Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - May 26 - Pregnant Again

Honestly, look at how intensely that boy of ours is eating that stick. You'd think we'd forgotten to feed him for a few hours or even days.

You can easily see the tooth marks on the stick now. That either means that Buddy has strong teeth or the stick is cheap flimsy plastic. I prefer to think that Buddy has good teeth.

Two of the best looking guys in Sunset Valley. My boys, I just love watching them together.

Nick and Buddy are true buddies now. That makes me so happy. Nick spends a lot of his free time with Buddy, just to be there for his son.

Brad and Em sent over this fancy baby swing for their grandson. Nick spent a frustrating hour trying to following the instructions to set it up. Goodness me, the language and shouting was very intense.

"Where's the *^%@! wrench?"

"Slot A? There's nothing on the ^&%$(*& diagram that says Slot A."

After a while, all was quiet. Then I heard Nick start up the swing after putting Buddy in it. It seemed safe so I came out to watch.

Buddy was really happy in the new swing. He watched the little toys move around and made lots of content little noises until he zonked out.

The two of us watched until Buddy was sound asleep. "Nick, be sure to thank your parents. This is the best present ever."

"Actually, I think your parents still win. They did buy this house for us, after all. But I'll be sure to tell Mum and Dad that it's the perfect gift for Buddy."

Nick went off to work and once Buddy was awake again, I decided that Buddy could use a little more practice at standing on his own two feet.

"That's the way, little man. Up we get."

It's a good thing that diapers make excellent crash cushions. Because Buddy ends up sitting back down a lot more than moving forward.

"What a clever little man you are. You took 3 steps to mama today. Who's my clever boy?"

Anytime he does manage to move forward, I make sure he knows how proud I am.  Every day, he manages to totter along a little further before he loses his balance.

I was feeling nauseous again, for what seems like the hundredth time today. 

After throwing up yet again, I decided it was time to visit the doctor. I grabbed Buddy and we took a quick trip over to the hospital. After waiting forever, we finally got in to see the doctor. It only took a few minutes before we headed for home again.

She confirmed my suspicions. We're going to be having another baby. I'm hoping for a little girl. I can't wait to tell Nick. He's been wanting another baby for ages now.

We have some time to get Buddy used to the idea that he'll have a little sibling soon. I hope he doesn't feel too jealous when the new baby gets here.

"Nick, honey, I hope you still want that second baby."

It took a moment but Nick's eyes suddenly lit up. "We're pregnant?"

"Yep, been to the doctor. It's confirmed. We'll be having a second child in another few months."

"That's great news, Penny. I can hardly wait. Boy or girl?"

"I didn't ask, I don't want to spoil the surprise."

Nick grinned. "I hope it's a girl. A perfect little family, one boy and one girl."

Nick spent some time on the phone to his family. He really is quite excited about having a second baby.

Another stray cat outside the house. I wonder if the poor thing had an accident or if it happens to be a naturally short tailed breed of cat.

Nick gave it a treat and a good brushing before it wandered away again.

"Night night Buddy. You sleep tight."

"Dada, nih nih."

"That's my little Buddy. You're going to have a little brother or sister to play with. I'm sure you'll find that's fun." There was a pause. "When you're both old enough to play together, guess that won't happen right away."

Nick met his parents at the local swimming pool. I'm not quite sure why he didn't just invite them over, I think he still has odd ideas about what stresses me. Still, I'm happy that he connects with his family from time to time. That's very important.

Since Nick's job starts really really early in the morning, he takes care of Buddy after he gets up. It's nice to catch just a couple more hours of sleep, this pregnancy is taking a lot out of me.

"Buddy better watch out. He better watch out. He better..."

"Oh no! It's too late. The tickle monster got him! Tickle, tickle Buddy."

Buddy definitely still loves that creepy looking doll. I don't like it much, I swear it stares at you sometimes.

I finally had a chance to invite Daddy over to tell him our big news.

