Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Nov 20

While waiting to get into school today, I took some pics of the other kids around town. There are a lot of kids and teens in this town.  It can take us hours to get inside, I dread if we ever have a fire drill.  We'll never get out in time to make the firemen happy.

This is Shanita Hawke, oldest daughter of Hugo and Susie Pierce Hawke. She seems to be taking after her mom quite a bit.

Marcelo Pendragon - younger son of Jack and Celia.  The other boy is Marco Sekemoto, my cousin Chance's son.

I think the girl in front is Dayna Leman.  Which would make her grandparents, Thomas and Bebe Leman - Benjamin and Macy (Monroe) Lee.  All those red heads in the family and she has Bebe's hair colour.  Behind Dayna is Vanessa Bachelor - I think her mom was Bella Bachelor not quite positive who her dad was.  Behind them is Darren Pendragon - Marcelo's older brother.

This is Denise Wolff-Lessen.  Her mom is Suzette Wolff-Lessen.  I think that's the girl that was Uncle Henry's best friend as a kid but either Uncle Jack or Uncle Rick couldn't stand the sight of her.  Her dad is Mick Wolff-Lessen.  You know, I should get to know her a lot better.  Definitely cute.

Tyler Townsend got around a bit.  The girl in front is his oldest daughter Ashley Smith, he had a brief fling with someone called Rebecca Smith.  Behind is one of his two girls with Sierra Nevada Townsend, her name is Rosie.

Another of my cousins, Shelly Grant.  She looks so much like her evil mother Patricia. I wonder if her personality is anything like her mom. If so, I feel sorry for any guy that dates her. Poor Uncle Rick has not had a nice home life, they argue a lot. It even makes the papers.

Dad is still working on mastering his martial arts skill.  Maybe he should retire from athletics so he can concentrate on a few other things in life.  I don't think Dad has ever adjusted to being at the top of the tree in his career.  I know Granddad used to hold the occasional autograph session but I don't think Dad has yet.

This was so unfair.  I heard cousin Tate got married and was going to have a party.  So I turn up, see who comes to the party and find that Tate is leaving!  No one in the family has met his new wife yet, but we all hope for the best for him.

Pretty location, just on sunset.  There should have been a pretty girl here.  And I was stood up.  I wanted to chat to Vanessa and she promised to meet me.  She never actually came and waited until I was leaving before she rang to say she definitely wasn't coming.

The Pendragons were here.  Jack still works undercover, you never know what career clothes he'll be in next.  I think Darren is taking after his dad.  Celia Pendragon is now an elder.   She was lounging on one of the chairs.

Looks like someone forgot to check how old the leftovers were.
Nope, looks like two people got a bit carried away about their engagement.
Dad!  How long have you been reading this?
I read all of it boy.
[mutter] Damn.

Ok, Dad may have had a point.  I have another niece or nephew on the way.


  1. I can see why it takes a long time to get into the school.

    Oh, you can't sneak anything by dad. You should know that by now.

    Let me guess. Rick and his homelife are showing up in the gossip column.

    Remind me who that is that is pregnant.

    That was not nice of Tate at all.

  2. A lot of good looking kids in that town. Phillip has a way with the blog. He seems very comfortable narrating. Even with his Dad looking over his shoulder. Heh.

    Shelly Grant does not look like a happy sim. Poor Rick. I feel so badly about his home life. I'll have to make sure he has a good time in my non-blogged game.

    One Grant baby, coming up! That baby won't want for attention with all the sims in that household.

    Darren looks just like the Captain. Marcelo looks more like his mom. At least he has her hair color.

    Denise might be fun to flirt with, Phillip. Give it a whirl. She certainly looks like a Wolff.

  3. Hey Dee, yep takes forever for them to get into the school.

    Rick and Patricia practically own the gossip column, we hear about them arguing frequently.

    Katie Lee (CAS made Benjamin and Macy family) has a new hair style and is pregnant with Eric's baby. Wedding bells alert!

    I was a bit peeved that I sent someone to crash Tate's party and he ducks out to go to work. No fair.

  4. Shelly inherited Patricia's face structure. They always look like that. It's not a very pleasant look, to say the least. Awww, you have a Rick for a non-blogged game? He's a sweetie, he deserves a good life. At least his sibs all have nice mates, but he really should have left Patricia a long time ago.

    Phillip wants to kiss Vanessa at the moment. But we are having a hard time getting him anywhere near her. If that fails, I think that Denise would be an *excellent* alternative.

