Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Journal of Phillip Grant - March 27

Ronnie tried a bit of relaxation and nearly talked the ear off the bartender.

I believe that after a bit, he offered her a free drink just to distract her.

Penny decided to try making friends again with Nicolas. She asked him to meet at Stephen's pub for a nice long chat.

Oh, god, not again!

Apparently my daughter was not happy with just a chat. She was after him to break up with his new girlfriend.

I was at home, finally working on the garden. My poor garden gets neglected more than it gets tended.

With a little help from the gnomes, they were self appointed supervisors.

After a couple of hours, Vanessa came out. She thought it was far too late for any more gardening. My dearest wife wants me in bed, who am I to deny that request? Especially when she promises a little action before we go to sleep. Mrrrwww.

The next morning and Penny asked Nicolas over first thing.

We have to have a chat with this girl, that's for sure. It won't be fair to Nicolas if this is just to keep him in line while she goes back to flirting with every boy in school.

Nothing like some martial arts practice to work off tension. I'll need to be calm before I chat to Penny.

Ronnie went next door to chat with James.

It seems that the two of them have broken up.

They seem to have stayed friends though.

Vanessa? Do you want to have a chat to our daughter that just broke up or the one on the prowl again?

Phillip! That is a rather rude thing to say about your daughter.

Have you seen Penny intent on a boy?

Not yet dear.

Trust me on this one.

Your father wanted me to check on you. You ok after breaking up with James?

Yes Mom, I'm fine. James and I just don't get time together any more. I have school all day and he has a job in the theatre which keeps him busy most of the night.


Well, he's an adult and wants to hang out with people his age. I'm still in school and I want to hang out with a younger crowd.

So you both wanted it?

Yes, Mom, we were both ready to move on. We're still friends, he's a nice guy. But that's it, he's just another one of the nice guys I know.

I'm glad for you both then. You'll have plenty of time to meet a new boy and fall in love.

We'll see, Mom.

Penelope Grant!


Penny sounded a bit nervous but both girls do if they hear their full name.

What, exactly, are you doing with the Kane boy?

Dad, I admit that I was visiting lots of boys and flirting with most of them. But the moment I heard that Nick was dating, that's when I realised something important.

And that something important was?

I've flirted with lots of boys. It was fun but it was never serious with any of them. Only Nick makes me want to grab him in a hug and give him a proper kiss.

Pen, if you are sure he's the one, then you should let him know. But if you start flirting with all and sundry again, while keeping him on a string, you are grounded from here to the end of eternity. Or the end of the month.


My poor old heart won't be able to watch you do this much longer.

I offered to train Penny for awhile. She accepted, she does love athletics.

My children's love lives are going soap opera. We've heard through the grape vine that Vincent and Kari are fighting now. Stephen starting dating some random girl which so angered the Sim Goddess that the random girl died almost immediately. He seems to have decided that perhaps Abbey is a safer choice for him. Ronnie broke up.

Did we do something wrong? Could we have done something better? Will none of them find love and a happy life?


bonus pic

You remember Jerod and his toddler. Poor Dedric must have only had like two days of childhood and now he is a teen. Shortest childhood ever. He has a new baby brother called Alfred.


  1. Poor Stephen, one moment, he is flirting with his new romance in the graveyard. The next, she is dead. There are plenty of Sims in this town he could have picked that I would have left. But a random NPC not from one of my families, ugly and fat...sorry kiddo, you do NOT get to that one.

    He did seem to take that into account when the next message about Stephen was that he was getting serious about Abbey instead. LOL

  2. Hurray, finally got the basic family bios done. Could use more info but they are there now!

  3. Lulz, Phillip's still a horny old man. Love it.

    Oh Penny, what are we going to do with you?

    Can't help it, Ronnie's still my favorite. She's so grounded and practical.

  4. I have to agree with Amelia, like Ronnie too. But I still like all of 'em! I do hope that Penny becomes the heir, 'cause she is adorable and the PiB is obviously quite enamored with her. Tee hee.

    And she's finally settled on Nicolas, has she? 'Bout time. I'm glad she snapped out of her flirty phase. (Well, maybe. Watching Phillip flip out was totally cute. ^^)

    Also "I've flirted with lots of boys. It was fun but it was never serious with any of them. Only Nick makes me want to grab him in a hug and give him a proper kiss." LOL... Penny gets props from me just from being this blunt with her parents. XD

    I am kinda :( about Ronnie and James breaking up, but it makes sense. He's older, she's still got time to kill as a teen. If things work out, they will, if not, then no harm done. She is very grounded.

    As always, Phillip and Vanessa love is very cute. :D

  5. Oh, and the bios look great, PiB! I imagine you'll be able to add to them as time goes on, but how they are now is great. Very helpful to me, at the very least! >:D

  6. Hey Amelia.
    Phillip does have help. Vanessa invited him to bed this time. But he won't resist. :)

    Hmmm, I didn't realise that Ronnie would be the favourite. But Penny is stubborn and I adore stubborn Sims.

  7. Yes Kaleeko, I do adore Penny and she is very focused on Nick. She really has only had wants for him, never any of those about a single other boy.

    Penny is blunt and to the point. :)

    Ronnie and James broke up while I was doing a few minutes with other houses. I was a bit sad but I'm glad he has the chance to find another love. If he fails, well, Ronnie will catch up in another week.

    Glad you find the bios useful. Not that I expect you might have plans for Phillip and his family. :)

  8. Haha--well, personally, Ronnie is my fave just because I do have plans for her (^^!), which is another reason why I'd rather see you explore Penny. That way, I get to know zee whole family!

    She's really gosh darn cute, too.

    Kinda sad that everything went down while you were away, but it can also be a good kick in the pants to help steer you on a new direction. I'm sure Ronnie will find someone she can't live without. ^^

    Also, I'm glad to hear Penny was only rolling wants for Nick. Good girl. *cackle!*

  9. :) I'm glad you have plans for Ronnie. But I rather thought you had an idea for the clan since you did ask for them.

    They are both pretty girls though.

    While James was the right age, Ronnie rolled plenty of wants for him. But for now, they are good friends.

    Penny only gets Nick cause that's the only one she wants. :)

  10. Well, it'd be weird if I asked for just Ronnie when I need her at a child's age, wouldn't it? XD Besides at the time, I didn't quite have things figured out. I may find a way to work the rest of the fam in, but as of right now, that's all I got.

    They are both very cute, yes. :D

    D'aaawww. Well, hopefully Nick is still feeling the hots for her, too. XD T'would be a bummer if she lost him because of her... short lapse in judgement. Ahem. D;

  11. True, Ronnie as a child with no family would be more than a bit strange.

    As for the rest of the family, well, I know they are there. No matter what.

    Nick should be happy. Next post starts with him agreeing to be Penny's boyfriend. And Ronnie is trying with someone new.

  12. Don't worry, I like Penny too!

  13. I'm glad Amelia cause you are likely to be stuck with her.

    Especially if she does actually stay with Nick. Cause I went to a LOT of trouble to have Brad and Em married with kids the right age range move next to Phillip. I've been hoping that there would be at least one Grant/Kane marriage out of that.


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