Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - May 9 - Prepare for incoming baby

I don't know what I'd do without Nick here. He's been as attentive and helpful as any pregnant girl could want.
"How's that?"

"Just a little lower Nick."

"Are you sure  everything's ok?"

"I promise, Nick. I'm not that fragile. Maybe fat and slow moving but not fragile."


"Perfect Nick. I feel much better." Well, for a little while. I don't know if my back is ever going to be the same.

Since it was my turn to cook, Nick decided to try out the water slide that came with the house.

It does look like fun but I'm not sure I should try it myself until after this baby arrives. Jumping around would probably not be the wisest thing that I ever did in my life.

"Nick, dear."

"Yes Penny?"

"I've invited a few people over."

"I thought it was my turn to do the inviting?"

"Well, I really wanted my Mom here. There are times when a girl needs their mom, and this baby isn't going to wait much longer."

"That close? Already?" Nick looked worried.

"I hope so. Hauling this baby around means it's getting to be quite the workout just walking through the house."

I didn't invite many at all. Ronnie and her boyfriend, Vincent,  and my parents. Stephen told me on the phone that it was his night to watch the baby. And Dad said he couldn't make it, he had a few things he had to do.

Ronnie and her boyfriend Eddie were the first and third people to arrive. The second to arrive was Hayley. Again.

I found out that she's living next door. No wonder she knows when we invite anyone over. It's still annoying to have Nick's ex around for every party.

"Ronnie, do you think you could convince Eddie that you both should move in with Mom and Dad?" I whispered to my sister while her guy was distracted.

"Eddie really wants his own space."

"You guys could have the whole upper floor to yourselves. I'm sure that Mom and Dad would spring for renovations for you."

"If you care, why don't you move back?"

I thought for a couple of minutes. My parents and Nick's parents both have mostly empty homes these days. And it's good to think that if something bad happened, we have a place to turn to. Still, Ronnie has a point. She and Eddie may have a small place, however it is their own. "Well, I'm just worried about them."

"I do know what you mean there." We both looked at Mom, still upright and alert but she's looking frail.

"Hi Mom. Where's Daddy?"

"Your father had a couple of commissioned photographs he wanted to deliver today. One was a set for the business centre and they promised to pay well."

"I'm glad you could come. I think the baby is nearly ready to pop out and I was hoping you might stay."

"I can stay tonight, after I call your father. But really, your dad is lost without me. I would hate to leave him to his own devices for too long."

"That's ok Mom. You are right about Dad, he doesn't know what to do without you." Dad would deny it but he can get a bit mopey if Mom is out all day fishing. Gone for more than a day? I'm not sure he'll cope.

Vincent did come but he spent more time practicing on the keyboard then he did socialising. Not that I'll complain about his music, he is quite accomplished on keyboards and guitar.

Still, you would hope your big brother would talk to you a little at a party before setting up the keyboard.

Nick and Ronnie are finally getting to be true friends. It's a big relief for me, I don't want to shut Ronnie out of my life just because of Nick. And Nick is just so uncomfortable around people he doesn't know well.

Nick even surprised Ronnie with a little gift.

Mom on the other hand, wasn't keen on taking a present from Nick. You'd think he'd booby-trapped it from her expression. And now Nick's even more nervous about Mom since she doesn't trust his gifts.

Still, they are family now, and they are trying to get along for my sake. It's just taking a lot longer than I would have hoped.

I may be pregnant but I still have the moves. I want to go forth and kick tushie. Or maybe do some training.

Perhaps Dad will give me his block breaker equipment. Maybe - what -

that move was a seriously bad idea. Ouch, that hurts.

Oh God, that really hurts. Now? It's time now?

Deep breath, deep breath. Stay calm, panicking now is not going to help anyone.

"No, no, what do I do? What do I do?" Great, Nick's going to do the panicking for both of us.

"Nick, stop mucking about and call a taxi. We need to get to the hospital and fast. I want some painkillers and I want them now."

"What do I do?"

"Honestly, Nick, call the taxi."

Fortunately, Mom called the taxi company and one arrived within a few minutes.

It had to be the longest cab ride of my life. Or maybe the shortest. I was worried about the baby, about giving birth in the cab, whether Nick was going to stop freaking out.

My phone beeped. Mom texted me that she was going home and I was to ring them as soon as I could after the baby was born.

It wasn't a long labor at all. It barely felt like I had gotten to the hospital when they handed me a baby in a blue blanket.

