Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Journal of Phillip Grant - March 5

Vincent's birthday party went on for quite a while. It was a nice day, we had a big group and no one was terribly anxious to leave.

There was food, music, dancing. The kids had friends and some of the family was there.
Eventually the guests slowly trickled away and it was just the family again.

My second son having a panic attack just after the party. I love the boy but I just don't understand him. What's there to stress about? He danced with his girl, chatted to a couple of relatives.

Ok, his big brother is about to move out, but I wouldn't think that should be stressing Stephen this much. He gets along with his brother but it's not like Vincent is Stephen's only friend or anything.

Speaking of Vincent moving out,  it was finally time for him to go and move on. I wanted to take him over to his new place, make sure he was going to settle in fine.

Definitely a nice large and comfortable house. I would think that Vincent and Erica will be quite happy here.

So we said goodbye. It's not far, I'm sure we'll be in touch. He'll always be one of the first we invite over for any event.

But it's a sad day when you send one of your children off into the world. I hope everything will be well for him but I have to trust that Vanessa and I did our best. It's up to Vincent now.

So it's the day after Vincent moved out. Vanessa was working on a new book. I was painting more.

Then the phone rang. It was Vincent calling to tell us he was married. That was a surprise, Erica is still a teen. Too young to marry.

Then he said it was Kari, Kari Grant. One of Uncle Jack's girls.

That was a big surprise, to say the least. As far as we've ever heard, Kari's not even dated anyone for more than a week. That Vincent should suddenly marry her, I'm a bit concerned.

So Vanessa and I went over to visit the happy couple. He didn't move far, the house is next door to the Clayton-Lemans.

Vanessa decided to talk to her new daughter-in-law.

I'm afraid that things didn't go so well between Vanessa and Kari. But what mother expects that her daughter-in-law would be nearly the same age?

I believe the words "Cradle snatcher" and "Hag" were used.

The moment we heard Vincent married, our thoughts turned to grandchildren. But Vincent would need to hustle, Kari is closer to being an elder than she is a young adult.

Stephen brought home another girl today. This one is Kendra Walker.

Stephen is nothing like his brother. He's much more naturally social, bringing home friends from school frequently. This is the third girl he's brought home recently.

Veronica brought home Stephanie Pendragon - Marcelo's and Ursula's daughter. Cute girl.

One of our little angels. Our girls are very nearly teenagers. Where did time go? How did they get so big?

Are there any boys in town worthy of dating my little angels? My girls deserve the best.

Bonus Pics

The kitchen was nearly overflowing with pans to put in the oven. Somehow the butler managed to get some lobster thermidor started but never finished. And so he kept making things to put in the oven but couldn't.

To clean it all up, I had to replace the oven then delete the various cooking dishes.

Now I'd like to introduce you to a very sweet Sim.

This is Jeffrey Hill. While still a teen, he started dating Elmer Grant, the Shrimp's younger brother. Then Jeffrey grew up a good week before Elmer did.

Jeffrey waited very very patiently. The day that Elmer grew to young adult, they married on their own. I had moved Elmer into Jeffrey's place after his birthday but that was all I did.

So here are the happy newlyweds. Funnily enough, Jeffrey has one sister and she has a girlfriend. I've never had gay siblings before.

I gave them an instant baby named Troy. Troy has Jeffrey's skin tone. I hope for his sake he has blond hair cause I think that red hair would not look great on that skin.


  1. Hi PiB, Great update!

    Poor Stephen, being so stressed about his older brother moving out. I'm sure he will do just fine. I'm glad to see that Vincent has become a grown up and he's pretty much a good looking sim too. I'm not so sure about his decision to marry Kat, though.The truth is, sometimes, I hate when Story Progression makes our sim to make a decision like that. Even Vanessa cannot get along so well with her. Sometimes Parents know better than their child.

    I've just seen that glitch, but the various dishes made a great picture.

    Hello Jeffrey! I guess it runs in the family :)

  2. Hi MJ, thanks for stopping by.

    I'm not really sure what was stressing Stephen, he is a neurotic so he is prone to panic moments. :)

    I was vastly surprised by Vincent marrying Kari. She really is the same age as his parents, I found pics of her and her twin as teens when Phillip was a teen. I wish he hadn't done that but I am determined to leave him to his own devices.

    That was only part of the chaos the butler caused. There were another two or three baking pans on the other side of the kitchen. No wonder he never called them to meals.

    I like Jeffrey. I visited Jeffrey and Elmer after their marriage and they were very happy and in love. His sister still hasn't married her lover.

  3. Oh man!!! Well, looks like your epic plan to get Vincent into a nice house and a nice family was... foiled. To say the least.

    What the heck, Vincent! Arrrggh! Wow. Well, I'm going to say that Kari is some sort of evil witch or something, trying to get after Vincent's inheritence or something. Crazy things that SP pulls off sometimes, geeezzz.

    I'm proud of you for letting him do it, though. :) It can be so hard to let our Sims 'off the leash' so to speak. I have a hell of a hard time with it.

    Glad to see that Stephen isn't having a hard time making friends. I thought he was a loner (I'm pry just thinking of Abby), but I guess even if he is, he's still got a knack for the peoples!

    Silly butler, haha! He needs to learn how to look in the oven to see if something's in there.. Good thing the house didn't end up burning down because of it.

  4. Hey Kaleeko,
    Yes Vincent did ruin my plan quite nicely. I had been hoping that Kari, and her twin Tosha, would marry and have a baby or two. But not with Vincent. She is just so much older than he is.

    But I really won't interfere with his choice.

    Stephen is turning out to be an interesting boy. He is quite social. Don't know how that will eventually effect the relationship with Abbey. He may pick another girl someday.

    I'm relieved that the butler didn't manage to burn down the house. :)


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