Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Journal of Phillip Grant - March 24

After our visit to our first granddaughter, I took Vanessa to one of the more remote fishing spots. It's a lovely secluded spot brimming with rare fish.

"I wish Kari didn't avoid us like that," I told Vanessa.

"Phillip, I've tried talking to her. It's better that she stays outside, I don't think we'll ever get along."

Sad but true. I don't think we will ever be friends with Kari. She may love our son but she doesn't feel any need to get along with the rest of his family.

Vanessa and I really don't spend enough alone time together. At home; it's all kids, painting, writing, with the occasional romantic moment.

It's good to find such a peaceful spot. On a weekday, there's just no one here.

Vanessa was extremely happy to catch her first piranha. Me? I'm happy if I catch anything at all.

She's mastered the art of fishing, I'm so proud of her.

She's tried giving me some pointers on fishing but so far, it's not helping. Then again, I understand gardening and Vanessa has yet to plant her first seed.

We returned home and I was in a romantic mood.

"You are so beautiful, to me.
You are so beautiful, to me.
Can't you see?
You're everything I hoped for
You're everything I need"

Then it was time for the birthdays. It was the normal assortment of family, friends and the usual party crashers.

Stephen was the first to blow out the candles on his cake.

There was the usual cheering and horn blowing.

Finally he found the right moment to blow out the candles.

I wonder what the boy wished for? We've tried hard to do right by each of our children.

Then our second oldest son became a man.

I think he takes after his dad, don't you?

Once Stephen was done,  it was Abbey's turn to celebrate.

I have to admit, I thought it was a bit rude of Emerald to wait until her daughter's turn to show up to the party. Brad and Nicolas at least came for Stephen as well.

Emerald was obviously proud of her lovely girl.

Quite frankly Abbey looked a bit smug about growing up.

Abbey was smug with reason, she is a lovely girl.

Emerald and Bradley can be as proud of their daughter as they are of their boys. And I know Bradley is quite proud of all of them.

There is always a problem with parties. No matter how many tables and chairs you have already, it still takes forever to find one free when you have cake to eat.

I had hoped that with the other birthdays today, no one would notice mine.

My hopes were dashed, lots of the guests and family realised that I was having my birthday as well.

I've made it. I've joined Vanessa as an elder.

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm elder too?

Stephen went back to our bar to practice on his mixing skills.

The boy is happier handling a shaker than any other time. He's producing party drinks for our guests.

I spent some time thinking about life. It isn't every day you reach official senior citizen status.

We've had a few downs, but very few downs really. We have never been as wealthy as some of the other branches of the family but we are a very long way from poor.

Stephen and Abbey had a long and serious chat.

I can't be positive what they were talking about but I do have an idea what it might be. We'll have to see if I'm right.

Ok, enough feeling sorry for myself. It's time to get it on.

Get it on and dance with the hottest lady in the city.

After chatting to Abbey, Stephen was back at the bar.

For some reason, he was worrying over something. I'm not sure what he'd worry about. He has friends, family and a home for as long as he wants it.

Vanessa and I had no such problems. We spent the rest of the evening dancing away.

Stephen came to talk to me early the next day.


"I have a question."

"Yeah boy, time to move?"

"How did you know that?"

"It's just one of those things your dad should know."

"I need space."

"One bedroom, cheapest house in town is all I have to offer."


"The pub has been doing fine and there's time before one of your sister's needs a home."

Stephen then rang Abbey with his news.

So that's what the two of them were discussing. They were thinking about sharing a house. Well, at least it won't break their budget.

Stephen left and now we are down to the girls.

My latest painting. It's very cute. Should I sell it or give it to one of the girls? Hmm. I have to think about that.

Penny went home with yet a different boy the next day. This is Charles. It's Penny's second visit to the house, the last time was with Dustin, Charles's little brother.

Ronnie so dedicated to her homework that she fails to have any fun at the pub. Ronnie takes her work very seriously, we need to help her have more fun.

Penny takes fun very seriously and needs to be reminded of other important stuff. I hope we can get the girls to balance their lives a bit better over the next few years.


  1. Aw, all the birthdays!

    Interesting post! Vanessa and Phillip are so cute, and so in love after all these years!

    Stephen and Abbey sharing a house, hmm? Interesting!

    Oh, Penny. Another new guy!

  2. Thanks Amelia.

    Phillip is the cutest elder this Grant line has ever given me. No extreme jowls, nose or ears. So they are still a good looking couple and very very good at dancing together. :)

    Stephen and Abbey are sharing a house but they are now out of my control and can do what their little hearts desire. Also, after much mucking about, Stephen should now own that pub completely legitimately from his parents.

    Penny may be chatting to another new guy but she's only throwing wishes about Nicolas so far.

  3. One way I managed to surprise myself. While Stephen had fluffy hair, I didn't really notice how much he looked like his dad at that age. One haircut later and wow, does he ever look like his dad.

    I'm still so happy over how well Phillip aged. Such a handsome elder.

  4. I see you took my advice about the Elder turtleneck! Doesn't it help them look less... neck-flabby? XD Haha. Phillip is looking pretty good despite his age, though.

    Stephen does look a great deal like him--and honestly, much better with that haircut. Quite handsome, now. And DAMN, does Abbey look like Farah or what... It amazes me how different some genes look on guys and girls (as well as pleasantly surprises me when a grandchild looks like their great-grandparent!)

    Vanessa and Phillip are sooo cute together now that they're old. I love elder couples. :D Tis the only thing nice about have old Sims, is seeing two lovebirds that age.

    It'll be interesting to see how Stephen/Abbey work out living together... Still got two more girls to figure out what to do with yet, too. I'm guessing at this point that Penny is on her way to becoming the "heir". ;)

    Great post PiB! Nice coming home to read up about the Grants. :D

  5. Actually, Phillip has at least two elder outfits, the second isn't the turtleneck. Just a suit. He doesn't have neck flap - possibly cause he's fairly gaunt. So much so that you'll never see his legs again, they've gone toothpick.

    :) You aren't much of one for fluffy hair on a guy, are you? The new one does suit him more though.

    Abbey looks stunningly like Farah.

    Phillip and Vanessa were so adorable dancing away. They've both maxed basic dance so they do some fancy footwork.

    I haven't forced anything on Stephen and Abbey beyond sharing a one bedroom house. Next step is theirs.

    It's a tough choice between Penny and Ronnie. Penny is more the interesting handful though. :)

    Glad to fill Kaleeko's need for Grant gossip. :)

  6. BTW - to all the readers of this blog. I've put up a poll about the next generation. I make no promises about following the poll results - but you have a chance to have a say.

  7. Such a lovely post, PiB! Love the warm feeling this post had brought.

  8. Thanks MJ.

    Glad you like it. This Grant family is all about warm fuzzies I think.


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