Monday, November 22, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Feb 4

Vincent is getting into playing guitar. One of his school chums, James was there to watch. The boy is muttering about finding some others and starting a new band. I think he'll need to practice some or he won't have a band for long.

Taking great photos is easy. Just a few snaps and you'll have it. I can earn a couple hundred bucks in 1/2 hour with my camera - thousands if I find a new subject.

But painting great art? Man, this is taking so long and I'm still no good at it. Getting better slowly, oh so slowly.

The twins are asleep for the moment so I'll start a new painting. No time like the present...

To find my honey and have some fun that is.  Ok, this is not the way to improve my painting skill but it will certainly put fun back in the marriage.

Not that our marriage has been anything less than fantastic. I still love Vanessa with all my heart.

Though our 2 little girls have a special spot of their own there.  Both such little sweetpeas.

A new hot tub shop opened in town, I was probably their first ever customer. But this is the best way ever to leave our cares behind and relax.

And have some fun. Trust me, we had a lot of fun that afternoon. Cuddling, kissing, and more. Much more fun. Eventually we had to get out before we wrinkled away to nothing.

Plus the girls were awake and needing attention.

Come on Penny, come to Papa. Just a few steps at a time. Aren't you a clever girl?

Vincent went back to the park to play more and saw his cousins Malcolm VI and Shanna. Nice of Malcolm to take his little sister to the park.

His hair is redder but Malcolm looks a lot like his dad did. I've seen the pics in the old family album. His dad and my sister Kathy are both elders now.  Gack, it will be Eric's turn soon.

Death claimed another citizen in the park today. Vincent isn't sure if it was the presence of Death or a new ghost in the neighborhood but he said the guys were fainting all over the place and dropping like dominoes. Three of them fainted in seconds.

Hmm, it's interesting. What should I claim it symbolises?

My nephew Jerod (the ex-shrimp) Grant. He's all grown up now. I expect to hear that the girls simply flock around him.


  1. Turns out, I lied earlier. I have pics for *2* posts, not just the one.

    Jerod is such a looker. I'm very pleased.

    Did anyone go off to see my first few Rome pics

  2. Wow, he's such a looker indeed.
    How did those sims died in the park? Uh..oh..I'm afraid that it would happened in my game, especially to my favorite ones.
    This is a lovely update. The Grants are loving sims. I like the picture when he taught Penny to walk. Awww.. such adorable and he really loves his wife so much.

    The paintings have new varieties now. I loved it.

  3. There was only one death in the park - old age. The three guys fainted, I've never had so many cowards in one spot. It was funny to watch.

    Phillip is so devoted to his family. He has been a very good Sim, his granddad could be proud of him.

    Yep new paintings. :)

  4. The Rome pics are gorgeous, PiB. What a beautiful city! I can't imagine how much better it looked in person, too.

    Lots of the arts in the family, at the moment! Writing, painting, photography, music... Quite the renaissance household, hm? :D

    Lucky sims, too, getting their own hottub. Looks like they'll be getting a lot of use out of it, too. ;)

    Those little girls are too cute... Gonna be shooting up like weeds soon, though.

    I love the sight of all the fainting in the park. ;D I imagine it was probably the grim reaper that scared them, or sim with No Sense of Humor going on a 'Bore to Death' spree, hehe.

    The shrimp is definitely no longer a shrimp! :D

  5. Rome is amazing, and you sometimes have to be there yourself to truly appreciate the scale of things - like that fountain.

    This bunch of adventuring Grants do love their arts. Phillip is about 1/2 through the painting skills. Vanessa is about to max writing. Vincent is still figuring out what he wants to do.

    You can bet that Vanessa and Phillip will want to relax a lot once the twins hit childhood and they have time to themselves again.

    Anyone want a Shrimp uploaded to the exchange?

  6. The Shrimp who isn't a shrimp anymore is a hunk and a half. I love the new art too. It's so great to have hot tubs back. I couldn't stand not using one in my game and changed that place on the beach in Barnacle Bay to an exclusive bar in one room, a gameroom in the other and a hot tub outside.
    I lol'd at all those fainted men.

    I haven't seen the pics yet but am on my way there now.

  7. I have been staring at those beautiful photos. There are just no words to describe the architecture. I just look at them and try to imagine the work that went into them and can't. Thank you so much for sharing those.

  8. New nickname definitely required for the Shrimp. He grew up very fine.

    The fainted man pic is awesome. So funny.

    Hot tubs might just be my favorite thing from LN. I just love them but not as much as Phillip. Heh.

    Rome is gorgeous!!

  9. Hey Dee. Yeah, Jerod is a hunk and a half - but Phillip isn't really the kind of guy who would say that. :)

    Hmm, last I heard, Jerod was unattached. I have some new ladies in my Sim bin. It's definitely time for new blood - Cassidy, Shannon, Amelia...

    The fainting guys were pretty funny. One of them is Malcolm VI, his little sister must have teleported home.

    Glad you enjoyed the Rome pics (first few).

  10. Thanks Chrysame. I have tried but failed to find a new nickname for Jerod. He'll just have to live as Jerod now. :)

    Hot tubs are pretty awesome, I love the bubble hearts they produce with woohoo.

    BTW - John Edward is *fascinated* by Shannon in his game. He keeps wanting to cuddle her.

  11. Introducing Mr Jerod Shrimpton my newest upload.

    Gen 4 and the Sammy genetics are definitely watered down now. He is not a Sam clone.

    BTW Handsome but evil. :)

  12. I'm pleased that the ex-Shrimp Jerod is doing well on the Exchange and actually did manage to attract some downloads in spite of having a default pic and no cc.

  13. He's on my list to download next. I picked up Amelia and Mr. Fail. It will good to have a new male in the sim herd.

  14. Who has the red hair with dark tips - Macy or Ben? Shrimpy got that hair colour. I'm betting Macy.

  15. After I uploaded the Shrimp and he'd been downloaded a lot, I looked at the pics after the first.

    If you have adopted the Shrimp for your game, please change his swim suit. Honestly, pirate outfit to swim in?

  16. Lovely update! :)
    Vanessa and Phillips little family is too sweet.
    Looks like they had a lot of fun in the hot tub. I have soooo missed that object!

    And omg to the sims dropping dead in town! what is up with that.

  17. Aww, thanks Jennifer

    Phillip and Vanessa are having a lot of fun with their new hot tub. Bet they can hardly wait for the girls to start school so skinny dipping is an option.

    They weren't dying, they were fainting because they had seen a ghost. :) I rewrote that bit, I confused everyone!


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