Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - April 27

Dad heard that Nick's new career, the military, required athletic skills. Since Dad's been honing his skills since the dawn of time

Penny, not quite that long.

Since nearly the dawn of time, he offered to train Nick.

Ronnie was off to meet a friend. She's dressed for my party which starts in a couple of hours so she doesn't have to change later.

While Dad and Nick contemplated the treadmill, I practiced a bit of board breaking.

This bachelorette party thing made me a little nervous, breaking stuff is one way to relieve a bit of tension.

This was a huge part of the reason that I felt nervous. The girls *insisted* that this was the only outfit that would do for this party.

I'm not so sure, I feel like I'm only wearing half a dress and this silly little hat is going to blow off at any moment.

This is one of the Hunter girls. Poor girl, she's such a klutz that she spends half her life tripping over her own feet.

I decided to ask Abbey to do the speech. We aren't as close as we were a couple of years ago, we haven't seen much of each other lately. Abbey recently did go ahead and marry Stephen. Mom and Dad were thrilled to find out there was going to be another grandchild soon though.

I would have asked Ronnie but I think she decided to bail on the party. Just the idea of being around so many people she doesn't know well would put her in wallflower mode. I hope she's having a good time with her friend.

I have no idea why my oldest brother Vincent turned up. I think he's keeping an eye on things to make sure it doesn't get too wild.

Abbey gave a lovely speech. It was full of nice things about married life, about her little brother Nick, and about me.

It makes me regret that we lost touch a bit when she and Stephen moved across town. It's not like it's the other end of the universe. Abbey and I should both make more of an effort.

Apparently the same isn't true of Vincent. Kari is now his ex-wife. Their relationship has slowly been tearing itself to pieces since their daughter Miriam was born.

This guy turned up saying that there were complaints about a lame party. I didn't know that there was about to be some entertainment. Since someone went to the effort of ordering a dancer, let's see how he stacks up.

I think if I'm ever the one to order a dancer for one of these parties, I'll ask cousin Jerod to do it. He has way better moves then this guy.

Actually, even my brothers have better moves. And it's not like either of them are party lovers like Jerod.


"Yes Nick?"

"I bought you some roses."

"Aww, that was sweet Nick."

"And I love that dress."

"This dress? But it's so short."

"That's what I love about it. The dress is very sexy. You have lovely legs. But it's hard to tell with your normal outfit."

Nick decided to show his appreciation for the outfit in a very tangible way.

I must say, I should consider wearing a dress a little more often if it fires him up every time. We'll see.

Ronnie has been flirting with this new guy in town. His name is Eddie Starr, and he's part of our local music scene.

In fact, it was a night where love was in the air. Mom and Dad were as affectionate as ever. Ronnie was working up the courage to show Eddie how she felt.

Nick spent ages flirting with me. I definitely need to think about adding a little something permanently to the wardrobe.

Ronnie did finally work up the courage to kiss Eddie.

They both seemed pretty happy about it.

The next day, Nick decided to take me to the Military Centre, his new place of employment. He starts work tomorrow, this is his last day as a civilian.

We headed off on one of the official tours. Then Nick pulled me into a small room and well... Let's just say that activity wasn't on the tour. It was a lot of fun though.


"Nick, that wasn't you that caused the alert?"

"Umm, maybe."

"Civvies aren't allowed in that area."

"I start work here tomorrow as a recruit!"

"Worse, Nicolas. New recruits aren't supposed to be anywhere near that part of the base."

"All right, Mom, chill. I get the picture."

"You'll get more than a picture if you pull a stunt like that again."

"You can't ground me, I'm grown."

"If you are a recruit, there's much better than grounding." There was a glint in her eyes reinforcing the message.

Nick went a bit quiet and his mom left.

Ronnie is still hanging around Eddie quite a bit. Ronnie told me last night, she's not sure if he's the one. He's a great kisser and fun to be around, while she's thinking about it.

Nick is the one for me. There hasn't been a question about it for me for the longest time now.

Dad went to visit Stephen and Abbey.

Actually, he really went to meet his first grandson, Marshall, but he did have to speak to Stephen for a few minutes before seeing the baby.

Then Dad got his wish and met Marshall Grant.

Dad told me later that there wasn't a cuter baby in all of Sunset Valley.

I think Dad could be slightly prejudice though.

Nick and I went to visit his parents. The whole move to our place was a bit sudden, and phone calls don't make a lot of sense when we can just walk next door.

