Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Feb 7

I had the travel bug again. Vanessa and I took off for Egypt.

Nothing like the smell of a tomb long closed. Actually, they reek. There's little air circulation and many small things crawl in and die.

This one isn't too bad. Granddad must have been here once. Musty, stale however not as disgusting as a never opened tomb.

First request was pretty simple, grab some fruit and report back. It didn't take long at all.

Do not ask how much it costs to ship the family car over just for a holiday. It was a bundle and a half, I can tell you that much. It's more comfortable then the little scooters but the roads are just barely wide enough for this bulky beast.

Out of my way, the Beast is coming through.

Opps, scared that one right off his scooter. Sorry about that.

Vanessa and I decided for once to use the deluxe tent we've owned for years. It was worth it, best night sleep I've ever had on holiday. We pack it away for the day, don't want everyone thinking it's free for whoever.

I found a hidden door. Wow, this is rare, I'm going to be the first Grant to step foot in this area. Granddad must have spent all of his time in tombs, it's usually all open.

This door is stuck solid. It took a good 15 minutes of pushing, shoving and cussing to pry it open.

Not good. Not good. Oh, seriously not good.

I spotted an obvious trap deeper in and walked into the hidden trap like a complete and utter idiot.

Whew, made it out.

Why does it still feel so hot in here? And still smoky?

Oh god, I'm on fire. Not good.

Always carry a can of instant shower. I used mine to put out the flames and it helped me feel cleaner.

I had to take a breather before I could explore that part of the cave further. I still had to disarm the trap that I had seen earlier. I did get there eventually, when I was over my fear.

I have got to be more cautious. It wouldn't do to leave Vanessa with twins to raise on her own and some of these traps can be deadly.

Ha, this time I was soaking wet before I stood next to the flames. The mechanism was too good for me to disarm but as wet as I was, I came to no harm from the fire.

I should have known there was some point to being soaking wet from a dive well.

I got the booty, made my delivery and then.

Oi, I risked life and limb for you. Don't you dare yell at me now. You got your stuff, you should be happy.

Vanessa collected some metal for the antiques dealer. We should never buy copper artifacts from him, I'm not sure his collection is that genuine.

Back home and Vincent is quite the domestic lad. He did the laundry before school started.

When the boys were gone, Vanessa and I each grabbed a toddler.  They both have the hang of walking so now it's time for toddler talking.

Come on Penny, talk to daddy.

Vincent keeps meeting up with kids after school. This is Jenny Hunter, the youngest of the Hunter girls.

Dear, you have to let him work out relationships on his own
But by his age I knew, it was you.
That's not how it normally happens sweetie. Give him time and space, he'll get there.

Author note: Travel was a bit stuffed up by Ambitions where you could no longer excavate. Now Phillip didn't fill his travel want when they left, you still can't excavate and a few more odds and ends. Phillip will continue to travel but the other blogs may not see any more holidays.


  1. I have been laughing out loud at the adventures of Phillip. That's not always a good thing. Like when you just took a bite of food.
    Great update PiB. So funny.

    Love "the beast' too. :)

  2. Poor Phillip was not doing well with that trap. I must remember to supply him with a lot more shower in a can before his next trip.

    I forget if the beast was your Dr Pepper code or Chrysame's but it was one of you. :)

  3. I do love when your sims travel. They still haven't fixed the glitches that came with Ambitions? Sheesh.

    The Beast is such an appropriate name for that old woodie.

    Ah, a teenager who does the laundry voluntarily before school...only in sims!

  4. I love that Dr. Pepper stuff.
    I love those cars especially. I just wish they didn't put that surfboard in the back of "the beast".

    He may not have been doing well but it sure made for a hilarious update.

  5. Not only is the Ambitions bug alive and well, I'm sure that The Beast is a new bug. I've never had a Sim bring their normal car on holiday - but I don't buy cars for Sims too often so it might be that I've not seen it before.

    Chrysame, I'm beginning to think that Vincent wants to be someone's house hubby someday. He does domestic a lot for a teen. :)

  6. I love the Dr. Pepper stuff too, Dee. I have to say, my fave is definitely the Lips couch. They look awesome in my Simmy's apartment. ^^

    Sorry to hear that the Vacation stuff is still broke (aarrgh, EA!!), but at least it looks like Phillip was having quite the time exploring and tomb diving. Glad Vanessa got to do some stuff on her own, too.

    Man, Vincent's a great teen. I think Brad did the laundry once before school, but that was about it. XD And, lookit da little giiiiirrrllss! Awww, they're gonna be getting big soon, I bet. Gotta squeeze in as much time snuggling on them as they can, I bet.

    May take Vincent until adulthood to find a gal, but it'll be worth the wait, I bet.

  7. I never did get that Lips couch. I got a lot of other stuff though.

    Vincent will find someone eventually.

  8. Poor Phillip isn't used to finding traps. Granddaddy Sammy hit almost all of them back in the day. And tombs don't reset - so any trap Sam found (the hard or the easy way) is still safe.

    I don't have the lips couch. :( I do have at least one hair, one dress and a car. :)

    I'm really really determined to let Vincent tell me when he's ready. I used to force relationships to some extent in this family - until Phillip just plain refused. So Phillip's children get choice, though I'll be shoving the younger ones toward the Kanes quite a bit when they hit teen.

