Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Journal of Phillip Grant - March 1

Ah Sunday, lazy Sunday. A day to finish off all the fun stuff before the week begins in earnest.

Stephen went next door for a visit. I'm sure he wanted to see Abbey. However, Abbey's mum Emerald decided it was time to have a chat with the boy. I can't blame her, he seems to be underfoot over there quite a bit since he and Abbey started a romance. They haven't started officially dating but somehow it feels like a matter of time for that.

Stephen and Emerald seemed to have gotten along all right. I hope the boy didn't tell her one of his wilder conspiracy theories but Em might be used to it. Abbey seems to be the same.

Vincent met up with Erica in the park. They spent a lot of time jamming - she developed some good skills with that base. That guy on the piano was actually really good, Vincent wants to get him for his band. Unfortunately for Vincent, the piano player isn't a friend so won't join the band yet. Maybe sometime.

Lots of people danced and listened. No one donated any money. Well, you can't expect money from every performance in the park.

We've arranged for a butler. I've heard that they can be far more useful than a maid; they cook, clean and repair. They also can look after the babies and toddlers but he doesn't have to worry about that. Just as well for his sake, the twins were a definite handful.

I miss having babies in the house though. 

I was inspired by a recent balloon ride to paint a view of Sunset Valley from above. City Hall and our local park are the center of our city.

I was pleased with how well it turned out. Sold for a pretty penny as well.

Kendrick Sekemoto and Marcelo Pendragon. Kendrick is my cousin Chance's younger son. His mom is Ursula, she divorced Chance years ago and married Marcelo. So Marcelo is Kendrick's step dad, even though they are much the same age.

It's actually one of the more unusual households in the neighborhood. Ursulu lives with all of her children; Marco and Kendrick from her first marriage with Chance and Stephanie who is Marcelo's girl. Stephanie is just a little toddler while her half brothers are both grown men.

Marco has never married, rarely dates a girl for more than a week. He's definitely older than Marcelo.

Kendrick is married to Dayna. Dayna is a lovely girl, one of the Leman family.

Long since time for Kendrick and Dayna to move out and start a family of their own.

Stephen and Abbey decided to come over here to get some quiet time. They couldn't get away from Abbey's family while over at the Kane house.

They failed, it was Abbey's turn to meet Vanessa.

That was an odd coincidence that both Mums picked today to meet the romantic interest of one of their children. 

I've been really quite inspired today. This is a moody painting of one of our gnomes.

Vanessa finally decided to stop chatting to Abbey. So Stephen and Abbey finally had a bit of alone time together. Poor boy has been dying to do that all day.

Vincent stopped playing guitar to step up to the grill-a-thon challenge. He spent the afternoon grilling hot dogs for the neighborhood.

He completed the challenge successfully. Not sure what that will really do for him, except it did help his cooking skills along.

This was simply not the day for Stephen and Abbey. My cousin Tosha came to visit and Veronica got into the act as well. So they were interrupted again.

I feel for Stephen. I remember how hard it was to find a quiet corner when I was romancing Vanessa. With Mum, Dad, Eric, Katie and the babies, there was always someone just around the corner.

I should point out to Stephen and Abbey there should be some beach or picnic spot at the edge of town that isn't crammed with relatives.

I am really pleased with how this painting came out. It's still not a masterpiece but it is a brilliant work none the less.

Also I've finally maxed my painting skill. I've always wanted to be a visionary and I have finally reached that goal.

I'm framing this picture and keeping it here. A good reminder of this day.

I like this. The kids had a tournament session of "Grand Crash Auto" before school. Hard to say if any of them are winning but they are having a lot of fun. Actually, I'm not positive that it's supposed to be grand crash auto, that's just the way the kids were playing it.

It will be the girls' first day at school. Just as well that they start off by having fun at home before they go.

Since it was they first day at school, it means they have homework for the first time ever. So Vanessa sat down with Veronica.

While I worked with Penelope to give them some help at how to do the homework.

Yes, in the kitchen again cause cookies and ice cream is a very definite motivator.


  1. I had no idea that a Sim could paint something as cool as Phillip's painting of the warrior and the dragons.

    That one is very neat.

  2. I agree--that painting is totally wicked!! I love it! What an awesome painting to get as the last one he needed, too.

    It is kind of an odd coincidence that both Abbey met Vanessa and Stephen met Emerald; seems to have worked out rather nice. I'm glad to see that they're both making the effort to get to know the others' family, too.

    Lookit all the kids playing instruments! Looks like Vincent is really enjoying his music.

    Another butler, hmm? :D I think PiB's fallen in love! I'm not sure if I want to get one, yet... But they sure do seem handy.

    Kenda's a very pretty sim--her hair color seems really similar to Emerald's (except for probably the tips), which is kinda interesting.

    I really love the shot of all the kids playing video games. I like it when they sit all over the place, even on the floor, getting all excited over the game.

    And, Penny and Veronica start school--d'aawww. Bout time! Smart parents, offering them bribes to learn. Ha!