Fortunately, his mom seems to have gotten over our little extra special tour of the base.

I was glad of that because while Nick chatted to his dad, I had something I wanted to ask his mom.

"Um, Mrs Kane?"

"Call me Emerald, dear."

"Ok." I'm not used to this whole being an adult thing. "Well, I'd like to ask you if it's all right with you that I marry Nicolas."

"Yes dear. You have our blessing to marry Nick. Brad and I have been expecting wedding invitations any day now."

Ronnie decided to try the new chemistry set. Unfortunately her first attempts at finding a new potion were less then fruitful.

Since Dad was visiting Stephen and Marshall, Mom decided to visit Vincent and Miriam.

Miriam recently started school.

Mom spent a few hours tutoring Miriam about homework.


Eddie Starr is from the Exchange - created by Mikezumi. 

I grew tired of Stephen and Abbey living together, getting on well and never going further. So they were MasterControlled to marriage and a pregnancy.

I also got tired of the regular reports of Vincent and Kari fighting and drifting apart. So they are officially divorced, it's only a matter of time before that would have happened anyway.

My girls at breakfast. Not too many more days of this before I break up the household.

You do have to be careful with Nick. Otherwise he'll look too like his dad/granddad.

No question Nicolas is a Kane of Jeb's lineage. No question at all.

We had two dancers with identical names. The one in a uniform - well, I tried to buff him up a bit and that ruined his dance costume, which couldn't be replace. Stupid game.

A better look at little Miriam Grant - Vincent and Kari's only child. She picked the glasses and the dress. I picked a cuter hair style.

This is Troy Grant Hill - son of Elmer and Jeffrey Grant Hill. Elmer is one of the three children of Eric Grant (Phillip's older brother) and Elmer's older sibling is Jerod the Shrimp. Red hair, blue skin - an interesting looking lad.

Not long after this, he grew to teen and soon after that, he's been seen romancing a boy. Guess he takes after his dads in many ways.

Penny was kind enough to demonstrate why you cannot allow a Sim to select any outfits on their own. This is supposedly her swimwear.

Nick is distressed because they were going to try woohoo in the hot tub but it broke.

Both delusional? No, they are talking to an invisible Emerald. Fortunately changing her outfit to every day made Em reappear.


  1. This is cool Pib. Can you imagine having a shower and being made to wear a certain outfit and that hat? She does look good in the dress. I still haven't gotten around to a bachelorette or bachelor party. I too have been discovering a lot of sims wearing those boots as swimwear. I'm about ready to delete them like I did those stupid flippers.

  2. Hey Dee!

    I've had one bachelor party - Sam's outfit wasn't too odd and now this bachelorette party - poor Penny wasn't ready for that dress. Not that she looks bad in it but she normally wear that adventurer get up which hides way more.

    I like having the boots around, but only when they are wearing a more piratey outfit. No boots when swimming (or athletic or sleeping LOL)

    Thanks for the comments Dee.

  3. Looks like you got Generations! ^.^
    Sounds like I'm loving it just as much as you. ;D
    All of the kiddos in your game are always so adorable. :-o

  4. Hey Drew,

    Yep, got Generations and still exploring it. It's great isn't it?

    Aww, thanks for the comments about my kiddos. I love them all, even the ones that aren't quite as adorable.

  5. I'm with Penny, the party dress and hat aren't ideal. Nick is right, though, she has excellent pins.

    Ronnie has a boy toy! YAYYYY!!!

    Nick upset about no hot tub woohoo is hilarious. Try the tree house, Nick, just watch for splinters.

    I have yet to be impressed with the male dancers. Where are the manly men dancers?

    Fun update!

  6. I keep going back to look at the pics. Poor Ronnie's accident at the chemical lab, Nick inability to deny the Kane genetics, meeting the parents and living right next to them (yikes!).

    Lots of kissing, hugging, snuggling and all type of love going on in the Grant house.

    What house in Sunset did Nick and Penny move into, PiB?

  7. Chrysame! Poor Penny, she doesn't do dresses normally. And that one is a bit ... tiny. :)

    Ronnie has someone to play with. I have no idea if they will last once I leave them alone.

    Nick can't try the treehouse. The Grants don't have one (yet). Poor baby.

    The male dancers either need to be more buff or more covered up. Seriously Shrimp would be a better choice, even if he's a skinny thing.

