Monday, May 16, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - April 12

Mum is working hard on another novel. She spends so much time at her desk.

Writing satire is hard. It requires a lot of effort to get the humour just so. On the other hand, your mum loves having fans recognise her work.

"Daddy, when we were in China, you said we should meditate together sometimes."


"Well, I was thinking now might be ok?"

"That sounds good, Penny. Let's go outside, enjoy fresh air."

So Daddy and I spent a couple of hours in the garden meditating. Not long enough to zenoport but long enough that all my tension had drained away. Meditation is not usually a group thing but I'm glad that Daddy came out with me.

Ronnie went to the pool and met up with one of the kids in our class. I think his name is Steven, or Stephan or...

No, I don't know him. Ven must know him from the book club or library volunteer group or the chess club, or one of her other brainy groups.

He does seem cute enough. Not as adorable as Nick, but they can't all be as cute as Nick.

I don't know if he appreciated he was the first to see Ronnie's new look. She went to the stylist today, just for the clothes, she still likes her hair.

Daddy went back to his easel.

Meditation really helped me gain focus. Makes everything seem easier. 

Ronnie found out that James married someone called Jaimee Brock. She spent a lot of time on the phone talking to several of her school friends after finding out. Poor Ronnie.

I've been practicing making drinks. I hope that I can start making those skill drinks soon. Stephen was good at those just before he left home.

Dad was getting the laundry and found a little magic laundry gnome. That one is cute, not like the creepy vampire one. It remind me of our old teddy bears.

"Daddy, are you sure it's safe to have 4 magic gnomes in one house?"

"Well, Penny, they can be annoying when they pop into the bedrooms unexpectedly but they haven't done anything more yet."

Daddy has created yet another brilliant painting.

It was enough to gain me permanent recognition in the art world.

I heard that Nicolas spent the evening visiting his sister. They played a tournament round of chess. Nick lost.

Nick could probably trounce me at chess. Ven's tried to get me interested in the tactics, but I just find the whole thing boring.

I'm pretty sure this drink should not be smoking yellowish fumes.

[sigh] I hate being bad at anything. Do it well or don't do it at all, that's my philosophy.

Dad went to visit Uncle Sammy.

I have a feeling my oldest brother won't be with us for much longer.

Did we hear Uncle Sammy remarried?

Yes. He is very happy but his health just isn't the best now.

bonus pics

New kids in town, the Pesces. I have yet to decide if I'll age the twins up to teen so they can go to school with the twins.

Eddie Starr from Mikezumi - need a few more lookers in this hood.

Moe chatting to Sammy Grant. Sammy is on his last day now. The first of Phillip's siblings to go.


  1. Awww, lovely post. Phillip's writing less and less of the journal now! Soon it'll be just Penny.

    Love Ronnie's new look, very cool. I still like her the best, so I'm interested to see where things go!

    Aw, the Pesces. I say age them babies up! I want to see someone play them as teens ;) I'm not patient enough to wait for Kaleeko, moohahaha.

    Poor Sammy :( He had a nice long life though!

  2. Yes, until one of them leaves home, Phillip will always comment on Penny's journal. But not so much as the first time.

    Ronnie will have a chance to shine in Kaleeko's blog, Penny is far more appropriate as the World Adventuring Grant. :)

    K, I'll age the kids up to mid-teen and make them acquaintances of the Grant girls. Would you believe that the twins only have 3 days of teen left? Good idea not to wait for Kaleeko...could be awhile. :)

    I'm losing a lot of Phillip's generation now. Just most of them are not related or too distant to mention. It's still sad to see them go. Sammy is Phillip's first sib but his sister Kathy won't be much longer. :(

  3. I definitely agree with ya, PiB--for an adventure story, Penny is the ideal choice. She's perfect! Works out really good for me, because it's really hard for me to use the Main Character of someone else for something major in my story.

    And yeah--waiting to see anything in my story requires a crapton of patience. Would be cute to see them as Teens, here--they'll probably be Teens by the time my next Season starts, but that's still a bit off.


    Penny sure looks adorable in that hat. ^^ It's pretty sweet how much she loves hanging out with her dad, too--meditating together, d'aww.

    Ronnie's looking pretty cute, too! Love the new look. I'm glad to see she's out socializing, too--and that she isn't taking James moving on TOO hard. Still bet it affected her some, though. :(

    Aww, poor Penny, upset she can't make a drink right--just keep at it, babe! You'll get it eventually!

    Sucky for Sammy, probably dying soon... Bet Phillip will be taking that particularly hard. :(

    Great post, PiB! Always lub hearing about the Grants. ^^

  4. :) Yes, Penny will be able to shine here and eventually we'll all see more of Ronnie over at Kaleeko's place.

    Penny does indeed look adorable in her hat. And she loves her daddy best, but that's ok, Ronnie understands Vanessa best.

    I thought Ronnie could use a new look. She is still friends with James but it probably won't go further. Though who knows what she'll do once fed to the time stream.

    Penny will get better with the drinks. She's just been to class.

    Thanks for stopping by Kaleeko. You know these Grants will be around till the end of time (or the end of the of them. )

  5. It's always so sad to see any of the Grants go. *sniff*

  6. Well, Sue, at least you only hear about one branch of the family. There are more Grants going - just not in this branch of the family tree.

    Sammy lived well and quite a long life. He even just remarried - which is the shortest marriage ever in my game - maybe two days?


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