Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - May 18 - Buddy's Birthday

While we did have a great time on our little trip away, coming home was splendid as well. Our little Buddy is here and he is a very special baby. My first thought after putting down the bags was to go check on our little man.

The sitter had been taking proper care of Buddy. He was clean, dry, and cooing contentedly when I picked him up.

"Say there, Buddy. Were you holding down the fort while Mommy and Daddy went away?"

His little hand touched my lips. I gave it a kiss and tucked Buddy back into the crib.

Nick was doing some stretching warm ups after that long flight.

"Hey Nick, I have a better idea for getting the blood circulating again."

"What's that?"

"Let's spar. That should do a lot for overcoming the jet lag."

Given that Nick has only just started learning Sim Fu during our holiday, he has picked up a lot of skill.

He is very quick on his feet as well. The first round was all his.

After that first round, it was all mine.

"Honey, are you cross that I doubted you?" He ruefully rubbed where my final kick had landed.

"Well, a little, Nick. I do take martial arts seriously and it's not nice to doubt that."

As his way of making up, Nick took on baby care the rest of the afternoon while I had a lovely time doing a few things like catching up with my parents.

I also dropped by a party I had been invited to. No one but the host was there and when I left he blamed me for his lame party. Sheesh, a few guests and something to do would have improved it.

"Penny, my love, I have something to ask you."

"What is it, Nick?"

"Well, umm, how would you like another baby?"

"Really Nick? I wasn't even sure if you love Buddy."

"I do, I just worry that I'm going to get it wrong some time. So why not have another baby now? It will extend your maternity leave. You'll have more time to practice Sim Fu at home. And I think a little girl would be a wonderful thing."

Ok, so Nick and I didn't try for a baby that night, but we weren't exactly careful either. Which is how Buddy came into our lives.

The next day, things were pretty normal. Nick headed off to work. I went to practice board breaking after I had made arrangement for a party in the afternoon.

Of course, it was a very important party. Our boy was going to celebrate his birthday.

"Honey, I have great news. I've been promoted."

"Nick, that is great news. About time they recognised your talents at the base."

"Now I can kick back and relax."

"Not yet. Did you forget that it's Buddy's birthday today? The guests will be arriving any time."

"Guests? Penny!"

"Just a few of the family. Your parents, my parents, Stephen, Abbey and Ronnie."

"That should be ok, I guess."

It wasn't long until our guests arrived. Well, most of them. Daddy didn't arrive with Mom, and Em didn't arrive with Brad.

Nick is still working on his relationship with Mom.

And I spent some time getting to know my brother Stephen better.

"I'll make a wish for you, Buddy. I wish for you to be just as handsome as your daddy."

Buddy hiccuped an agreement with that wish. So we leaned over to blow out the candles.

So, did Buddy and I get our wish? Well, it's a little hard to tell though he has his daddy's hair and eye colour.

I'd forgotten he'd got that rather odd doll when he was born. It's nice he found something to play with while the adults had cake. It seems a bit mean to have a party and cake and the main participant is a bit too young for it all. But he's content with his toys.

Buddy's Aunt Abbey was the first to notice he was all tired out from his big day.

So she took him inside and put him in the crib.

Of course, Abbey and Stephen are used to handling boys. Their oldest, Marshall, is about to start school. Shane is only a little older then Buddy. Abbey and I should arrange for the two of them to have a few play dates.

Bonus pics

Penny was having a very off day when it came to sparring. Nick actually won two sparring bouts against her even though she is 2 belts above him. Then she visited her dad and Phillip also won.

Only in Sims is so much butt wiggling required to blow a horn. It's definitely a bit rude from certain angles.

It's sparkly birthday time.

Buddy Grant has a thing for bright clothes.

I'm going to lay the blame for that nose profile on Nick and the Kane family because I haven't seen that nose on a Grant before.


  1. I will never really understand the Martial Arts system for sims lol. Someone who is level 10 should totally kill a level 4 but 50% of the time the lvl 4 dude wins! :P

    I think Buddy lost his

  2. Agreed. She should need to pay attention but usually win again Nick since she is higher in MA and athletics. But no.

    This is what can happen when you add Kaleeko's Kanes to the bloodline. I'll lay odds his aunt Abbey looked very similar as a toddler - I just didn't look much.

    Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. Aw, I always love when they have parties- so many family members! It's great to see them all together.

    Nick and Penny are still ridiculously cute! Love that he wants another baby (seemingly in case he messes up or breaks the first, lmao)!

  4. This Grant family has more parties than any of my other blogs combined. Gives me an excuse to do the family gossip. Next time, Vincent and James should be invited, the older brothers are getting short shrift. Vincent's girl Miriam is a child now!

    Nick threw the baby want on holiday. I did lock it but for a long time, baby wants vanished when they came back from holiday. It stuck this time.

    Thanks for popping by.

  5. Buddy looks just like his aunt, Abbey. I love the parties. Parties for birthdays, weddings, teens, sleepovers, just cause so a sim can beat up another sim and steal their lover. It makes me happy. And so do the Grants.

    I hope they get their little girl. And I really hope to see Shannon's baby girl with Johnny. Mason is darn adorable that I know she'll be a darling.

    Yay for PiB Updates!

  6. Chrysame! Kermit Flail!

    I've grown Buddy up and he's not a clone of Nick/Brad/Jeb, he does have some Grant influence. But he will be Kane spawn, you can't deny it.

    As for baby two, well, they haven't managed on risky woohoo. But I might kick them up a notch for a more serious try.

    I think the baby of Johnny and Shannon will be born on the next post. Just a little hard to say when that will be.


  7. The butt wiggling while horn blowing always gets me - the fact that my boys rarely get dressed for birthdays makes it a little more disturbing. I am eager to see if they have another baby.

  8. Wow, Bubby's IF has a really cool color scheme. Will you turn it real? Bubby also looks like a really cute toddler, I love that hair you gave him.

    It was nice to see Nick take care of Bubby a bit. (:

  9. Hi FruHurricane! I have yet to turn any IFs real without cheating a bit. So I wasn't planning on it but who knows what I'll do by the time Buddy is old enough to have a real IF

    All my Sim males have to take baby duties. Grant males tend to do it on their own. Nick is officially a Grant now so he will have to learn. :)

    Thanks for the comment


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