Friday, May 7, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Nov 24

Last time, I think I mentioned I wanted to chat Vanessa Bachelor, get to know her a bit.  Actually, she's a friend and I was rather hoping that I could build that up to something more.
It took me forever to finally meet up with her. We chatted for a bit then I tried compliments.

She mentioned Cecil.

I tried flirting a bit. She compared me with Cecil again and he came out ahead.

I wanted to try more but it was curfew and time to go home.

Phillip, she is in love. If you had practiced charm a bit more first, she might have responded. But you rushed in and she didn't appreciate it.

Think I have a chance Dad?

Not really, but at least she is still your friend.

Eric and Kathy decided to tie the knot.  Eric wanted to make sure that baby is a Grant.

Woah, check this out.  My parties are getting so awesome that they all run to attend.

Pride goes before a fall.

Ok Dad.  Enough?

What do you know?  Dad took my comment seriously and had his first autograph session.  You never know who will turn up to these events.  I really think that Erwin should change out of his work clothes, or the police are going to stroll right up and arrest him on suspicion of burglary.

Middle of the night and my new nephew comes home.  That's Jerod Grant.  Eric didn't go to the hospital.  He only got out of bed in time to find out that Katie was coming back.  He went back to bed.  I don't think Katie was too impressed.

Dad, I only have nephews?

Boys do run in this family.  There should be one girl if there are another baby or two born.  You have one sister and two brothers.  I have one sister and three brothers.

But girls are so much cuter and sweeter.

Good luck with that.  It would be nice to have one or two granddaughters.

Katie was flat, she had very little sleep because of Jerod's birth.  Eric was trying to catch some sleep so he'd be ok for work.  So Dad got the middle of the night baby duty.

He seems pretty ok with that.

Someone teaching a toddler to walk while in the park is normal.  But Ripley is teaching her housemate Bettina's toddler to walk.  We don't see people teaching toddlers from other families too often.  Ripley has a daughter in school, but she's still in elementary so I never see her.

My uncle Rick's wife, my aunt Patricia.  I noticed her walking by school and decided to talk to her.  She has a bad rep in the family because of her fighting with Uncle Rick.  But she was nice enough to me.

My cousin Rhoda, Uncle Rick's younger girl.

The first time Eric's actually touched the baby.  He claimed that work was the reason that he didn't pick up the baby before.  You would think a new dad would get one day off at very least.

Dad, finally a party!  But why all the relatives?

I did invite your friend Vanessa.

My "Let's just be friends" friend Vanessa.  I was hoping for ...

A party like your affair in the park with every teen girl around invited?  Except your cousins.

Who squealed?

Your cousins - they were miffed that they weren't invited.


My nephew Glen is shooting up like a weed.  He's looking a lot like Sammy these days.

So, I snuck in a phone call and asked Denise Wolff-Lessen over.  She's got a new haircut, looking good there baby!

So I complimented the new hairstyle and then tried a little flirting.

Oh, maybe this time there will be sparks flying.  She certainly liked the flirting quite a bit.


  1. Can't move too fast with some of those girls Phillip. Sorry you didn't get Vanessa but maybe you will have more luck with Denise? I too like denise's new hair. Looks like Denise is thinking along the line of babies.

    When I see Indy I still think he is Sam at first.

    Welcome to the world little Jerod. It's a shame they wouldn't let your daddy have some time off from work to be with you more. Just know that all that money he makes can be used to buy you stuff.

    All the kids still look great.

    Cousins can be jealous little buggers sometime. They just had to rat you out. Still can't sneak anything past Dad.

    LOL, Phillip, just where is your right arm in that picture with Vanessa at the party?

    Those highwater pants still make me laugh.

  2. A word or two to Denise. You best grab that Grant before someone else does.

  3. Watching Vanessa respond to Phillip's advances was interesting. It wasn't the recoil in horror type of thing. More a simple shrug, "I hear you and I'm not interested."

    We'll see about Denise. I want to see what Phillip wants instead of forcing him to take the first girl that likes him. :) Even if she does have an excellent name.

