Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - April 9

Daddy? What's this?

It's the family journal. You get to start now


Yes, now.

Right, so last night Mum and Stephen were dancing up a storm. She seemed to have taught him a few new moves.

Your mother always did know good moves.

Daddy, are you going to have me do this or not?

All yours.

Then hush.

Nope kiddo, you are stuck with me.

Dad still spends a lot of time painting. And Mum writes novels still.

What can I say, painting is fun and profit rolled into one. Your Mum does stress a bit over the novel writing though.

I think it's so romantic, how Mum and Daddy still adore each other. I hope that Nicolas and I stay together like that.

Daddy, do I have to wear a hat?

Kiddo, you get the journal, you have to have a hat.

Can't Ven have the journal?


Pen and Ven. We tried P and V but Ven broke up laughing every time she said P.

So, how would you like to come with me down into the tombs next trip? Lot's of pushing, pulling and there may be traps. There will also be lots of treasure.

I've been hoping you'd take me.

And your sister?

Are you kidding? Give her a book or computer.

There you go, kiddo. You want the thrills, you get the journal and the hat.

Honestly, I do love my sister but I don't understand her at all. She loves to have her head in a book, or doing computer stuff or playing chess. Where's the thrill? Where's the romance?

Dad's latest painting was declared a masterpiece. It's the first masterpiece he's ever painted.

To celebrate the masterpiece, Dad hosted a pool party. Mostly family with a few friends invited. And a few people just happened to be swimming today.


Yes, Penny?

Why is Abbey skinny-dipping?

You can ask your mother about that. Abbey really shouldn't skinny-dip with you and Ronnie around though.

Stephen looks like he's thinking about joining Abbey.

Unlike Abbey, Stephen decided not to undress when there are teens about. Especially since two of them are his little sisters.

Stephen with no clothes??? Ewwww.

It's been hours and hours since I've seen Nicolas. It feels like a lifetime.

I just adore doing romantic things with Nicolas.

I didn't realise until I lost him, how much I wanted Nick and only Nick in my life.

Nick says I look hot with the new hat.

Should I be insulted that I didn't look hot before?

Wow, Dad, another painting finished. I don't like it as well as the last one.

It wasn't a masterpiece but it sold alright.

Hey Daddy, who's that?

Another of your cousins. This one is Malcolm, he's your Aunt Kathy's oldest. That's his little boy he's carrying.

There's nothing Mum likes more than getting out of the house and to a fishing hole. The other kids think it's funny, she just goes and never pays any attention to what she happens to wear.

My Mum is the best dressed fisherman in town.

She catches a lot of fish too.

Look, Dad. It's Nicolas's Mum and big brother James. But who's the other guy?

That would be Nicolas's uncle Travis. Bradley's older brother.

Poor Ronnie, it's a shame about James.

James is dating now. Ronnie is going to have to move on.

We had more relatives in the park, Penny. That's your Uncle Sammy and his daughter Devon.

How old is Uncle Sammy?

He's nearing 100. We'll probably be getting a phone call any day about him passing away.


Yes, Penny?

This can't be right. I was looking through the parts of the journal. There are some old pics there with your name...but that can't be.

Hmm, they are right. I'd forgotten how long my hair was when I was a teen.

Really you?

Yep. Your granddad wasn't fond of that hair either.


The bonus pics

Since this blog has no filter on it

Stephen did decide to join Abbey

Nicolas, if you finish that step, you are going to regret it in those clothes.

He actually froze there like that for several minutes till the game figured out how not to have him instantly either swim or walk on water.

Beatrice Warren, the Master Thief daughter of Chrysame's Ripley.


  1. Wanders in.

    Boots email.


  2. ... Um. Good morning? XD

    I see Phillip is having a tough time giving up his role as narrator--at least Penny doesn't seem to mind, much. She's not 100% thrilled about doing it, it seems, lol. ^^ Love that.

    Grats on Phillip's masterpiece! Guess he felt more in the groove without PiB staring over his shoulder every couple of minutes? *giggle*

    Pen and Ven--haha, niiice. They're definitely very different lasses, but at least they still get along really well. Not much treading on each others' toes. ^^ I think the hat definitely suits Penny more in the long run, but she shouldn't give her sister TOO much flack; there isn't anything wrong with having your nose stuck in a book!

