Friday, January 14, 2011

The Journal of Phillip Grant - March 4

I had an idea. It's nearly Vincent's birthday and time to think about his future.

I happen to know that Erica is the youngest child of her family and the last living at home. Her dad recently past away, only her mom Christi Clayton-Leman shares the house.

So I went to have a chat with Christi about having my son move in. If Erica and Vincent stay as a couple, they'll have a lovely huge house.

If we buy Vincent a house to move to once he is an adult, Erica may end up moving out of the family home and it's really not likely to be nearly as nice. We can afford to buy Vincent a decent house but it won't compare to August Moon.

Christi agree to the idea. Vincent can move in. Erica is a little younger than he is, it would be good for an adult to be there for her. A teen living alone wouldn't be the best idea.

Christi had to admit to feeling her age, she may be joining her husband Erwin soon.

Would you believe that a couple of teens felt awkward just because I decided to join them in the dining room?

Mind you that they were not up to anything when I got here. Just hanging out together.

The girls went next door to play.

One thing about having a neighbor with kids similar ages to ours. They have somewhere safe to go that's close to home. It's a short walk there, a long bicycle ride to anyone else's place.

Penny was a bit quicker so she had a chat to Nicolas.

Veronica chatted to James. He was pretty tolerant, given their age differences.

That vampire gnome is the spookiest thing. I've gotten used to them popping around everywhere but this one is just creepy.

Stephen brought home Hayley Pendragon. She's one of his best friends from school.

Hayley is quite the pretty girl. She's one of Uncle Henry's grandchildren from his oldest son.

Veronica finally had her chance to chat to Nicolas.

Both the girls have met a ton of new people at school. There are a lot of kids in town. I expect they'll be bringing some over or going home with other kids pretty regularly.

Gack, don't the house chores ever end? I decided to tackle the dishwasher, though our butler might eventually take care of it. He can take care of the sink.

Before I knew what happened, it was time for Vincent's big birthday party.

We invited lots of guests, it's not every day a teen becomes a man.

What an interesting party group. Devon in red is practicing judo moves. Eric's daughter Rocio is pretending to strangle herself. And Abbey is about to have a panic attack from either too many people or it could just be time for her to freak out.

I'd worry more about the freaking out if Stephen weren't the same.

It's that time, Vincent gets to make a wish.

While our friends and family wait anxiously for the big moment.

Sammy's daughter Devon grew up well. She was a very awkward looking teenager. As an adult, it all came together for her.

There was much clapping and cheering.

And waving little noise makers.

It's a proud time but a sad time too. My son is a man.

Vanessa and I have done our best with him. But we have to let him go, find his own way in the world. Since he'll be moving in with Erica and her mom, we don't have to worry too much about his immediate future.

Still, the first of our children is getting ready to fly from the nest. I'll miss my boy.

Bonus pic

I do have a lot of great looking Sims in town.
Darren Pendragon - the oldest boy from Celia Pendragon and Jack (Harkness) Pendragon. I need to check and see if he has family, he should have at least one child for me.


  1. Yay, a PiB post! I dunno why, but it always feels like ages between anything anyone posts these days. (Yes yes, I'm still working on mine...)

    Hahaha. IRL, I wonder how that conversation would've gone: "So, you're probably gonna die soon, so instead of your daughter moving out and losing your amazing home, why don't you just let my son move into your mansion so he and your daughter can keep living there when you're kaputt and they're married?!"

    Hahaha... Good things Sims don't mind such things. ;) It is a good idea, though. Always annoys me when the rich families lose their estates because the kids move out and the parents die off.

    Nick's lookin' cute, as are Penny and Ronnie--though it's hard to actually see their face in any of the picks! I can see that Nicolas is looking cute and scruffy, though. ^^

    Vincent aged up *very* nice. He looks veeerrrryy handsome. Erika should count herself lucky! Looks like he had a nice big party, too. It's funny seeing the butler participate. ^^

  2. It has been ages since my last post compared to that time when I was updating blogs about 5 times a week. It got so quiet that I didn't feel up to posting.

    LOL Well, that's kind of the conversation they would have had to have. And at her age (I think she's 93 or 94 days old so the reaper really is due *any* time), she should be thinking about her daughter's future.

    I could have just moved Vincent there *without* telling you guys about it, but this time, well, Phillip is thinking ahead.

    Ok, next update I'll make sure you can see the girls properly. And Stephen. But this update was mostly for Vincent.

    He hasn't actually moved out yet but I will miss him. His features are mostly his mom - that hair colour is from his great granny Rachel though.

  3. Oh Vincent grew up alright. He certainly looks like a solid man. ;)
    I love how the butler also joins in on the celebration too. lol

    The twin girls are so cute as children, I didn't think sim kids can get any cuter but I think it's possible. :)

  4. Hi again Jen

    Vincent is a bit more plump then my average Sim but not everyone is slim and beautiful.

    I am looking forward to the girls getting to teen. They are going to drive their dad batty I think. :)


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