Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - April 29 - Our Wedding (1)

Nick feels quite at home in Stephen's old room. Good computer, good bed. This also means that he sleeps upstairs by himself.

Dad's still doing the "Not Yet" thing about us even sleeping in the same room. Given there is only one double bed in the entire house, I'm not quite sure why he worries. Besides, if we really wanted to, I think we could both squeeze in the shower. Or try out the hot tub.

Nick and I have both agreed that it's time to get married, so there won't be any more objections soon.

Speaking of Dad, he and Mom still have a major thing for each other. I don't think a day goes by without some romance between them. It might only be a small kiss or a quick hug or a very long session of flirting and making out. 

I'm positive that Nick and I will last just as well. How could we fail?

Ok, from my point of view, maybe there is an age at which to stop some activities. They decided to skip wearing swimsuits in the hot tub.

While Mom and Dad were cuddling, I was well away from them practicing my board breaking skills. The master I studied with in China told me that someday, I might be able to crack rocks and not mere boards.

I am safely able to break oak boards now. Gone are the days of foam or balsa, I'm definitely improving with practice.

While downstairs, the hot tub was seeing a lot of activity.

A lot of activity.

Nick finally came home after his first day as the newest military recruit. He looks different in uniform.

Mom and Dad finally exited the hot tub. Dad went to finish his latest painting while Mom decided to try the chemistry set.

Unlike my sister, Mom didn't blow anything up.

"Penny, I'm back."

"How was your day, Nick?"

"Stressful. There were a lot of people around that I don't know and we spent all day marching in formation."

"Oh, you poor thing. I know a way to unwind. Let's dance."

It didn't take long for Nick's tension level to go back to normal.

Why are the house gnomes gathering in one corner of the yard? No one put them there.

Dad rather likes them but I think that vampire one is seriously creepy. And that they are banding together is worrisome. Can gnomes plot?

Now part of the reason I wanted to make sure that Nick was in a good mood is that today is our wedding day. The family and friends are all invited.

Now finally at last, at long last, we are off for the wedding.

I made the arrangements. I found that a little place opened up just to host weddings.
The exterior isn't that much. Apparently the landscaper hasn't had time to attend to the request yet.

But the interior has two rooms, the room for the actual ceremony and a small dance and reception room. Unlike the outside, someone put some time into decorating the interior of the building.

Isn't it gorgeous? I just love the statues, the chairs, the arch. I just love everything about it.

We arrived early for last minute preparations. Not there was actually anything to do but we had to be here to be sure of that everything was ready.


Yes Dad?

You really want to get married here?

Isn't it lovely Dad?

Do you know that the family tradition is weddings on the beach at sunset?


Your mom and I married on the beach. Your granddad Indy and grandmom Judy married on the beach. Your great grandfather Sam married your great grandfather Rachel on the beach.



I am getting married here.

If you are sure, but the beach is a beautiful place for a wedding.

Well, if Dad had his heart set on a beach wedding for us, he should have made the arrangements himself. This is my wedding and it's way late to change now.

I think once Dad got over the whole tradition thing, he had to admit the location was very romantic. He was inspired to give Mum some flowers.

While we were waiting for the guests, Ronnie, Nick and I headed for the dance floor in the other room. A dance floor and a little buffet table so guests won't starve to death during the party.

Nick and I were dancing in our formals.

It's trickier than it looks, dancing with heels and a long dress when you aren't used to it. I won't tell you how many times Nick nearly lost that hat.

Doesn't he just look so dreamy in a tux and hat? I can't believe that we are really getting married soon.

It wasn't long before the guests began to arrive.

We had invited Nick's parents, his siblings, my older brothers and a few good family friends. Plus we had gate crashers. We almost had more gate crashers then official guests. It must have been a quiet day around town.

"Nick, sweetheart, do you believe it? We are going to get married."

"Penny, love, you've only said that about 20 times today."

"Nick, I'm just so excited."

Nick decided the only way to calm my nerves, or at least make me forget things for a little while was a big smooch. I blushed when a few of the early guests applauded.

The guests all started to find a place to sit. There were plenty of plenty of places for everyone.

Poor Abbey, she hasn't lost the weight she gained after Marshall's birth. She still totally looks pregnant.

We were waiting for everyone to settle before starting the main event.

I'm excited and sooo nervous. Will Nick suddenly change his mind? Will a guest make trouble? Will this be the best day of my entire life?

Bonus pic

Umm, boys, Penny does not need two Kanes for the price of one here. I like James's suit but running shoes? Honestly.

Technical note, it is true that this is the first wedding in this blog not to take place on the beach. Sam, Indy and Phillip all had beach weddings.