  3. I was stunned when I could see enough of the painting to work out what it was to be. I'd happily hang that on my wall.

    It was a real coincidence. I sent Stephen over to the Kanes - when I went to check, he was chatting to Em. Eventually he and Abbey went to his house and when I check to see what's up, Vanessa is chatting with Abbey. Cute but coincidence.

    In the park, only 2 of the three are kids. The piano player is an adult - I think it's Denis Clayton-Leman.

    Unlike Sammy who can barely afford it, these Grants have no problem hiring a butler. Though with no babies or toddlers, he seems to cook a bit often.

    Kenda? Maybe you mean Dayna? Her hair colour is Bebe Hart's. Funny, three of her four grandparents had red hair and she ended up with Bebe's instead.

    I loved the video game too. The kids are all happy, excited and talking to each other. Never ever did that before - must do it again.

    Penny and Veronica finally at school. Tomorrow Nicolas Kane will be joining their class.

  4. ... How the heck did I end up typing 'Kenda' instead of 'Dayna'? I have a habit of typing things backwards sometimes when I'm not paying attention, but that was just weird. XD But yes, that is what I meant.

    You've never had your kids all playing video games together? Shame, PiB! That's like, the Kane kid's favorite activity. ^^ Maybe because it's mine, too...

    Ooo, little Nick's growing up too! If only Mere was around to dote those grandkids--she loooves babies.

  5. LOL I have no idea how you did that. Sort of combined Kendrick's name with Dayna's.

    Nope, the first time ever I had all the kids in the house play video games together. I'm not used to group gaming - I've always been a pc/mac gamer. :)

    Little Nick won't be that little. And Brad did acquire siblings yesterday - but no parents. I really haven't the heart to instantly age Mere and Jeb to elder. Travis will grow to adult next time I visit. Brad's only a few days off adult.

  6. Hmm... That's actually not a bad point. Kendrick/Dayna/Kenda. Stupid brain.

    Group gaming is awesome--especially with the Wii. :D Me and my Sibs love to play it whenever we get together. My sims must have the same experience!

    I wouldn't suggest adding Jeb and Mere, especially considering the last thing you want is more elders, probably. I just know Mere adores toddlers--especially playing in the dollhouse with them.

  7. No, I thought I'd give Jeb and Mere a break. They have enough guest appearances from me as it is.

    And Brad has no room in his place for additional people.

  8. Ah, the reason Brad has no room is not that I added Travis and Amelia to his home. That would be a bit ridiculous. It's just that it was a small house which I expanded enough for his family (just). No room for more then his family.

    Travis and Amelia live in a small house across town. They do know they are sibs with each other and Brad.

  9. That painting is just beautiful.
    I love seeing all the kids playing a game together.
    Poor kids/young loves. Just want to spend a little time together and everyone keeps butting in. :)

  10. Thanks Dee, that painting is something else.

    The kids playing together is nice. I like their various expressions - neurotic Stephen looks worried, Penny is looking intense, the other two just look excited/happy.

    Stephen spent a couple of hours wanting to make out with Abbey and no opportunity to do so. At least they got a couple of minutes. Next time, Phillip will let them borrow the family car to go to one of the fishing holes that rarely have visitors. Phillip would have sympathy with how hard it can be to connect in a busy house.

    Abbey doesn't seem to really show that loner trait of hers. She's never been stressed by the house even though it tends to have a lot of people

  11. :D Phillip is just happy Stephen found someone.

  12. Vincent was the one Phillip was worried about. Stephen hooked up with Abbey within a couple of days of teen.

    Damn, it's nearly time to move Vincent out. :( I'm gonna miss him.

  13. Well darn. I'm getting confused with the sim guys.

  14. Not to worry Dee. It's my job to remember who is who in this blog. Including which son is dating whom and how long it took for the relationship to develop.

    It's your job to enjoy it. :)

  15. *laughing* That's a good thing cause my memory sucks.
    I will say that I am doing my job. :)

  16. Yay for Stephen and Abbey. Finally, a Grant/Kane hook up!

    The paintings are lovely. I do love seeing what they create and how their traits influence their art. Painting is one of my favorite things to do in game. Although, I get horribly impatient for them to complete the work.

    My favorite shot is the kids all playing video games together. That just seems so right.

  17. Indeed, a definite Grant/Kane hookup. Stephen is definitely rolling romance wants about Abbey on his own.

    I'm with you on the impatient. There have been several paintings that I really wanted Phillip to complete.

    Glad you liked the game shot. I did love seeing the 4 of them having such a blast together.

  18. That painting is way cool! Wow never seen anything like that before.

    I too love that shot of them all playing video games, too cute! I didn't know more than two sims could play together. lol

    Stephen and Abbey, awww. :)

  19. Hi Jen,

    I think we can all agree, that was a great painting.

    I didn't realise that you could have so many Sims play video games together. A bit late for Vincent but I have to make sure other families play together too.

    :) Stephen and Abbey, so sweet. I wonder if they will start wanting it to be official soon.


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