    Glad you like the update.

  8. Buff up those dancers! And dancer named Lex Dance had better be hot, built and dance like a maniac. Then, he should stick around the party, zero in on the hotties with the most money and make their moves.

    Fun for all!!

  9. Back already? :)

    Ronnie wasn't to stressed about the accident. She went off to play computer games, I had to send her to the shower to clean up.

    Hopefully Nick's final look isn't too Brad or Jeb clone-ish looking. :)

    Brad and Em have lived next door to Phillip and co since they moved into the hood. Penny and Nick still live there, they move *after* the wedding. So post wedding, Penny and Nick can move to the other side of town and leave both sets of parents behind. LOL

  10. Good plan with Lex Dance Chrysame! I like it.

    Too bad the real ones aren't so interesting or buff. Sheesh.

  11. Storms have been rolling though our area. Now it's a quiet time so I can fire up the laptop and chat.

    Get the treehouse for shaking baking among the leaves.

    Now the wedding. This should be very fun.

  12. Well, the wedding will happen soon but Sammy is calling me. He wants to point out that not everyone did the sneak peek at Charlie and those pics have been waiting a week to be posted.

    I hope you don't object too much to Sam. :)

  13. I looked at them, Sam!! And I made a new edgy chica for you in game. One you liked so much you married and had a son. So, no objections!

  14. I know you went and looked at them. :) And that you still love Sam, but possibly not quite as much as Thomas. Which is fine, Thomas is *way* easier to get on with.

    I'm thinking that sometime, I really need to challenge Sam. Maybe a house full of females that are beautiful in looks but the worst personalities we can concoct. The Bachelor vs the Witches.

  15. As Thomas was the first sim I downloaded off the exchange, he'll always be special plus look at the babies he had with Marta? Good looking kids and all very unique. As Marta once told Thomas, "Our girls are individual fruit pies."

    Might be fun to do that challenge the other way as well. A sassy bachelorette surounded by a bunch o' jerky guys.

  16. Also, I'm interested in a sim based on Det. Goran on Law and Order Criminal Intent. Goran is played by Vincent D'Onofrio. I'm more interested in his look early on in the season or mid season. Anyone know of such a sim?

  17. That's right. I posted him in a "I hate Ginger Males" thread. I mean, come on, how can you hate a face like his? :) And yes, his babies with Marta were lovely (umm, did you post baby 4 yet, the one they had while you played with Tulip?)

    Sassy bachelorette - that has Chrysame written all over it.

  18. Hi, Pib! I spent most of the night reading all 2+ years of your blog. Thoroughly enjoyed every moment! Can't wait to see Nick and Penny's children.

  19. Colour me impressed Dreamsong! It definitely takes a while to read the entire family history.

    Thanks for leaving a comment and hope you'll be stopping by from time to time.

  20. I'll definitely be back! I even added a link to your blog on my page. I just started blogging--my very first story. It has added an interesting new dimension to my game play, and it is keeping me committed to playing out my sims when they glitchy or crash. I used to just delete, but that is hard to do when you know you have people reading a story about them. Gotta find a way to just keep going.

  21. I really like this. I just finished up reading all of it. I wasn't going to since it was long but I liked the other shorter stories you've done. And I did watch an Indiana Jones marathon that I had to read yours.

  22. Teehehehe--Penny's outfit is definitely awesome, I can see why it got Nick going. And yeah--his new look is great. I can see the resemblance, but no longer appears to be a clone! *giggle*

    Tis cute seeing what's going on with the rest of the fam; sad to hear that Vincent and Kari got divorced, but all things considered, it's probably for the best. Seeing Stephen and vin's kids is sweet, though--they're already so big!! Penny and Ronnie, you guys have a lot of work to do~

  23. Yes, I think Nick may be angling for Penny to add a short dress to her wardrobe. :) As for Nick, the new look mostly works...until he dresses for work and his hair goes recruit short... LOL Best laid plans of mice and Simmers.

    Of course they track what everyone's up to. They are family after all. :) Vince and Kari are still living together- I moved her out once but that was a game crash time. Miriam really is growing - baby Marshall, not so much yet.

    Ronnie and Penny do have some work to do. And I have a major update to prepare for them.

    Thanks so much for coming by. I do think of Brad and Em's kids as partly yours, so it makes me happy that you check them out from time to time.

    Just think, my Brad and Em are officially empty nesters. With grandchild.


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