    I'm going to have to work on the town population at some point. It's quite unbalanced with 40+ elders, around 30 adults, and the numbers by age group drop quickly. No babies around at all, but there are 3 pregnancies now. So I'm going to have a bit of a population crash as the elders die off.

  5. You'll start having elders dying by the bunches soon. Then it will be time to start the baby making. If you have to, you can always have some families adopt a child or toddler depending on what you need in what age range.

    Rick is meant for a sim I created named Darby. I think she's rather pretty and should make him very happy. The plan is eventually to have a small family if I don't go button crazy.

    I hope Vanessa doesn't blow it with Phillip. It doesn't do to promise a boy you'll meet him and then just not show up.

  6. Actually, I may use supercomputer to birthday some of the elders to oblivion. That should encourage story progression toward more babies. Plus I upped the number of children per family to 3 - those that get married have to make up for those that don't.

    Good luck to Rick and Darby. Sounds like he will be a happy Sim in one game.

    We'll see about Vanessa. I think Phillip only has 2 days left and then she becomes a young adult - and out of his romance field till he grows up. Standing him up is not a good sign though.

  7. I have been laughing ever since I read the update and the comments. I was going to just say all kinds of good things about Denise but decided against it. I'll tell you why. I know others can read all this but really don't care.
    I'm always called Dee but my name is actually Denise. Don't let that make any difference in how you play the game though. I am finding it hilarious. Of course *Denise* would be an excellent alternative. LOL

  8. Can't stop laughing. Between this and your latest post, Dee, my eyes are watering and my sides hurt.

    I'll pull for Denise if you can't. *chants Denise, Denise, Denise* LOL

  9. You hear that Phillip? If you pick Denise, you better treat her right or else you could be in serious trouble. Many Phillip clones will be downloaded specially for torture!

    We'll have to see how Phillip goes. I know that Vanessa has a boyfriend, it's Cecil Landgraab - younger brother of the guy who married Kathy. Cecil just aged to young adult so there are a couple of days when Phillip can romance Vanessa and Cecil can't. After that, I do think that Denise and Phillip should meet and see if any sparks fly.

  10. ROFL. Thank you Chrysame.

  11. *still laughing* You listen to Pib now Phillip.
    Who knows, Phillip and Denise may just find that tent. :D

  12. Let's hope there are some sparks the next time Phillip meets Denise. Now, you all don't need to read this next bit.

    "Vanessa? Cecil is the man for you. Just wait two days and you'll be together. Ignore all invitations from handsome Grant men."

    Sim mind control. It's like Jedi mind control only pixelated!

  13. Chrysame, what are we to do with you? :D

    Now you know how hard it would be for Vanessa to ignore invitaions from handsome Grant men. I mean look at them. Are you planning to brainwash her too. :D

  14. Agree with Dee. If Phillip can track down Vanessa in time and lay on the Grant charm...really how can she ignore that? It's a really rare Sim who can resist that.

    As for Denise, well, we will just have to see if how easy they get along. Same with Vanessa really. They may not hit it off that well.

    Oh my, time to download another Twallan mod. He's made one that means unlocked dreams still give reward points if they are met. Excellent.

  15. I never did go back to Katie Lee. With that hair color, I should have known who she was the daughter of. Then again, Thomas has similar hair color.

  16. Unlocked dreams? Okay, explain that to a tired Chrysame. What does it do?

  17. Nevermind. It finally clicked. Tell me if you like it, PiB.

  18. My word, what a huge difference.

    I just implemented this http://ts3.tscexchange.com/index.php?topic=2705.0 because it was taking about 3 hours for Phillip to get into his school. Now it is more visually disturbing because you can see Sims standing on the same spot sometimes. But the all those children got in by about 9:30. Maybe they will also get out in reasonable amounts of time and not teens leaving school at 5 pm (and later!)

    BTW - does anyone have appropriate traits for a Denise? :)

  19. Woot for Denise! I suggest smart ass, silly, family oriented and definitely flirty girty as traits. Not necessarily in tht order.

  20. OMG, laughing my arse off.

    I'm going to have to think about that one.

  21. Let's see, things I've been accused of:
    hardheaded, stubborn, perfectionist.

    I would say Denise would be a little bit of each of the following:
    Insane, absent minded, daredevil, perfectionist, loves outdoors, handy, just a little neurotic, excitable, family oriented. Certainly not a virtuoso. Take your pick. :D

  22. I see Phillip has spotted Vanessa who then stood him up! lol

    This is really cute and your posts are nice and easy to read, I like your style. :)

  23. Yes, this is about the time that Phillip fixated on Vanessa as the woman for him. She wasn't an easy catch either. :)

    Thanks for the comments, I love comments!


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