I walked out the door to find Nick still dithering outside. "Where have you been mister?"

"I tried to follow you in, but there were several people I didn't know and I just couldn't force myself to go past them. I'm sorry sweetheart."

"Well," I was thinking about scolding Nick more when I looked at his face. He was obviously genuinely sorry that he hadn't made it inside the building. "I have someone for you to meet. Nick, here's our son."

Nick suddenly focused on the baby. "A son? Did you give him a name?"

"Well, Nick, I thought you had. You kept calling him bud every time you talked to my tummy. So meet your little bud, Buddy."

"My little Buddy."

"Our little Buddy."

The ride home was much quicker than the ride to the hospital. We were back in record time.

I could hardly wait to crash myself. First stop, the new baby had to be tucked into his crib for the very first time.

"Night, night Buddy. Welcome home."

I would like to say that Nick happily volunteered to take the first baby duty shift. It would be a bit of a lie though.

"Penny, the baby is crying."

"Could you go, Nick?"

"Penny?" A not very gentle shove was all the answer he got.

Once Nick was up, he was happy to play with Buddy for awhile.

I'm sure the pair of them really will be buddies quickly.

A package arrived containing a strange doll for Buddy.

Hmm, the card says it was sent by Great Aunt Eunice. I'm positive that there is no one in family called Eunice. Who really sent it?


Nick doesn't show off his evil trait often. But for whatever reason, he did while waiting to enter the hospital. I'm glad he happened to get evil though. Just like his granddaddy, Jeb.


  1. I have a friend named Eunice...maybe she sent the creepy doll :P (I call all IFs creepers hehe)

  2. The IFs are pretty creepy. I don't know whether any more of my Sims will ever play with them enough to make them live.

  3. Welcome Buddy? I love boy babies as you know ;-) Great to see my Eddie is still in your game.

  4. oops - not meant to be a question mark after Buddy. "!"

  5. Thanks Mikezumi. I know you love boys - lots of them and cute. :)

    Eddie and Ronnie are living together so it seems likely you will see more of him. We'll have to wait to find out if they decide to go permanent.

  6. Awww welcome to the Sim world, Buddy! Cute name, cute baby! Curious developments on the Ronnie side- I miss seeing her!

  7. Evil Nick. lol I love how you forced him to take care of the baby.

  8. @amelia - I'm dying to see Buddy's genetics. Who is he going to look like. :) As for Ronnie, well, feel free to steal her for your game.

  9. Hey Rae, Nick wasn't as exhausted as Penny so he had to do baby stuff.

    Thanks for the note.

  10. Nick looked so much like Jeb in the last picture.

    I love Penny's appearance in her formal outfit.

    I still love her with a hat.

    Hehehe... I laughed when I read that Vanessa didn't trust a gift from Nick. I would have been too if I were her ;)

    Oh, that ex- stalker! Coming uninvited, but Penny should feel relieved that Nick now only has eyes for her. Just take a look again at him in the first pictures ;)

  11. Nick is a dead ringer for his daddy Brad who is a ringer for Jeb. Two of the three children of Brad in this game are very much Kanes.

    Penny will keep a hat. The fans have spoken and at last check 100% were for the hat.

    Vanessa and Nick don't have long to become friends. I think she's 5 days from the end of elder - though the Reaper may or may not be prompt about that.

    Penny doesn't really have to worry about Hayley and if Hayley comes to another couple of parties, they may actually become friends. LOL

  12. Tee hee hee! Nick's got a little buddy named Buddy. ^-^ So cute!

    I'm glad that the Grants seem to be warming up to Nick, if slowly... I can't really blame them, though--he's got an odd set of traits that probably doesn't make him the most appealing choice for Penny. But Penny knows what's best for Penny! And she definitely seems very, very happy with it. :)

    I got a kick out of the shot of her doing the martial arts idle with a big belly. ;D Yes Penny. You sure can move!

    I'm glad he got the evil trait too--but that just may be because I have a serious soft spot for sims that do... hehe!

    Cute chappy, PiB. <3

  13. Indeed, Nick gave his baby the name Buddy, whether or not that's what he meant.

    Nick and the other Grants - they are all working at those relationships. Except probably Phillip, he's a social butterfly who gets on with everyone. At least Nick is friends with Veronica, so Penny can have her twin over.

    I thought it was pretty funny that Penny did the martial arts move approximately three seconds before the baby was due.

    I'm glad Nick got evil as well. It seems very appropriate for a Kane for some reason. LOL

    Glad you enjoyed.


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