    Abbey skinny dipping--lol. Quite strange, isn't she a loner? Still, I'm surprised Penny didn't run out there and steal her clothes. ^^

    Awwwww--Penny and Nicolas definitely look very sweet together. Glad he likes the hat! (Don't worry Penny--you did look hot before.)

    I am glad to hear that James finally found somebody, but I guess that means Veronica's going to start keeping here eye out for someone else to fall in love with. Don't worry, dear--there's plenty more fish in the sea. (Yes, I knoooowww that sucks to hear... But at least Ronnie doesn't seem the emotional type.)

    lol--love the shot of Nicolas 'running' to the pool. I notice that there's a lot of lag when changing into swimsuits lately--I think it's something to do with the Dresser mod.

    Cute post--great to see Penny taking the reigns, if begrudgingly. Also, love the new site theme/colors/header. All looks great! :D

  3. Not nearly enough sleep last night, hubby snoring in ear... so not at my best yet. Sorry 'bout that.

    The journal is running about even now. Sam started it. Indy didn't want to but Sam did the 'NOW boy' thing. Phillip grabbed it on his own. Penny had to be told.

    I liked his masterpiece and it's nice he finally did it!

    Pen likes being active. Ronnie is definitely quieter and the thinker. Since I'm more a book and computer person, Ronnie is way more like me.

    Abbey is a loner - I was very surprised anyone was skinny dipping with teens on the property.

    Penny does adore Nick. She regularly has wants for him.

    I was expecting James to find someone new. And poor Ronnie, the boys left in her class are either related or mean spirited. So I don't think she'll find anyone till she ages up.

    Amelia Kane is dating Charles Grant - one of the great grands from a different branch.

    Thanks so much for the comment. Hugggggssss for Kalkins.

  4. Ah, skinny dippers! XD
    Should she be insulted about that comment her lover made? YES! ;)
    I really like this, can't wait for more!

  5. "Pen and Ven. We tried P and V but Ven broke up laughing every time she said P."

    Love that line!! :D

  6. I think Penny is going to do just fine! I love her and Nick together. They make a very good looking couple. And, maybe she can ditch the hat when Dad isn't looking...maybe. :P

    I like the studious Ven. Everyone is running around and she just sits in the middle of the normal Grant liveliness and reads.

    Great update and great start to Penny's turn as narrator!

  7. Hey Drew, I was more than a bit surprised by a skinny dipper.

    Thanks for popping by.

  8. Hey Sue,

    Penny has No Sense of Humor so she doesn't quite get it. :) Does this mean you officially caught up?

  9. Hi Chrysame! Penny may not ditch the hat. Cause I'll be watching, even if Phillip doesn't.

    Nick looks so like his dad. Strong genetics in the Kane family.

    Ven and her mom both are a bit bookish and not as athletic as most Grants. It does make a good contrast.

    Penny will make an interesting narrator. Hopeless romantic with no sense of humor. :)

  10. The new hat looks great on Penny. :)

    I see you're phasing out Phillip and phasing in Penny, very nice! It'll be interesting to see how the blog turns out under Penny.

    Skinnydipping in front of children- how irresponsible! ;)

  11. Thanks Amelia,

    In this blog, there's usually a bit of overlap when the next person takes over. Phillip won't ever be quite as noisy again.

    I was surprised it was Abbey of all people that was skinny dipping. Definitely irresponsible. :) Course Penny was more worried about her brother joining in...there is such thing as way too much of your sibling.

  12. Hee hee at mother and son dancing. Too cute!

    Argh skinny dipping at the local pool! lol I'd expect that from males only.

    Penny is a spitting image of her mother. She would look good wearing a paper bag! ;)

  13. Mother and son dancing, and really strutting their stuff with some fancy footwork.

    LOL - I don't know about men only but Abbey Kane? She's definitely low on my list of random skinny dippers. We were all glad Stephen waited for the crowd to leave before he joined in. :)

    Again, thanks for the comments.


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