Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Dec 15

Last time I wrote, I had discovered that my big brother Sammy and his wife Malia were expecting a new baby. I invited Malia home and Mom just loved finding that she had a new grandchild on the way.

As it turned out, Sammy wasn't the only sibling of mine working on more grandchildren. Eric found out he was going to be a daddy again too. The Shrimp will no longer be the only child in the house.

He's actually quite a nice kid. But there's not a lot of room in this place for more and I did tell Dad that it's getting to be time for Vanessa and I to move out.

Before we do, we should take care of one more thing.

It's time for the wedding party. I invited all my siblings and Mom and Dad of course. Naturally we had a couple of party crashers but when you get married at the beach, you have to expect a few extra people around.

Isn't Vanessa simply breathtaking?

Malia couldn't come. The new baby had just been born and she wanted to stay home with her new daughter Devon. Eric's Katie wasn't feeling too well because of her pregnancy so she wasn't there either. But they sent their regards and their husbands had strict instructions to bring back photos and details of the event.

Ah Vanessa. There has never been another woman in my life. You are my sun, moon and stars.

After the wedding, we moved to a new home. Dad could afford to set us up in a nice house. Cash hasn't been a problem for the family for years now.

Oh, damn. I'm so used to there being plenty of money that I didn't bother taking much of anything with me and so we don't have lots of money here. I'll have to keep that in mind. Vanessa does have a job in journalism and she's writing a novel. I have my photography but the value of any individual photo varies a lot.

Still, here we are, in our own home, sharing our new bed. And I know I want the whole package. All my sibs have babies, it's my turn now.

The next day, I went to the consignment shop. I dropped off a couple of photographs, I want to see if I can get better prices there. I bought some odds and ends including a Gnome of Sculpture and this mining machine. This looks like a cool puppy, I'm going to put him to work.

Damn it, didn't the person who made this hear about oil? The gears are so stiff I'm going to wrench my back.

Still, it's working well. Dug up some gemstones, minerals, made scrap out of something...

And a tunnel to explore. I wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Only one way to find out.  Down I go!

It was really cool.  I found a few things but eventually came to the end of the tunnels and had to come home.

My oldest nephew Glen Grant has just turned teen. He looks a lot like his dad Sammy.

Thinking of nephews, I have a new one. Eric and Katie had a baby boy and named him Elmer. They also have a little girl named Rocio. No wonder this pregnancy was hard on Katie, she was carrying twins.

Vanessa hasn't been feeling well herself. And I'm pretty sure that we'll be needing to buy a crib and a few other baby necessities very soon.

Bonus pic - Ouch that had to hurt - arms one direction and body another.


  1. He finally moved out. I'm going to miss the shrimp. He's a cutie.

    Vanessa looks like she's having a hard time with the beginnings of that pregnancy. That was a nice catch with the screenshot.

    He bought a miner! I love those things.

    Ouch, that last picture looks painful. I guess Phillip is very flexible.

  2. I'm sure I'll post the occasional picture of the Shrimp. But Eric and Katie needed room for more babies and it was time for Phillip to move out.

    I have to remember to send Sims to the consignment shop and the dump more regularly. I've got some excellent stuff from the dump now and you can buy interesting junk at the consignment shop.

    I finally get to play with a miner! Yeah! His first exploration went really well.

  3. I really like the consignment shop. My sims make a lot of money there. Unfortunately, I can rarely buy anything. Especially with Georgia. She's always broke.

  4. Salvage from the junk yard. It's great. I've gotten one of the high end tvs, some very nice furniture, a fortune cookie machine... And it's only $50 to get the repairman over to fix it all up. Sell most for a real profit.

  5. You got a fortune cookie machine? I usually get things like one chair, a table or, if I'm lucky, the really crappy television. It's still worth the 50 dollars for repair. I try to save salvaged items up and repair everything at once.

  6. A fortune cookie machine? Niice. Sounds like I need to start hitting the junkyard's more often. ;)

    So many babies! I will admit, I totally can't keep track. I'm just gonna nod and pretend I can remember a couple names. Yyyyyup.

    I actually think Glen looks really sweet. :) Poor Vanessa really looks in pain... Lots of great captures in this one, PiB.

  7. You have to get lucky but I did get a couple of good things. I just pick up everything that can be salvaged - even the cheap stuff so my 50 goes to repairing a lot. Look really carefully too, I found a game controller in the grass once.

    Hey Kaleeko I would have lost track long ago without the family ties page. Which I can see needs work again. :) It's a bit off the mark with the latest round of babies.

  8. Weddings, babies, miners and more. Lots of stuff happening. :)
    The junk yard and consignment shop are great. I love sending my sims to both. They can find some really cool stuff.
    My Sara hasn't been able to afford anything from the consignment shop yet either.
    I'm so happy you have a miner now. It's so much fun.

  9. I sent Phillip to the dump and he came home with

    Two tables
    A sofa
    The good baby crib
    A chair
    A trash compact.

    Not a bad haul at all.

  10. Wonderful shot of Phillip and Vanessa at the beach. 'Your are my sun, moon & stars' ...very sweet.

    And now a little one on the way. I love sims kids they are so cute. Looking forward to seeing what they have. :)

  11. He's just hopelessly romantic over Vanessa. As you've seen, he always has been and always will be.

    I bet you'll be really surprised that it's a boy. LOL Thanks for the comments.


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