Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - April 16

Ven brought Stephen home again. I don't know if she thinks he's interesting or he's just the least dull boy she knows.

He's probably just a friend to her. She's a bit too much of a bookworm, it's going to take someone pretty determined to make my sister pay attention.

Mum and Dad have really been dancing a lot lately.

We've been watching a lot of Dancing with the Sims. It's very inspiring.

I can tell Dad, you two have some fancy footwork.

I decided to twist Nick's arm and get him over for a visit. He must have hesitated for a whole 2 seconds before he agreed he'd be over soon. The advantage of loving the boy next door? That we can be together in a couple of minutes by walking across the lot.

"Nick, what happened to your hair?"

"I finally convinced my mom to stop dyeing it."

"Your mom dyed your hair?"

"Yep, she tried to explain her reasons but I didn't get it. Something weird about wanting to make sure one of the kids at least kind of looked like Dad."

"But you look a lot like your Dad."

"That's how I finally convinced her to stop."

I showed Nick that I approved of the new colour.

He's just dreamy. Even if he dyed his hair green with purple spots, I'd still love him.

Though he was pretty cute as a blond as well.

Mum went down to the pub to do a spot of moonlighting.

Dad went along as support. He was ordering the drinks.

Mum's not that proficient yet, it might have been a good thing that Dad was her only customer.

Nick and Veronica do spend a little time talking to each other. I really should encourage it more, I mean my twin and my forever boyfriend should be friends.

Nick decided to tell Veronica his latest evil plan.

Telling Ronnie an evil plot was kind of a mistake. Ronnie wasn't interested at all. Nick was so disappointed that she wasn't thrilled to be involved.

I'm getting used to it now, he's told me a couple.  And I love him dearly, so I'll listen to anything he has to say.

Ronnie, on the other hand, doesn't dislike him but she's just not interested in hearing his plans.

I hope that they got on someday. I can't imagine my life with either of them somewhere.

Here we are, first thing in the morning. Who takes pictures when you still have bed hair? Sheesh. Daddy!

The two of you are lovely. Even with your bed hair.

Mum got a phone call about raising her fitness level. She wasn't very keen but Dad insisted that he help train her in the gym.

When they came home a few hours later, Mum might have been exhausted but she was looking chipper as well. 

Daddy invited Aunt Kathy over. Uncle Sammy passed on and we have heard that Aunt Kathy is feeling her age as well.

Daddy got a few things when Uncle Sammy died. One was his camera, Daddy promptly gave it to Ronnie. Ronnie has been wanting to learn photography since forever, but Dad didn't want to risk his camera to anyone.

You'll have my camera, Penny. When I'm sure I won't want to use it again.

Like that will ever happen, Daddy.

I'm sure it will, Penny. There will certainly be a time when I won't ever need it again.

Another day and another date with Nick. It was so beautiful. The water, the reflections, the breeze, and Nick.

There are just days and times that are so perfect, you never want them to end. This was one of them.

We spent till late dusk, but eventually the light faded and we went home.

Dad's latest painting. None of us know what the heck that is but it's an interesting looking thing.

I saw it in a mythology book. I think it was called a horse? Maybe a unicorn?


Bonus pic

The Shrimp's sons - Dedric and Alfred in the park. I happened to catch them in one of those awwww moments.


  1. Had to chuckle about Nick's hair color change XD I think this suits him a bit better, in the end--now he looks like a proper mix of his parents. Can't blame Penny though, he does look good either way!

    I seriously love the pics of Phillip and Vanessa dancing. ;D They're so cuuute.

    Got a chuckle out of Ronnie being unimpressed with Nick's evil plans--I guess those two are going to need a bit of time to really get to know each other. Penny's persistent enough to make it happen, though!

    Hahaha--I love the pic of them in their pajamas. ;D

    Really beautiful shot, at the beach!

    Cute post, PiB--it's a nice breath of fresh air to hear things from Penny's point of view, too. :D

  2. Kaleeko <3 <3 <3

    I changed Nick's hair when he was a toddler not realising that he was a Brad clone. I finally decided it was time to change it back to what he had naturally, and I agree that it suits him better. Neither he nor Penny mind.:)

    I wuvs watching Phillip and Vanessa dancing. They've both maxed basic dance so they do some cute moves together.

    Yes, Nick decided to discuss an evil plot with Ronnie, she is seriously unimpressed. LOL They have a ways to go to be friends.

    The girls are too cute in their pjs and bunny slippers. :D

    I'm glad you loved the beach shot. I took my time making it just so.

    I am hoping that the posts do sound different with Penny - not just a continuation of Grant voice.

    Thanks for the comments - big smushy huggles!

  3. I can't believe she was dying his hair- that made me laugh. Penny's really cute when it comes to him, too. As are Phillip and Vanessa! I've always loved those two- they're definitely adorable.

    Ahaha, Ronnie and Nick definitely have an interesting dynamic. They definitely aren't warming up to each other as much as Penny wants, poor thing.

    There are some great screenshots in this post! I love the beach one in particular. And I agree- you can definitely tell the difference between the journal under Penny as opposed to Phillip. Great job!

  4. Well, someone has dyed his hair since he was a toddler.

    Penny really does adore him. She frequently rolls wants about him. Phillip and Vanessa are always such a couple.

    If Penny wants Nick to be friends with Ronnie, she's going to have to stop monopolizing his time. LOL

    Thanks for the compliments - they make me happy!

    Big huggles for you too.

  5. Penny has really found her voice. I like Nick's look and obviously Penny agrees.

    Nick's expression when Ronnie shows no interest in his evil plot is hilarious. I don't blame Ronnie, though. The shark with lasers on their head had been done to death. *snickers*

    The beach shot is very pretty. This should be a fun group for Generations!

  6. Chrysame! Kermit Flail!

    I think it's official. Nick has found a look. I'm glad I finally changed his hair back to what it should be.

    Nick certainly was disappointed by Ronnie's lack of interest. Next time, he'll have to try the evil plot with killer bees, see if that one is better. laugh

    The beach makes the best photos in the late afternoon, no question!

    Thanks so much for stopping by.


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