  9. And 2 more reasons that I don't force relationships here.

    Rick Grant who ended up hating Patricia even though they stayed together almost their entire lives. Felt guilty about that one but Rick did seem to love Patricia when they were teens.

    Henry Grant - was far too impatient about he and Cindy. Fixed him up with Celia as a young adult and then he run off with Cindy when she aged up. On the other hand, both Darius (Celia) and Callie (Cindy) were keepers.

    All up, these Grants can be very very stubborn about who they want to stay with.

  10. With the mods you all have a chance to see who they really want.
    I just wait around until they have wishes after wishes for a certain sim.

    All this pics are great but everytime I come here I have to look at that first one. it is just awesome.

  11. Sort of. The mods tell us more but not everything.

    Thanks for that. The tomb doors tend to be very impressive. :)

    My fav is when Phillip gets caught in the wall of flame. He's hard to see but his eyes are just *huge*.

  12. Oh, I saw the eye when I enlarged that pic. that was what caused me to crack up to begin with. That and what you wrote.

    I've been reading mares nest. They have this story going that is hilarious. It's a shame we can't comment there.

  13. Twas only funny cause he made it back. I have never felt the same about Sims on fire since River died. I was very worried about how I was going to put the fire out when I noticed his Shower in a Can.

    Never go to Mare's nest. Much good there?

  14. Half the time mares nest is just telling about peoples rants and stuff but they have a story going right now that I find amusing.
    They are using peoples forum names. CloverStarDropper, Jarsie9, etc...
    They are already on part 3 now.
    I check the site almost everyday just to see what I might find to laugh about.

  15. Yeah, I think that's pretty crappy of them. Jarsie might annoy some people on the forums but what the Mare's Nest is doing is juvenile. I just don't think it's amusing to deride someone so publicly especially when their only crime is to occasionally troll on a forum. If that's the criteria then I expect them to mock a whole slew of posters.

  16. They mock everyone. Not just jarsie. I seen Jarsie around for a long time. She's very mild now compared to what she used to be like.

  17. Not everyone. They have a few pets who can do nearly anything. I just don't find it amusing. To each their own! :)

  18. You didn't! Not at all!! Just throwing out my two cents. Or nickel!

  19. I'd never heard of Mare's Nest before, so I went and took a look... Didn't really read much of the 'forum mockery' story, but admittedly, it looks kind of interesting. XD

    While I can't say I'm particularly fond of that style of mockery, there's something to be said about the kind of... overall 'message' of the blog... and that's that some people take some of this stuff way, way too seriously. It continues to baffle me how much drama goes on in the Sims community. I mean, I play online games where we essentially kill each other, and while there's trash talk, there's not usually ... this. XD

    To be honest, while it's a bit crude, sometimes trolls have to keep other trolls in check. And while I'm a little bit amused that stuff like that even *exists* surrounding something as light-hearted as a Sims game... I'm glad that I've neatly settled in a corner of the internet it doesn't exist. :P

  20. Wow. I think sometimes, I write too much. If you contributed a nickel, Chyrsame, I think I somehow managed to throw out like 75 cents. How very hypocritical of me to rant about Sims-related drama! ;)

    Gonna flip the time machine switch and say, I totally didn't notice how gigantic Phillip's eyes were until I saw your comment, PiB. For some reason, I saw the screenshot and didn't actually realize that that was his face. Ha!

  21. :) it's good to have some verbosity and some brevity.

    I've heard some less than kind stuff about Mare's Nest and pretty much avoided it.

    Phillip's face was well covered by the flames. He wasn't looking too happy when he realised that becoming toast was in his future.

  22. Darn, I commented and forgot to sign in.

    It won't be mentioned again. I have a dark sense of humor. I would probably be laughing about it if my avatar was involved. Over. Done. All good I hope.

    Out of time. I'll be doing my Thanksgiving cooking tonight and will try to be back and forth. Maybe later unless I get off work early. Off to go earn some dollars now.

  23. BTW The end of the blog had Vanessa's first ever comments. She decided it was time to calm Phillip down about Vincent's lack of dates.

  24. I read her comment but didn't realise it was her first time speaking in the story.

    Sounds like what a mom would say to a dad.

  25. Great update! Great looking pictures too. Vincent is so nice.
    I'm agree, he will get there sooner or later. Maybe he's just still being focused on his school and his future :)

  26. Thanks for popping by MJ. Vincent is a good hearted soul, he certainly helps with his little sisters and doesn't mind house chores.

    I'm just wondering when he'll show signs of wanting someone. I usually have that settled long before they leave the house as adults. LOL

  27. My sims don't do a lot of adventuring, I actually prefer to see other people's sims out on an adventure. lol

    Phillip is quite the man. Why not take the family car on holidays, more comfortable indeed!

    So sweet of him to think of Vanessa and the girls when he was going through those traps. I don't see him getting too caught out by anything though, he seems to be on the ball. ;)

    Great update! I've still got a few more to catch up on, sorry for the delay I've been a little busy. :)

  28. Hey Jennifer, thanks for dropping by.

    Phillip doesn't have to be terribly alert in tombs. They don't reset so the tombs his granddaddy went through are pretty much open. The fire can be a bit scary, if they can't dowse it fast enough, they can die.

    Busy is good. Glad you made it sometime. :)


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