Lol, Kaleeko! The picture of Marta and Carolina could be the man? Oh, all of you are so hilarious and fun!
    Wow, lots of mods there.

  30. Woohoo for Carolina and Thomas.

  31. Silly me, no wonder reproduction in town was non-existent. I forgot about emptying the mausoleum. I had well over 10 tombstones and they count as people.

    Most of them were easy to delete but family members are much much harder. I know I might as well, I am not bringing Indy back in this town. Still hard though.

  32. They do? O.O My goodness! That is a really good thing to know... I had *dozens* in my last town, no wonder I was having pop issues.

    Getting rid of family tombstones would be hard... I don't think I'll be able to do that myself. :-/

  33. I still have never deleted any tombstones. I just manage 'em and plant 'em.

  34. Yes Kaleeko, because you can bring the dead with tombstone back as playable ghosts - they tend to count toward your active population.

    I had to delete the gen 1 tombstones from the family. Sam was getting glitchy by the time I summoned the reaper to fetch him (after several crashes related to Sam) and his ghost wasn't better. Deleting Sam made deleted Rachel far easier. Now it's the turn of gen 2.

    Dee, when you do get to gen 3 being adult - you might have to start deleting. :)

  35. Oh, you're talking about from your sim family. I thought you were talking about sims overall. I knew I had one game that had tons of sims I managed and set out their tombstones at the cemetery. They weren't in my sim family though.

  36. Any tomb that you can find via Manage the Dead. If you don't want to make playable ghosts, you should delete them so that Story Progression will make new families or babies. I deleted about 8 gravestones last night - Celia Pendragon, Tyler Townsend, Sierra Nevada among them.

    I'm working up to deleting Indy, Rick, Laura and so forth. But for the sake of making the town grow, I should.

  37. I'll keep that in mind. So far in Twinbrook there's only been one to manage and it was that sweet looking little old lady.
    I have never even checked in Riverview. I need to check.

  38. Only people known to your family get tombstones but *everyone* in this town knows at least one Grant.

    Phillip's inventory keeps growing cause his relatives leave him something from their inventories. Uncle Jack isn't gone yet, but later today - Phillip just got more stuff.

    So it probably won't get to a problem stage until your Sims reach elder and their friends start dying.

  39. New upload from this game Dayna

    her grandparents are Thomas Leman, Bebe Hart, Benjamin Lee and Macy Monroe

    And with all that red hair genetics available, she got Bebe's hair instead. Uploaded as teen!

  40. I used the make me know everyone cheat. This is the first time I ever used that cheat. That's the only cheat I have used for Sara.

    I love Dayna. I fav'd and rec'd for right now. Must leave for work. See ya.

  41. Thanks Dee. I appreciate it.

    And at least she's not my typical (Grant) upload. :)

  42. Wow, Dayna hit 52 downloads - her hair must be mistaken for CC. That's big for first day of my females.

  43. Haha about the gnomes. None of my sims still haven't got one. I didn't know you could buy one at the consignment store?
    Welcome little Vincent. :)

  44. Hey again Jennifer.

    vincent isn't quite so little any more. :)

    These were my first magic gnomes that actually pop from place to place and take new poses. They are cute.


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