Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - May 11 - Buddy meets his grandparents

A new day dawns, and I'm finally feeling a bit more like myself. It was time to properly greet our new son. Last night, with all the fuss and bother, well, getting some sleep was all that was on my mind.

So I did the morning baby tending.

While Nick invited the grandparents over to see their newest grandchild. Of course, my parents are old hands at the grandparent business, since Vincent's daughter is nearly a teen.

Stephen and Abbey have two boys, so Buddy isn't anyone's first grandson either.

Still, we're excited and happy and I'm sure our folks will be thrilled to see their tribe of grandchildren growing.

"Good morning, snookums. I hope it's going to be a big day today and you get to say hi to all your grandparents."

It was a Saturday and luckily, not one of the 'rents had made other plans. It's entirely possible that they already had plans to see the new grandchild, which could explain the speed at which they've all turned up on our doorstep.

Still I was very happy they could all make it. It seems like every time we try, at least one of our parents doesn't come at all or leaves immediately.

"I have a little something for you, Nick."

"What is it?"

"You'll find out when you open the box. I hope you and Penny enjoy."

"Hey, Mr Mayor."

"Penny, I thought I told you, it's just Brad."

"Sorry Brad. I was trying to make a joke." I sighed. "No one ever gets them."

Brad leaned close to me. "I know. I have the same problem. No one ever gets my sense of humour either." I almost gave him a hug for that confession.

"Mom, meet Buddy, your newest grandson. Buddy, this is your granny."

"He's lovely, Penny. How are you holding up?"

"Well, I could use some more sleep."

"At least you only had one. You really forget what sleep is if you have twins."

"Umm, should I be sorry about that?"

"Not really dear, it wasn't your fault that we had twins. But why on earth did you and  Nick have a baby so soon?"

"We didn't really intend on starting a family. It's just that we weren't being terribly careful."

"And Buddy was the result. How does Nick like being a daddy?"

"He's working on it but the baby frightens him. I guess he's worried that he'll be too rough, or forget to feed him. We're still learning."

"It never ends dear, until they leave home."

"So Penny, this is?"

"Buddy, meet your other grandmom." Buddy cooed happily on queue.

"Such a handsome little baby. I hope he isn't nearly the handful his dad was."


"Nick, you were the fussiest baby ever. And no better as a toddler, I might add."

God, if my parents and Nick's parents start exchanging stories, we are so out of here. I really don't want to listen to all the stories about what we did as babies/toddlers.

"Well, Nick, how are you finding married life?"

"It's been pretty amazing so far, Dad. How's having an empty nest?"

"The joys of peaceful living. It had been so long ago that I'd forgotten what it was like, just your Mom and me. Makes me wish you kids had long since gone."


"Joking, Nicholas. We might think about taking a smaller place now though. Your mother gets a bit sad wandering through your rooms."

"Dad, this is Buddy. Your newest grandson."

"So how are you both?"

"Like I told Mom, I still pretty tired. But Buddy is holding out well, I think he likes having so many faces to see."

"Did we ever tell you about the time that you and your sister..."


He grinned mischievously. "Gottcha. The worst the two of you did as babies was wake each other up. Your mother and I did have a few bad nights until you slept at the same time reliably." Dad tickled the baby for a few minutes and wandered off.

Thank heavens that's over. I was starting to think that my arm would fall at any moment. The baby has met his grandparents and everyone survived the encounter.

I noticed that Mom and Dad still get flirty when they think no one is paying attention.

It's so sweet that they love each other so much.

"Hey there, Buddy. Having a good time being the centre of the universe today?"

Nick gave Buddy his bottle. "You've had an awfully big day. It's time to put you in a crib."

Our parents actually spent the entire day at our place. Dad and Em danced up a storm together.

Then I convinced Dad to spar for a little. I won both matches but the margin was very small. Dad really hasn't lost his fighting skills with age.

It was finally time to send them all home and Nick decided to open the box from my Dad.


"Yes Nick?"

"You won't believe what was in that box your father gave me."

"What was it?"

"Umm, a cave man outfit. What the hell?"

I had to laugh. "Dad found it exploring a tunnel one time. He would do cave man for mom from time to time. It was a long time ago now but I think she found it very sexy."


"Might be fun to try, Nick."

Bonus pic
No Sim can resist the lure of the water slide. They all adore it. So Brad takes some time out to play on the slide while everyone else is socialising.


  1. Yep. Phillip had to give it up when he reached elder but Nick can use that outfit, it is unlocked for him. And the special hair too. It's cute, in a silly way.

  2. Loving the bowler hat on Penny, first off, I really like it.

    Secondly, that poor bby, so many visitors! Hope he likes people.

    Also- loved the interaction between Penny and Brad, no one ever goes into detail about the "no sense of humor" trait!

    Haha, a cave man outfit for roleplaying XD AWKWARD.

  3. Hey Amelia

    I have had my eye on hats, Chrysame has a point that the one hides her face. Then I realised that most either look really silly or hide face or both. The bowler from the August set, that one works. :)

    :) Just the grandparents, at least the baby didn't have to put up with aunts/uncles/cousins yet.

    Penny and Brad do share no sense of humour. It's kind of nice they have something to bond over.

    Admitting you have just been handed a cave man suit for roleplay - awkward. Actually using it? could be fun.

  4. Wonderful update.

    Again, I love the family closeness in this update.

    Phillip and Vanessa love each other so much. I love to see them.

    Nick was certainly being a good daddy...and lol @ Brad "Makes me wish you kids had long since gone." I don't know why but I think the dialogue was quite suitable for sitcom :) I laughed when I read it, especially when he talked with a serious face.

  5. Thanks MJ

    This family is pretty happy with who they are and where they are in life.

    I am going to miss Phillip so much when the reaper takes him away. He and Vanessa have been such a couple for so long.

    Nick wasn't quite as good as I'd have liked. His son needed a bottle and Nick was going to put him in the crib *without* a feed first. But he'll probably get the hang of it sometime.

    It is odd thinking of Phillip and Vanessa, Brad and Em as empty nesters. They would be finding their homes large and quiet now.

    Glad you had fun MJ

  6. " No one ever gets my sense of humour either." I almost gave him a hug for that confession. -- D'aawww! This is so sweet. x_x

    lol at Vanessa--she sure is being blunt with Penny, isn't she? Definitely hasn't grown out of being a mother, that's for sure. ;)

    All four of them seem to be enjoying being grandparents, though! So very cute, swapping baby stories... for everyone except Penny and Nick, anyways! I'm surprised that Brad and Em are still adults, though! At least that means they'll be around for a while yet!

    LOL at the caveman outfit. Seriously. Wow. XDD That is really too hilarious!

    *snickers* I've yet to play with the waterslide yet, but everyone does seem to drift towards it in your stories! Must be super fun. ^-^

  7. Hey Kaleeko, yep, a bonding moment between Penny and her father-in-law.

    Vanessa can say her mind these days. She likes to take advantage. :)

    I liked that I did get all four grandparents over for an entire day of hanging out. It was nice, even if I couldn't lure a single one of them to pick up the baby - we put Buddy down and made him hungry. Not one of them picked him up. :(

    I think Brad and Em got aged backwards a bit during that time when they being tossed from game to game to get them to the right stage to move here. They are pretty nearly elder though.

    The caveman outfit was unlocked by Phillip so it's always part of the male wardrobe now. Nick getting it as a gift just gives us an excuse to pull it out someday.

    Yeah, the water slide is hugely popular. :) Even Sam plays and he's not usually the type that plays anything without encouragement.


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