    Since Phillip didn't invite his cousins to the party and Dad knew about the guest list...the assumption that the cousins told makes sense.

    Don't you love those graphic glitches. Obviously Phillip decided to steal Vanessa's heart the direct way!

    I should have Eric wear socks at least for those high water pants.

  4. Vanessa is loyal to her Cecil. He must be some sim boyfriend.

    I do love it when you see a sim toddler training on their own. Even when it's not their child!

    Eric doesn't seem too impressed that he has a child. His poor wife had to go to the hospital all by herself. Oops.

    Denise looks great with her new hair style. Much more flattering. Go, Phillip!

  5. Cecil grown is almost identical to his older brother Malcolm who married Kathy. All up, he is a perfectly reasonable catch and hey, maybe she listened to you the other day Chrysame. She did resist a Grant being charming.

    I love toddler training in the park. I was just a little puzzled about Ripley and someone else's baby until I remembered they are housemates.

    Poor Jerod. He is NOT getting the usual queue of Sims wanting to hold, cuddle, feed and change him. I am not used to asking a Grant to go look at the baby.

    Denise has a new hairstyle and she stopped being a loner. Not a good idea for someone who is looking at the Grant family.

  6. That's what I plan to do with Simon. I'm going to have him take several out for drinks and see who he likes best.

    In the pic where Phillip is trying to steal Vanessa'a heart; I think Indy noticed. :D

  7. If you mean the Sim behind Vanessa and Phillip, that's Henry. It was the party crowd arriving.

    Definitely not Henry "Pretty Boy" Grant any more.

  8. I think Loner is the one trait I will never use. I gave it to a sim once. Never again.

  9. oops, sorry about that Henry. I should have known you weren't Indy. Lack of Indy beard.

  10. I don't mind the loner trait. It's good for a writer. Maybe that's because I'm a bit of one in real life.

    Looks like you'll have to attend to the baby's needs for the first time in a long time, PiB. :)

  11. Well, to make it more confusing, Indy doesn't have a beard while he is doing martial arts. Young adult males and adult males keep any facial hair when they change to their martial arts uniform. Elders end up clean shaven, which makes no sense.

    Yes, Chrysame, I was thinking that in Hi Mum, It's Sammy, the last Sammy could have been a loner. It would have made writer much easier since there would be fewer social needs. And loners can do fine with families...just not big ones.

  12. I too am a bit of a loner in real life. I could spend all my days around just my family and be happy. I still haven't tried having a writer in the game.

    I have a feeling Indy will be the first one to the baby most of the time.

  13. Even Indy wasn't showing real interest in the baby on his own.

    They will all tend the baby when told to, I'm just not used to needing to tell anyone in this house to look for the baby.

    Computer geeks have a tendency to be on the antisocial side. :)

  14. Gah, I still haven't received my favorite or recommendation badge on the forums. Poo.

    Dee, the best part of writing is you get to give the book a title. I can get very silly. And the residuals are nice, too.

  15. I like that other Sims can discuss your book with you. Sam's family can talk to him about his work.

  16. They can praise it among other things. Woot!

  17. I'm surprised Indy had to be sent to the baby. Maybe he's just tired.

    I remember giving books titles in sims2. I need to have a writer at some time before Ambitions is released.

    PiB, "Computer geeks have a tendency to be on the antisocial side. :)" That is so true.
    I think I try a lot of times to give sims traits that don't fit me. I made a sim once with traits that I thought would be me. She was so boring. :)

    I wonder why it's taking them so long to give the badges.

    Gotta go.

  18. Too bad that he didn't succeed with Vanessa Bachelor. He seemed to like her. But, looks like things were going so well with Denisse Wolff-Lessen. Ripley was being too nice there, teaching someone else toddler. Bettina, where are you anyway?

  19. He wants to kiss Vanessa, but I'm going to remove that want. He had much better luck with Denise so far. :) I'm sure Bettina had some reason not to be there with her child.


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