Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - May 23 - Nick's promotion

Amazingly enough, Nick is still keen on the idea of another baby. I'm still not quite sure why, he's doing all right with Buddy but he's still a bit uncomfortable around our little man. Two is not going to improve that.

"Honey, let's make another baby." He reached out to stroke my cheek so softly.

"Nick, you are just so sweet. But another baby?"

"Well, yes. Why not?"

I can think of a million reasons why not. He's still at the bottom of his career, so am I. We might have to buy another crib if Buddy isn't ready for a big boy bed yet. But for the moment, there is an immediate reason for us not to try for another baby.

"Well, you have to go to work, like now."

Nick looked at his watch, muttered a few bad words and had to rush to change into uniform before his ride arrived.

I was still mostly asleep when I heard an odd noise outside. It took me a little to get up and out.

There was a stray cat destroying our newspaper. One of these days, I must cancel the subscription, we never get around to reading it.

I tried to make friends with the kitty but it left fairly quickly. It was a handsome cat.

This is a case where looks can be deceiving indeed. All looks quiet and well at the base. But around the back, there was a massive fire that had broken out and several people were trapped.

Buddy was getting into his morning routine.

"The great monster rose out of the fog. It extended the terrible claw."

"The claw sought out a round little tummy. It looked and it looked and then it struck."

"It got Buddy! Oh no Buddy, look out, it's the tickle monster."

I was in the middle of potty training when I heard the front door.

"Honey, I'm back." Nick called from the front.

"Nick? I'm in the baby's room."

He came in and gave me a big bear hug. "You'll never guess what happened today."

"You're right, I have no idea. Why on earth are you home already?"

Nick was grinning like a positive idiot. "There was a small explosion on the base and a big fire. I helped rescue a few people and put the fire out."

"Way to go, Nick. A hero!"

"Yep, they decided to give me a promotion and send me home for the rest of the day." I know why he was so pleased with himself. He'd only just had a promotion last week, to get another so soon was just an unexpected bonus.

"So now I get to be home most of the day with my gorgeous wife." He grinned. "Did I ever tell you that you're the prettiest girl of them all?"

"Nick, you old charmer."

"Baby, you bet. I want to charm you straight into bed." He waggled an eyebrow. "You're still dressed for it I see."

It didn't take long for him to convince me that trying for another baby would be lots of fun.

Well, playing in bed is fun. Whether or not we are trying for another baby. But if enthusiasm and desire can make a wish come true, Nick was going to try his best.

Since Nick was being insistent on babies, I put him to work teaching Buddy to talk. I peeked in later to watch my men at work.

"Buddy, can you say Daddy?"




"Say Daddy, Buddy."


"Yes, daddy!"

"Dada, ba."

Nick kind of had this odd look at this point. I don't remember him doing anything evil to Buddy, not even steal his candy.

Finally he smiled. "Daddy, bad," he agreed. I had to smile and leave them to it.

The next time I checked on them, they had stopped for the day.

"Who's the handsome baby? It's my little Buddy, he's the handsome baby."

Thanks to talking to Buddy a lot over the past couple of hours, Nick's finally getting comfortable around his son. The two of them are so cute together. Nick is a good dad now that he's getting the hang of it all.

And that might be just as well, since I'm suddenly not feeling well. The queasiness is kind of familiar this time around.

I'm not sure if Buddy loves or hates that creepy doll. He was quite emphatically bouncing it on the floor. He certainly likes to play with it a lot.


Ok, so the good news is that I recovered the save and they haven't had to leave the neighborhood. If the writing isn't quite up to usual - it's been a very frustrating few days sorting the problem. I have run this save one full Sim day plus a couple of hours and while they have had a couple of pauses, it doesn't lock.

Bonus pics
Our stray cat. Cute but destructive.

The following pics were from the aborted attempt at moving the family to Appaloosa Plains.

Vincent and Kari's daughter Miriam is growing fast. She could use a few style lessons though. Actually, her granny Vanessa had that hair style as a teen.

Marshall Grant - Stephen and Abbey's first born.

Marshall Grant - post some restyling cause I just can't take that hair. Reminds me of his granddaddy Brad with the new hair.

Shane Grant - Marshall's little brother. Interesting, a reasonable genetic mix this one.


  1. I completely forgot you could cancel newspaper subscriptions. Finally, my sims can free up their yards!

    Buddy's pajamas (and nursery) are adorable. :)

    Nick seems like an awesome father, so I'm really excited to hear that they're having another.

    Miriam looks nice. :) Fashionably challenged sure, but nice.

    Aw, I love Marshall! He looks like a troublemaker, that one.

  2. Hey cheezy!

    Yes, I really need to start canceling the newspapers across my households. They never read the things.

    Buddies pjs - I love doing animal prints to that set. The nursery is courtesy of the Generations house - Kid Tested Mom Approved. :)

    Nick's shy which means that he wasn't fond of being near Buddy until they got to be friends. Teach to talk got them there.

    Miriam is a pretty girl.

    I'm pleased with both Marshall and Shane. They should be interesting to watch grow up.

  3. Dada ba! :P *giggles*

    Glad you were able to salvage the save and make it work again! :D

  4. His Dada is ba. One of Nick's traits is evil, though he's the least evil Sim I've had yet.

    Yeah, I was relieved when I finally got past 2 in the morning.

    Thanks Cami

  5. I find dads with the evil trait are usually good fathers. They do occasionally steal candy or frighten their kids, but it doesn't seem to do any lasting damage to their relationship. The cat is very cute - I am a cat person and love seeing the cats people post pics of. Glad you got your save sorted out.

  6. Sim dads are frequently good. Even the ones that don't like children. :) Nick really is the least evil Sim I've seen though. I'm glad he's finally getting along with Buddy.

    The pets are cute so far. Cats, dogs and horses.


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