  1. She seriously looks so gorgeous in that dress. Giggled at the thought of they could have done it in the shower.

    Whoa, what happened there? Gnome attack? So cute! and that Bear Gnome raised its hands- surrendering I guess. Cool!

    The wedding set is so beautiful Awww... Phillip and Vanessa are so romantic...

  2. They better get married soon ;)

  3. Hi MJ,

    Yes, Penny is looking fantastic in her dress and that hair.

    They were good at home but there were options beyond a bed. :)

    I have no idea why the gnomes grouped up like that. The bear gnome does the hands in air thing all the time though.

    I'm glad you like the wedding set. I spent a bit of time setting it up just so. :)

    Thanks MJ

  4. The next post shouldn't take too long, the pics are already there. I just needed to break it to two or it would have been *forever* before I'd finish it. :)

  5. "Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married..."

    The actual ceremony and reception will be fun to see. It looks like a lot of their guest do a more casual formal look. But, I bet Penny and Nick could care less, they only have eyes for each other.

    The memory of the day will wipe out any images of her elderly parents skinny dipping and more in the hot tub.

    Nice job with the wedding building, PiB!

  6. That song is likely to be stuck in my head all day! :)

    I let the guest clothes alone because I really didn't want the game to crash in the middle of the wedding. So instead, after everyone got home and I wanted to quit, I got an error 12 and couldn't save. Wedding 2 didn't have that problem.

    Penny and Nick were pretty happy about everything. And I did think my wedding building came out cute.

    Thanks Chrysame!

  7. Looking forward to seeing the wedding and I love the chapel.

    *laughing* I was just imagining what my kids would have to say if they heard my husband and I were in a hot tub in our birthday suits and doing the woohoo in it.

  8. Great update. Penny has become a gorgeous young adult. I think mom and dad just woohooed in the tub to keep Penny out of it ;) If the sim you mention really does have a pregnant body I have the fix for that. It's a Generations glitch. Takes time but Judy hasn't shown signs of post pregnancy baby bump in a while. You can find me in chat.

  9. Nick playing computer chess half naked... off to a good start.

    Oh man, Phillip and Vanessa... They're always going to be my favoriteeeee. Skinny dipping in a hot tub after all these years. *tears up* They make me believe in Sims-marriage.

    Still keeping up with the martial arts! Love it.

    Oh myyyy, hot tub antics.

    The lab set, eh? Curious to see if either Phillip or Vanessa discovers the young again thing.

    Eeeep it's a house gnome revolution! XD That's either really cute or really creepy.


    Looking forward to their wedding!

  10. @Dee thanks for stopping by. Glad you looking forward to the wedding.

    LOL tried to imagine what Penny would say and couldn't think of anything that was right. It would be interesting.

    @Rae, it's so nice that you think Penny is gorgeous. Since Abbey was looking pregnant, I made her preggy again. We'll see if she needs fixing after this one. Thanks for the comments Rae.

  11. @Amelia - poor Nick, boys in my houses never get to wear much at home. He is ours now...

    Phillip and Vanessa, just so sweet since they got together as teens. Skinny dipping and more in the hot tub.

    Penny's life want is martial arts master, you'll see lots of it.

    I don't think they will discover the young again potion.

    Glad you like the wedding venue. I built it myself! But since Nick is living with Penny, there wasn't much chance to keep them from seeing each other all day. :)

  12. The wedding venue looks lovely and so did the bride. Looking forward to seeing more.

  13. Waaaaah, wedding daaaaaaaaay~!

    I had to laugh at how Penny was hiding on the other side of the house from her parents in the hot tub. Girl, I can't blame you. I wouldn't want to see my parents naked and woohooing, either. ... *shudder*

    And at last, the day they've all been waiting for!! Aaww... Everyone's looking so beautiful--even Abby, who I shall not blame for not losing her baby weight. Just keep it on for the next one, girl! LOL

    Teeehehe--Nick does look oddly adorable in that top hat, but think Penny really takes the cake on looks. Very gorgeous. <33

    Off to the finish~!

  14. @mikezumi - thanks!

    @kaleeko Yep, Penny was well and truly away from the hot tub cause naked parents == somewhat scary. Naked parents and woohoo == very scary.

    Well, we've been waiting for a wedding day for a very long time. A few of the guest formals could have been nicer but I didn't want to tempt the game to crash and style them all. :) Poor Abbey, if baby 2 doesn't fix her, there are a few more things to try.

    Nick did look darned cute in that top hat. And Penny, well, I never expected a gen 4 child to look nearly as lovely as Penny.


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