Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Journal of Phillip Grant - March 21

The Grim Reaper has been exceptionally busy around town lately. He's been claiming many elders around the city, some we don't know, like this guy that died at the pub.

Others we do know. Malia, my oldest brother's wife, died yesterday. Then my sister's husband Malcolm died early this morning. I think my siblings will be following their spouses soon.

An advantage to owning a pub is that you get to see people a bit more often. Like my nephew, The Shrimp. He has taken to muttering "Jerod, damnit," if I actually say Shrimp to him. Needless to say, Shrimp he is and Shrimp he'll always be.

It's not surprising to see him here, he always has been a bit of a party boy. Give him a drink and a dance floor and he's very happy.

My teenage daughter, a teenage boy and a hot tub. Should I be worried here?

No, I shouldn't. It will be fine. Penny and Nick are both good kids and the hot tub is too close to the house for them to get up to too much mischief.

Apparently life with Kari is driving Vincent to distraction. Honestly, playing for tips in a park way out of town in the middle of the night? He must be doing it to stay out of the house, surely Vincent knows you'll never get many tips at that place and time.

I've mastered painting but I'm still not happy. I want to create a few masterpieces. So far, I've managed to create some brilliant works of art. However they don't quite cross the line to masterpiece.

Someday, I will get there.

Stephen worries all the time about every little thing. Just home and he's already fretting about homework and about all the sinks in the house.

It's hard to say if the breakup with Abbey was a good or bad thing. She's just the same about worrying, if they lived together, would anything but sink and stove checking ever be finished or even started? They would understand each other on those worries though.

Stephen is gaining a lot of confidence at mixing drinks. His party drink are usually just fine to drink now but we've learned to check carefully before drinking the skill or romance ones. Drinking the badly mad ones is very hazardous to your health.

We do pay for a lot of broken glassware. Stephen has mastered the toss up but not the catch on the way back down.

Penny is a bit of a socialite. One day she brings a boy home from school. Today she went home with a boy called Dustin.

She practices her charm on all of them, at least a bit. Still the only one who has ever been around the house more than once is Nick.

Stephen and Abbey worked through their issues and are now BFFs. I'm glad that they are friends again, Abbey is a lovely girl.

Brad and I have decided to have a joint birthday party for them tomorrow, they are pretty much the same age.

Brad and Em are nearly down to one teen in the house. James had his birthday recently.

He's still Ronnie's official boyfriend but they don't have much chance to see each other. James has a job and Ronnie takes her school work very seriously.

A beautiful view and a gorgeous wife to share it with. What more could any man ask for?

Penny went looking all over town for Nicolas and finally found him outside the hospital. She arrived in time to see Kari and Vincent headed in.

While she was chatting to Nicolas, Kari came out with our first grandchild, Miriam Grant.

Penny told us the news about Miriam the moment she got home.

Much later, she had a chat to Vanessa.

Mum, I have a problem. Can I talk to you?

Of course, sweetie. Do you want me to wake your dad?

No, it's about a boy and you know Dad gets a bit weird about us and boys.

Ok. What's the problem?

It's Nicolas. He's fallen in love with another girl and it's like he's forgotten I exist.

Sweetie, it can't be that bad.

No, really Mum, we're not even friends any more. He's just cut me out of his life. The other day he was here like everything was normal and today, it's like we're meeting for the first time.

Well, Penny, your dad didn't really think you were that serious about Nicolas.

I'm not sure if he's the one but we've been friends since forever. He is the only boy I've ever wanted to kiss. Why did he forget me?

Penny, it's that first glow of a new love. If you really want him, you'll have to prove that to both of you. Your dad proved to me that I was his one and only back when I was only a little bit older than you.

Another brilliant painting - sigh - will I never get to masterpiece?

Very early the next day, Vanessa and I went over to visit Vincent and our new granddaughter.

I managed to claim the baby first. Isn't Miriam just the cutest little mite?

Vanessa had a nice long talk with Vincent.

While I got to cuddle the cutest baby in town.

Then it was my turn to talk to our oldest.

While Vanessa took her turn to meet Miriam.

I think we've agreed, this is the most beautiful baby in town. Our first grandchild. I'm hoping we have lots more. The grandparent gig is good. You do the fun stuff then hand the baby over to a parent for anything else.

We didn't realise at first that Kari was actually home. She'd rather stand outside and play guitar then come in and talk to her in-laws.


Bonus pics

In this game, I tend to be so focused on the family, I forget to look around town from time to time.

I was waiting for Veronica to finish watching a movie and suddenly noticed how many Sims were in front of the bookstore. Obviously the place to be that night. There were at least three more just out of camera range.

Most of these Sims do have a family history that I know, the only ones that really matter to the blog are the blue-skinned white haired male, Jeffery Grant Hill and his red haired husband Elmer Grant Hill. I was happy to see them flirting away. Elmer is one of Phillip's nephews, one of Eric Grant's twins (younger brother of Jerod the Shrimp).

Speaking of Shrimp, he and his wife and son were part of the crowd outside the Bistro. As is Travis Kane. Kaleeko may be pleased to hear that Travis rushed into marriage in this game but not babies. I think it doesn't help that his wife is a firefighter and is rarely home.

Elsa started to teach the boy to talk but after a moment, she got up.

