Monday, June 14, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Dec 4

So there I was in the park with Vanessa. Damn she is just so fine, I can't stop thinking about her.

At any rate, I had to duck off for a quick pee. Had to have been the worse timing of my life.

There she was, ready to have a baby. In the public toilets in the park. Obviously, I couldn't let that happen so I took her to the hospital in a taxi.  That's Alyssia Hill, she's married to a blue dude called Lavar.

I wasn't the only one that felt a bit stressed.  Several guys outside the hospital also worried about the birth.  We got in just fine, the dad arrived a short time later.  I didn't get a picture of the baby, he has the same skin tone as his dad and his older sister.  Hmm, I think it was a boy.  I could be wrong, it was a stressful night.

Now that The Shrimp is a toddler, Katie and Eric are busy toddler taming.  Eric wants to be super dad, he wants to teach Shrimpy how to walk, talk and potty.  Given he has a full time job, I don't think it's likely that he'll make that goal.

The dishwasher was broken and Mum tried to fix it.  It was going well for quite a long time when she made a critical mistake.  Mum got fried, the dishwasher was toast and there was a huge fire.

Gack.  My life goal is to be a visionary.  No one will take me seriously until I improve my style.  I could have done this when still in elementary.

I was starving so I decided to take Vanessa out for a fancy meal.  I hope that will put her in the right mood for a massage, I've been wanting to practice my technique with her for days.

Hugo Hawke was there with his daughter Shanita.  He is so absent-minded that he forgot he promised her a nice dinner.  Poor kid is almost as hungry as I am.

They brought me the wrong plate.  When I noticed the mistake, they did offer to replace it but I was far too hungry to wait.  That was a great thing.  I have no idea what the dish was but it was absolutely divine.  The best meal I've ever eaten.   My tummy will thank me for days.

Oh yeah, that did the trick.  A good meal, a bit of chatter and now I can show Vanessa what a massage should feel like.   She should appreciate this enough that we can do some serious lip work.

That's the problem with bringing a girl home.  Parents infest the place.  Go away, I need space.

That's better, a little privacy so I can whisper in her ear.

And invite her to my bed.  We have some fun planned for tonight.

Should we be investing in another crib?

Not on my count Dad.  We were very careful.  Unlike some around here.

You know.  It might be time for me to start house hunting.  I'm sure that Eric and Katie won't mind more privacy and it's going to feel crowded here if I can convince Vanessa to move in.  I need to work on that.

I'll still help around the house.  The garden is smaller than it was but it's still big for one person to handle.

Ah finally.  I caught Vanessa in a weak moment and she's agreed to move in.  I've also found out that she dislikes art.  I hope I can convince her to change, I'm planning on creating a lot of art over the next few years.

Hey, Dad, is it ok if Vanessa and I travel to Egypt?  I need some photography practice.

Sure boy, the cost of a holiday is tiny.  Now if you were asking me to buy a house...

And when we get back, we may want to move to a new house.

Then I guess we'll have to buy you a house.  It won't be the most expensive one you can find.  Your older brother Sammy and older sister Kathy had to make do with modest homes.

Thanks Dad.

Eric is feeling very pleased.  The Shrimp can walk now.

Dad mentioned Sammy for the first time in ages.  He's not sure how to feel about Sammy, we keep hearing about him skimming the top of campaign donations.  Our Sammy is a dirty politician?

Then again, we haven't seen much of Kathy since she moved away either.  Mum and Dad should visit them, it's been a long time.


  1. I must give Phillip points for consistency. He usually has at least one want at any given time for Vanessa. Kiss Vanessa, Flirt with Vanessa, Massage Vanessa.

    He didn't ask to make her his girlfriend, but with Twallan's Story Progression, that's safer to do then just assume she will be available.

    If he keeps up, he'll get to propose soon.

  2. LOL, those pregnant women just pick the worst times to go into labor. Poor guy had to wait for hours to pee.
    Hey Shrimpy, you are just so cute I want to hug you.
    *laughing* poor Mum, that had to hurt.
    Those massages do the trick every time.

    OMG,being in politics has corrupted Sammy!

  3. Yes, I had no idea that poor Phillip was about to find a preggy female just then. But he managed to cope.

    Yes, the Shrimp is very very cute!

    We were lucky that Judy survived the electrocution. There was water nearby, that could have been fatal.

    Sammy has been corrupted by politics. We hear about it all the time.

  4. Shrimp is adorable. I see so much of Macy in him.

    Phillip definitely needs his own place. It's not easy to get a girl up to your room at your parent's house no matter what the situation.

    Oh, Hugo. Why are you at the Bistro? What were you supposed to do? Love his confused expression.

  5. Poor toddler Jerod, cute but now no one will remember his real name. It's always Shrimp.

    Phillip needs his own place. It will get him away from the 'rents, and his brother + family. And away from that slightly glitchy lot. We get a lot of freezing for 5 sim minutes which gets old. But I've managed to raise to adult 2 generations of Grant in one house.

    Poor Hugo. He was standing there going "Daaaa. Daaaa" for quite a bit while his daughter wanted nothing more than some food.

    Phillip got 7 days of a divine food +75 moodlet from the bistro. That is really cool.

  6. Argh. I hate it when a house gets glitchy. It's beyond annoying.

    I do like it when you get that moodlet from the Bistro. It's much better than the other option of the food tasting disgusting and your sim feels nauseous. Talk about ruining a romantic evening.

    Well, eventually Hugo will remember. I like absented minded sims although that trait would be deadly in a challenge. Feed the toddler, Hugo. The Toddler! HUGO!!!

  7. Can you imagine a clumsy absent-minded Sim in the bachelor challenge? LOL

    I still can't believe how fixated Phillip has been on Vanessa. Good thing I didn't try to make him a heart breaker, the only heart he'd break is his own when he made Vanessa upset.

  8. Hugo is so funny. Also your comment about what he was doing. You made me laugh when I thought I was too tired to laugh. I am trying to picture him in any challenge with the traits he has now.

  9. I'm sure family oriented Hugo would do fine with toddlers - it's just things like cooking, cleaning and eating for himself that he'll have problems with.

  10. You have to watch absented minded sims when they cook. They'll forget and leave the food on the stove while they wander off to do something else.

  11. I love Hugo. He's just cute, expecially with his absent-mindedness.

  12. Hugo came from great stock. Thomas Leman and Pamela Dove. Marta adored him. She was so happy her daughter was going to marry him.

  13. I keep forgetting those were his parents.

  14. I have a hard time remembering his mum, but I always remember who Hugo's daddy was. :)

  15. I'll always remember because they gave me Hugo. :D

  16. Great update, PiB. A guy who loves art so much fell in love to a girl who dislike Art. That would be funny. Hope he can convince her. And I laughed at "lip work" :D

  17. Thanks MJ. Phillip definitely needs to convince Vanessa to like art, it's a big part of his life and he only wants her.

    The "lip work" proved very successful too. He's good at Making out.

  18. Way to go Phillip, he finally snagged Vanessa. It was obviously meant to be.

    Poor mum getting electrocuted. Ouch! I cringe at those moments.

    Phillips dad makes me laugh when he just butts into the story. 'Should we be investing in another crib?' lol
    And also the lip work was amusing. ;)

  19. He was willing to work on that relationship, which convinced Vanessa that he was serious. And he finally convinced the person behind the keyboard that she was the only one he really wanted. :)

    Indy is just keeping up the family tradition of interrupting the narrator from time to time. His daddy did it to him.

    Love the comments.


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