Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Dec 8

Eric bought new sheets for the beds downstairs.  I hope the Shrimp finds them funny and not scary.  They don't look scary to me but he is a bit young for a design of monsters.

I decided to have a night at the Bistro.  If I had timed it a bit differently, I could have sat with Dad who was on his way in when I was going out.  It was another nice dinner but not nearly as divine as my previous meal.

I've registered myself as a photographer.  Taking photographs is a good hobby and should be a nice way to make money.  I have granddad's old high quality camera, it even still had a few of his photos.  He was damned good at it but I am going to be better.  I proved to the city quickly that I'm a Sim to demand for your photos.  Even just a few photographs and I'd earned a better title.

I decided to take Vanessa to Egypt.  Bright sun, interesting landmarks, a lot of things worth taking photos of.

Dad did warn me about this.  Running errands for the locals usually involves a lot of smashing rocks, moving statues and trying to avoid the traps.  He also said something about granddad setting off a lot of traps over time.

The guy did pay me well for my efforts.  It's always nice to be appreciated.

I went back to camp to spend some time with Vanessa.  I feel so lucky to have her.  She is still the only Sim to catch my eye.

We went to see the Great Pyramid at dusk.  It's a magic spot.

Which I decided to make even more magic.  I'm sure, this is right.  The right time, the right place and definitely the right girl.  Miss Vanessa Landgraab Bachelor, will you be mine forever more?

I held my breath while she looked at the ring.

She said Yes.

The next day, I was out collecting rare beetles for one of the locals.  I brought them in for a fair amount of money.  She also taught me the local songs and we've become friends.  It's good to make friends where ever you go.

I also tried to remember to stop and take photographs regularly.  Most of them were average but I had a dandy photo of the pyramid worth over 1,000.

Poor Vanessa.  Someone broke the shower and left her to fix it up again.  The worst was that she hadn't realised it happened until she really needed a shower.

We shared some sweet dreams that night.

This exploring is exciting.  I don't know why dad just didn't go for it.

All too soon, our holiday was at an end.  Vanessa has yet to get the hang of snake charming, she keeps checking the basket to see if the snake is really there.

I bought myself one of those little scooters from Egypt.  Much smaller and more economical then a car.  And more fun.  I hear that someone has started importing motorcycles - I should definitely check that out.

I decided to get a couple of tattoos.  The tattoo artist seemed a bit out of it that day.

While I was there, I noticed Sammy's wife Malia in the shop.  I think it's safe to say I'm going to have a new niece or nephew quite soon now.  I chatted a bit with Malia, I know her better than my oldest brother now.

Sammy quit politics and joined ... damn, I don't remember.  I wonder if he was pushed out or if he didn't like the job even with the money he was stealing.  I did ask Malia back home, Mum and Dad should be happy to see another grandchild on the way.


  1. I always love seeing the other countries. Egypt is just so beautiful.

    Congratulations to Phillip and Vanessa. What could be better than having your man down on his knee proposing in front of the pyramids.

    Poor Vanessa. Isn't that the way it always goes. All she wanted was a shower and someone broke the blasted thing.

    I love the new pattern and it will be showing up in my game soon.

    Hmmm, wonder just what Sammy is doing now after he was corrupted by all that corruption in the political world?

  2. Finally checking my email and I find an Adventure update. :D

    That new pattern makes great pajamas.

    Adventuring can be so much fun. Traps, rubble, mummies!

    Vanessa is a lucky girl to have such a romantic proposal. Well worth a broken shower or two.

  3. Hey Dee,

    Egypt is lovely and has very dramatic sunrise and sunset opportunities. In front of the pyramid was one of several romantic and dramatic spots for the proposal.

    Both Vanessa and Phillip had to repair showers in the base camp.

    I really was surprised when Sammy changed jobs but the new version of Twallan's sp shuffled a lot of Sims to new jobs - I think it's trying to match Sims to career ltw better. So many Sims have changed that I did forget what Sammy changed to.

    Glad you like the pattern. I do have some more doodles that will end up in patterns over time.

  4. Chrysame, will we get to see great monster pjs soon? :)

    Phillip does seem to enjoy the thrills and dangers of exploring a bit more than Indy did. Sam loved the stuff - unless he was getting zapped.

    I don't think Vanessa has any reason to regret leaving her first boyfriend behind. Phillip adores the girl.

    In case you two haven't guessed, I like to occasionally sweep through all the games and give them all an update. It helps me remember what's going on where. So you can expect a free will update soonish.

  5. As I said in my blog. I am using doodle monster. I like him/her/him. I like it.

    Everytime I put Sammy in the game he wants to be in politics.

  6. :) It. All doodles are it. :)

    Sam Grant does like being a politician because it's a good way to meet people. It gives him a reason to develop his natural charisma. But we were talking about his grandson Sammy Grant - Indy's first boy. Slightly different Grant. :)

  7. Oh crap. I'm getting confused again.

    Thank you. I couldn't decide where to call it a he, she, or it. It's cute.

  8. It's not surprising that you are getting confused. Sam Grant was the founder of this clan - long since dead. But Sam is still alive in some of the other blogs so it's easy to mistake Sammy grandson for Sam the founder. Unless I had a pic of Sammy in the update - he takes after his mom Judy and is not a Sam clone.

    I think I'm about to be weird and start up a short (ish) story instead of the main blogs. I have a story in mind, I know the start, the middle, the dramatic tension...but not the conclusion.

  9. Am working on it. Setting up the initial scenario is now complete.

    Going to take a little while to get everything started as planned.

  10. Oh, I can't wait. If I don't get to see it tonight, at least I know I'll get to see it tomorrow since I'll be home.

  11. Aww they had a lovely holiday and he proposed. Phillip is such a sweetie!

    And I see he bought the scooter home. ;)

  12. Hi again Jennifer. Phillip likes to romance his girl properly. All the way to Egypt just to propose to her.

    He loves that scooter. The family needs a car for group trips though.

    So nice to see someone reading the blog from the start of one narrator.

  13. Aw that was a very romantic proposal :)

  14. Foreign locations make for the best proposals. :) And Phillip is a romantic.


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