She got up because Jerod came over to cuddle his boy. AWWWW.


  1. Oh Jerod, I'm starting to have a soft spot for you.

    Philip cracks me up. I haven't read a lot of this blog yet so I don't know a lot about him, but I quite like him.

    I hate the mixology drinks. Messed up a storyline once!

    Sim teens in love. So awkward, yet so cute.

    James looks so much like his parents!

    ... Why is Phillip painting in a speedo?

    Travis is behaving the way he's supposed to in my game, but how long will it last?

  2. This is the real Jerod - all others are Jerod clones. In this hood, he's pretty quiet and is usually at home with the baby/toddler.

    It might be interesting for you to go back to Phillip taking over the blog. He was a teen and I tried but failed to get him to date other girls. He wanted Vanessa from quite early. I've loved my stubborn Phillip ever since.

    Lots and lots of teens and teen hormones everywhere. :) So awkward indeed.

    Phillip has very wild undies - that's what he is painting in. It won't last much longer, he *will* be elder in the next post.

    I don't know why my Travis tends to rush into marriage and frequently babies so fast. But it amuses me and annoys Kaleeko so that's all good. :)

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. Ohhh original? Very nice! He has a lot of clone-selves, doesn't he?

    I'll definitely go back and read some! I love stories like that, so I'm curious to read how he grew up!

    I can't wait til the twins and their friends age up and I can have more fun in the dating department, moohahahaha.

    Travis became the town thug briefly, but left that "gang" and is now dating a steady stream of girls. I think it's funny when he tends to eschew his Commitment Issues trait, hehe.

  4. Yep, if I had decided to follow Eric Grant and his family instead of Phillip, Jerod might have been the current narrator of the blog. You get to see baby Jerod brought home from the hospital, if you do go back in the blog far enough.

    A lot of clone Jerods? I only know of two, mine in the short story blog and Kaleeko's - now very deceased. Compared to what I've done with Sam Grant clones (I don't know offhand how many ... 10 maybe?), two clones don't seem like many. Mind you, there are another 60+ Jerods downloaded from the exchange so who knows? :)

    LOL I was wondering about the twin comment then I remembered you have twins as well. Twins dating == very interesting time for their parents. And if you want even more fun - triplets dating == way more chaos. Sam and Rachel were always looking for ways to escape those boys who seemed to be everywhere in the house.

  5. Unbelievable! Jerod has always had a soft spot on us.

    Oh, too bad about Penny and Nicholas. Young love is always the hardest. Good thing that Vanessa was there to comfort her.

    Vanessa is very beautiful as an elder.

    Love the pictures, especially the one when Vincent played his guitar and also when Vanessa and Phillip were together.

  6. Hi MJ,

    This post probably has almost all of Jerod that will be featured in this blog. He'll most likely slip back into the background - like he has been for a long time. :)

    The thing with Nicolas was pretty annoying. One day, best friend and romantic interest. Next day, he has a new romantic interest and barely knows Penny at all! They should have stayed friends.

    Vanessa is a lovely elder and ... Phillip actually turns out pretty well. You'll see next post.

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  7. I meant a lot as in the three Jerods I know of (this one, short story, and Desperate Sims). I don't actually see a lot of clones running around so that's a lot to me- though compared to Sammy, probably not! ;)

  8. True enough. It's been some time since there was a little group of us doing the sharing Sims and we'd frequently end up with clones of each others Sims at the same time.

    If I start a new Sam Grant story, you'll get two Sam clones at once cause I'm pretty sure that Kaleeko's mayor is Sam and if you play Indiana Sam, that would make three.

    I have about 3 Bradley clones in my various saves, at least two married to Emerald, one who is a child and he was an adult unmarried in the last Sam story. I recycle Sims a lot. :)

  9. Nice! I think that's cool, getting to see everyone's charries running amok.

    The clones I have in my game are the Kanes and Indiana Sam and co.

  10. Ah yes, I must drop the Pesces into the Adventures with Sims game. But it will be some time before they can run amok, I have a lot of bios to write to catch everyone up with the families as it is.

  11. Tee hee hee hee... Oh Penny. You run around flirting with every single boy in school and you think you're going to still keep Nick;s attention? I think it's time for... *headdesk!*

    James is looking a bit better now that he's older--though is that because of Plastic Surgeon PiB or did he just finally fill into that big nose of his?

    Poor Stephen always looks so worried... D'aawwww. He makes me wanna jump through the screen and just hug him!

    lol @ Vincent--playing for tips in the middle of no-where at that time of night? Well, maybe pregnant Kari was just driving him nuts. Lucky him, he's a daddy now... Hopefully it means he sticks around home more.

    Is it sad I don't even notice when Phillip's in his speedo or not anymore? I've gotten so used to it at this point, hahaha. ^^

    Oh, and Travis: He's a pain in the butt. That's all I have to say about that. XD

  12. Well, Penny may be flirting a bit but she didn't mean for Nick to completely cut her out. Bit harsh really.

    I did tweak James a little but he grew into that nose at long last.

    Poor Stephen, he is a worrier.

    I took the screenie of Vincent because that was so pretty. And such a useless place to play.

    Say bye bye to Phillip's underwear. That was the last of it.

    :) Travis just loves to annoy his creator.


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