"Daddy, you'll never guess."

He took one look at me, grinned and said, "What? That you're pregnant again?"

"You did guess!" Silly me, of course Daddy knows a baby bump when he sees it. With four children and four grandchildren, he should have no trouble.

"Would you like to feel your next grandchild?"

"Aww, the baby is moving. Your mom and I will both be happy to have another grandchild to spoil."

"How's Mom?"

"She's ok but not feeling quite her best today."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Do you want to go home?"

"Vincent and Miriam have moved back home so I know he's there if your Mom needs anything."

"Vincent moved home?"

"He wanted to. It's not been the same for your brother since he split up with Kari. We do have plenty of space. It's kind of nice having someone to share it with again."


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So the small group of readers who did respond were quite positive that this is a legacy. Guess I'll stop calling it nearly a legacy at long last.

Bonus pics

Nick, what evil plan could possibly involve your toddler and a potty?

Honestly, Nick doesn't do this evil idle that often and this is a very odd time to decide to do it. 

This was a gift from a kind soul. Thank you so much, Chrysame.

Vincent is stalking Amelia Kane. This is the only conclusion I can come to when I find him hanging out at her house for no apparent reason.

For a Sim that lives alone, Amelia has a ridiculously huge house. Sheesh.

Spooning time

Kaleeko may wish to avert her eyes - Travis Kane - elder. I actually think he's kind of cute for an elder. The youngest in the house is either a baby or toddler but his wife is *way* younger then he is.


  1. Lovely update. Congrats on the new pregnancy. I hope you do get a girl - do you know what you're having? I can't help myself and have to check. Buddy is such a cutie.

  2. Yes, there will be a girl.

    Buddy is very cute, going to be so like his dad when he grows.

  3. Whoops! Pregnant again? Awwww....

    And Aww... the pictures are so cute and wonderful!

    Buddy is so cute. Love his hair.
    I can't help but to take a peek on this, but I can only read it in the weekend, so I'll be back again :)

  4. Hey MJ,

    not a whoops pregnant, they were trying this time.

    Thanks for the kind comments about the pics. I increased their size and changed the size of the blog to match. :)

    Buddy is a little version of his daddy. The hair is probably from the store.

    Thanks for the peek. :)

  5. More babies! Yay!!!

    I don't like the way ANY elders look so I shortened their span lol

  6. More babies. Lot's more babies.

    :) I feel for my elders, they look so elder. But I'll still miss them when they've left forever.

  7. My goodness, that little tyke is the spitting image of his father O.o Adorable! And as always, I enjoyed all the shirtless Nick shots... ;)

    Hahaha, uh oh! Looks like someone's pregnant again. Things are about to get veryyyy hectic, I have a feeling.

  8. Experimentation suggests that Kane blood tends to run strong. Abbey and Nick are clearly Kanes. Shane and Buddy are also clearly Kanes.

    Young adult and Adult male Sims should not be allowed shirts unless they are scrawny or very fat. :)

    Yep, someone is preggy. Things will be interesting.

  9. Daww, I love seeing sims get pregnant again. ;) That's pretty much all I did in TS2. Then when my sims family got too big I started a new one. lol

    Anyway...congrats to Penny and Nick! Little Buddy is soooo cute. Omg! Love his hair. Hee hee.

    Lol at Travis as an elder. Yikes! Your right though he is quite a cute elder.

    I voted on your poll! lol I think all sim stories are legacies in a way but most of us just don't follow the rules. I like it that way, it's more spontaneous and you can add a few shocks and surprises in along the way. ;)

  10. Hi Jennifer, Yes, I do love getting Sim babies under way. Though I had a plot this time, and they were never getting just one. :)

    Buddy is a little cutie. I've grown him up - he is not a daddy clone. He has some Kane features but enough from his mom to be distinct.

    I wasn't really surprised by the poll. I've noticed few stories called The xxx Legacy seem to follow the rules. Thanks for voting and thanks for stopping by.


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