Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - April 20

I should wait till I have more to write, but I am sooo excited. This was the best day any girl could ever want. I'll get to that when it's time.

Dad still only has eyes for Mom. He went specially to buy her the best bouquet of roses he could find.

Mom loved it. But she loves Dad, so he'd have to bring home something really awful to make her unhappy.

Dad's taken to bragging about Vincent's girl Miriam to anyone who will listen.

I have a feeling that he'd love to have more grandchildren to talk about but there's only Miriam.

Lot's of grandchildren would be great. We could go around and spoil them all.

I wish that Stephen and Abbey would finally make the commitment. They've been together forever now.

Me too. I'd like to see you all settled before we go.

Dad, where are you going?

Death is stalking the family, Penny. It's only a matter of time until our turn.

[shudder] Ewww.

Dad bought a chemistry set to play with. He claimed the first turn while we were in school.

Mom has a fleet of stalker paparazzi people. No fewer then three of them turned up hoping to get her picture. The best selling author in town doesn't have much competition around here when it comes to fame. Mom has it all.

Ronnie invited her bestest friend Kyra over for some fun.

While Nick and I finally went on a real date. It was magic.

We started at the Art Gallery, so we could tell the parents it was educational.

Well, it was educational, just not in a way any dad would approve.

Then we caught the latest action flick on at the cinema.

Nick loved the car chases.

I loved when the hero kissed the girl.

We both left very happy.

Ronnie asked Dad to teach her to drive.

They both came home super stressed. Ronnie says to never ever ask Dad to teach me to drive. Dad doesn't want to even think about driving. He wants to stick to his trusty scooter instead.

But I had another question that I wanted to ask.

You see, Nick has been the love of my life since about forever ago.

And I want to make sure that he knows that I want it to keep going forever and ever. I want Nick to be there for me, like Dad is for Mom.

So I proposed to Nick.

I know, the guy is supposed to do it but hey, who wants to wait for a guy to stop dithering around?

It took him by surprise. That and the size of the diamond in the ring.

I should tell him sometime that Dad or maybe granddad dug up that diamond while overseas. While our family is far from poor, I didn't have to dig into the life savings to buy a ring.

Nick said Yes! We are engaged. We are going to get married!

It's the best day in my life! I'm so happy! 


Yes dear?

I want to throw a bachelorette party.

Not until after you graduate, young lady. There will be no bachelorette parties and no weddings until you finish school.


Your father and I discussed it. Graduation comes first for both you girls.

But Dadddy. I want to get married now.

Don't worry sweety. The time will pass before you know what happened.


Bonus pic time!

This was a particularly short episode because I played till the girls were about to age up. And the game crashed.

I installed Generations and this particular game was bad. It took Phillip about 2 hours to walk through the house.

Finally after Twallan intervention - we have achieved enough to post.

Penny back from the Bistro, in her formal hat. You don't see much Penny under it.

Penny and Phillip having a chat.

All the Grant kids adore their parents. I have a hard time even thinking about having family strife.

A zebra? Really?

The town does have plenty of red heads. Jerod Grant and Travis Kane. Aren't they a pair of good lookers?

Umm, don't tell them that Jerod ruined Travis's reputation after Travis assisted in a murder plot in another blog, will you?

Ronnie took the news that Phillip's last sibling, Eric, died.

Poor Phillip is in perpetual mourning. He doesn't get over one death before hearing about the next. The disadvantage of a large family. Vanessa only had one half-sib, no cousins, aunts or uncles to deal with.

James Kane wife Jaimee Kane. Cute enough for a Ronnie substitute.


  1. You've done a great job of introducing Generations seamlessly into the blog. I hadn't seen the show off grandkids photos action, yet. That's really nice and is pretty perfect for Phillip.

    Wait, if Penny still in high school? And she proposed? She knows what she wants, doesn't she? Hurry up and graduate so we can see that wild bachelorette party.

    So glad your game is running smoother, PiB.

  2. It was the first thing that Phillip and Vanessa wanted to do when the maid came in. Show off the grandchildren. Oh, and they still want canes. :)

    Yes, under Penny's hopeless romantic special interactions was propose. I think she might even be able to get married as a teen. It may be Twallan's fault but I think it's just a side effect of that trait.

    Age up, graduate and then it's party time.

    Poor Nick, he spent the night and he may never go home to Brad and Em. Cause it is their mutual birthday.

    I'm glad too. I'd hate to lose them now.

  3. Penny is such a sweet girl. I love her. So many features from the generations here! Love the picture of her dad showing all the photos.

  4. I love Penny's story but my heart belongs to Jerod. When I saw that pic I was like isn't that the same Travis who's in the pin for some bad deeds.

    Penny being able to get engaged and woohoo as a teen is all Twallan. I loved your story.

  5. Aw, how cuteee. I knew it was coming, but still- Penny and Nick are adoraaableeee.

    I do think it's the Woohooer/MC mods from Twallan, because I have never ever been able to have my teens do that (though, as I said, I've not had a lot of teens yet).

  6. @Mj, thanks. Yes, they did get to start taking advantage of Generations. The girls miss most of the teen stuff but their kids won't.

    @Rae In this blog, Penny is our girl. Jerod is just her cousin, a quiet architect with a wife Elsa and 2 sons. Jerod might be a bit sad, his dad was the last sibling of Phillip and just died.

    Twallan allows woohoo as a option for a teen. My teens are not allowed. I turned on romance for teen/adult once but no woohoo.

  7. Hey Amelia

    Yes, Penny and Nick are adorable.

    I have only twice seen teens able to propose. And the last time, one of them was insane and inappropriate. This time, it only shows on Penny's hopeless romantic specials - never on the regular romantic options. And across the blogs, I've had lots of teens. So it's not just something Twallan threw in for all of them.

  8. D'awwww, she propossssseeeedd! That's so cute. XD Thank goodness Phillip is insisting she wait until she ages up to get married, though--best they wait until things settle down, first. :)

    Shorty but a goody--lots of warm fuzzies, this post. I got a good chuckle seeing Phillip and his chemistry set, and Vanessa's flock of paparazzi. Those pillow fights are way cute, too--can't wait to play with that some, myself! :D

    LOL @ Zebra. I love how random the paintings are. XD

    Also love Penny's formal hat. So awesome. ^-^

  9. Kaleeko! Hugzzzz

    She did propose. There will be a wedding between a Kane and a Grant...but yes, she does have wait. A grand total of like two days. :)

    Glad you found lots of warm fuzzies. There was plenty of Generations new stuff to see.

    @zebra when they have no animals...sheesh

    Penny's formal hat is very pretty. I need a really good dress to match it. There is a wedding coming....

  10. Birthday party number 3 for the girls. I hope it sticks this time.

    Birthday 1 - random ctd before I installed generations.

    Birthday 2 - script error crash when trying to put adult Ronnie into decent clothes.

    Birthday 3 - just did a save as. Hope I can change the clothes this time. Cause all three birthday kids need it. Badly.


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