Monday, December 6, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Feb 10

Art is always a tricky beast. There are times when everyone is after big bright bold colours and shapes. There are times when abstract is the way to go, others when the art needs to look as real as a photograph.

This is my most valuable painting. Doesn't look like it, does it? It is peaceful, calming. I think I'll hang it in our entryway.

Since I've finished a painting, I decided to check on my girls. Penny and Ronnie are fine, playing quietly in their room.

Vanessa deserves some down time, she's been working hard on her new novel. It will be her first satire, I hope it does as well as the last humor novel did. She says that the writing is going pretty quickly this time.

I still feel lucky. Wasn't it just yesterday that I convinced her to be mine?

Maybe not yesterday, but surely this gorgeous woman isn't the mom of one teenager and soon two in the house? Ok, a small wrinkle or two since we first met, but she is still the woman who rocks my world.

Working on my next painting.I think a bit more of a landscape this time.

Vanessa is working where she can keep an eye on the twins. Those girls are just weeds, what am I going to do when my adorable little princesses become children?

Can I hire goons to keep boys away from my angels?

[Sigh] That would backfire so badly. I'm sure that the more I try to protect them, the less they'll appreciate it.

The reaper was rather busy today. He took away a few people we didn't really know.

And he finally remembered to come for Uncle Henry. Uncle Henry was 111, the reaper had been forgetting him for quite a long time.

Vanessa wasn't happy to see death but poor Stephen was devastated to see his great uncle go.

Uncle Henry was ready to go, he'll finally be reunited with his wife, his siblings. It always seemed to be a bit hard on him to have lost Uncle Jack and Uncle Rick as well as Aunty Cindy.

I got the news by phone. It's not what you ever want to hear. It happens, eventually, but you don't want to hear about it.

Farewell Henry Harkness-Grant. You'll be missed by your kin but at least you'll be welcomed by family when you arrive at your new destination.

By Jove, I think I'm finally really coming to terms with this painting gig. This is a very nice one, and worth a pretty penny to boot.

I was giving Stephen some homework tips.

Why did we pick the kitchen floor? Well, I promised him ice cream and cookies if he finished his algebra. I've never seen the boy tear through his homework so fast.

It's nearly Stephen's birthday. Two teen boys in one house, I think I need a holiday.

Notes: The following Sims; Bettina Butler, Hugo Hawke, and Ripley Warren plus some random townie elders had a birthday triggered because they were at 92+ days old. Mr Henry Harkness-Grant was 111 the oldest Sim in town. I don't think anyone since his daddy Sam had lived to anything like that age.


  1. Ooo, great paintings to add to the collection. Those are a couple of my favorites that I've seen pop up.

    Those kids sure are adorable. Poor Stephen, probably the first death he's seen (and in the family!), but, at least his mom was there for him.

    Phillip and Vanessa will never cease to be sweet together. And it looks like she's still hard at work on her novels. :) Phillips got some interesting tattoos on his chest! I think I see a dolphin! And... something else I can't quite make out.

    111 is definitely pretty old, for 'Long' speed. I think I saw one live a bit longer than that before, but they were a vegetarian with high athleticism. Sad to see the old sims die off, but, it's always necessary for the young sims to make lots more babies. :)

  2. Stephen's grandmom Judy died at their home - can't remember if he was old enough to care at that point in time.

    Yes, Phillip has two tattoos on his front a dolphin in a ring of water and death on a greenish background. The one on his back is a mermaid with some decorations behind her.

    Henry was 21 days overdue for death. Like Sam, I just decided it might be a glitch and Age Transititioned him to summon the reaper. Vanessa and Stephen were there cause I didn't want him to die without some family. Didn't bother me to see the Reaper in game but writing about it was much much harder.

  3. Silly me, not death, it's the Koi type fish - black version on a green background.

    For reasons I've utterly forgotten, Phillip's tats are all water related.

  4. Uncle Henry lived a long time. I remeber having a sim live 120 something days on long lifespan. Thought she would never die.
    Love the update and the art.
    I see a little charlie look-a-like there. He wants to play with the toddlers. :)

  5. Dee, I think I've been neglecting your Gnome addiction. I believe that Vanessa fished up a third and different gnome and we don't have a picture. So they have one standard issue magic gnome, one Sculpture gnome and this other one that I can't remember offhand.

    Henry did live a seriously long time. His son with Celia is an elder now. The youngest boy is a teen but he lives with his big sister so he'll be fine.

  6. Yep, I am addicted to gnomes and kat doesn't have a one. I keep sending her to the store hoping one will pop up that she can buy.
    Oh wait. I just remembered. I put one from buydebug at the lake at the top of the waterfall.

  7. Teeheehee. I like that you sort of had a 'theme' with Phillip's tattoos.

    Dee and gnomes... Ha! I think Kat needs one, especially one of the new ones with LN! I've seen one of them in buydebug, but I'm not sure if they did more than one this time.

  8. If you want, I'll do some closeups of the three main tattoos as an add-on to the next post. I quite like his dolphin and mermaid.

  9. Oh, this is a great and lovely update, PiB. I love the way Phillip told us his feelings for his wife. It's so sad that Stephen cried while doing his homework, but Phillip was there to help him really helped Stephen a lot. I also love the way you told the story about deaths in bright side.

  10. Thanks MJ

    Phillip is so sweet on her still. It's nice that he is so much in love.

    As for Henry's death, he really has been a bit depressed every time one of the family sees him since his siblings and wife died. He'll finally be reunited with all of them.

  11. Lovely update and Phillip sure is one great painter!

    I'm trying to get my sims to take up the photography skill but they need to get a better camera than the cheapest one they have. lol

    So nice to see that Phillip is still so in love with Vanessa. They really such a sweet couple. ;)

  12. Hi Jennifer,

    Phillip is nearing the top of that skill. Which will achieve his lifetime ambition.

    The better the camera the faster they skill with it. Phillip has his granddad's camera, the best that can be bought. He learned very very fast with it.

    Phillip has always and at this point probably will always dote on his wife. It is sweet as anything.


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