Friday, August 12, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - May 4 - Family Party and Pregnancy

Nick's been fascinated by my pregnancy.

"Honey, can I feel your tummy?"

"I'm surprised that you can't just watch. I think he wants to kick his way out."

He carefully placed one hand on the baby bulge. "Wow, that baby is a strong kicker."

"Tell me about it." I stroked my tummy. "I don't think there's much question about how healthy this baby is."

"You need a distraction. I think I have just the thing."

"Nick, what are you thinking about?"

"Oh, just thinking about tickling you till you surrender." He put the words into action.

"You silly man. If you want me to head for bed, you could try asking."

"Well then?"

"Good thing we're already in the right room. It's taking me longer to get anywhere these days."

When I checked the mail, I found our first set of bills and another round of wedding gifts. Nick's parents sent one, my cousin Jerod, a few of the other guests.

So it was time for another round of thank you notes. I do appreciate that the guests sent presents, and they seem to appreciate that we send back little notes.


"Yes, honey?"

"I've been thinking..."

"You dangerous woman! Thinking!"

"Don't be so silly." I giggled. "I think we should have a small party. You know, the family."

Nick looked a bit uncomfortable. "You know I don't know your family that well." Nick's not much of one for hanging out with people he doesn't know.

"I'll invite your parents. And if I ask Stephen, I have to ask your sister Abbey. It will be fine, Nick."

So, I invited Mom and Dad, Vincent, Stephen and Abbey, Ronnie, Bradley and Emerald. Nice little family gathering.

So who was the first to arrive? Nick's ex girlfriend, Hayley. Did Nick invite his old girlfriend because I surely didn't. Hayley and I haven't gotten along since I 'stole' Nick from her.

It wasn't stealing. He came back to me willing enough.

Worst mistake I ever made, deciding to date other guys as a teen. When I found that Hayley snapped Nick up, I realised exactly what he meant to me. Which was, well, everything.

I was glad that the other guests arrived soon after Hayley. It's awkward hosting a party where you are enemies with the only guest.

Poor Abbey still seems to have problems with losing weight after the baby is born. She and Stephen have two boys now. I think my second nephew is called Shane.

Nick's mom visited just long enough to say hi and zipped away again. What was the point of that? She could have just phoned and saved some fuel. At least Bradley stayed for the party.

Dad and Mom made it as well.

I'm glad, it will give me a chance to mention their new grandchild to be. Though I may not have to say much, I think that they'll notice on their own.

Our other gate crasher was my cousin Elmer.

I'm glad he came, his mom just passed away and it's been a bit rough on both Elmer and his twin sister Rocio. I don't think that Jerod was as affected by it, he was never quite as close to his parents as far as we know.

"Hey, Elmer."

"Hi Penny."

"You doing ok?"

"Not really. Not yet. I mean, we knew mom was getting frail but you still never expect it."

At this point, I was doing my best not to look at my mom. As much as I hate to think about it, I'll be in this position sometime. "I know. It doesn't help but at least she will be reunited with your dad."

"True, after my dad died, mom was so lost. They hadn't been apart for more than a day since they got married."

"I'm glad you came. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help."

"Jeffrey's been saying the same thing." Jeffrey? Oh, right, Elmer's husband.

Nick may not have been keen on the idea of talking to my family, but he is making the effort. Of course, Stephen is twice over his brother-in-law since he's married to Abbey.

I'm hoping that Nick will eventually like hanging around with my family. Because they are important to me. I was hoping to chat to Emerald but maybe next time.

As dusk fell, Nick decided to tell a ghost story.

Man, can Nick tell a scary story or what? I had no idea that he was that good. It was the spooky tale of a headless ghost and how he haunted the guy who cut off his head.

After the story, the guests left. It was a great party but it was also great to have the house to ourselves again.

"And did my little bud enjoy the party?"

"I was lucky. He didn't try to dance to the music all night. Now that everyone is gone, would you like to look at the stars?"

"Yes, Penny, let's look at the stars."

I love it when I have a chance to hold Nick's hand.

Nick decided to tell me some of his family gossip. Like his uncle Travis just told the family that he and his wife are expecting a baby. I thought his uncle Travis was the oldest? His wife went to school with Vincent though so maybe she was the one that wanted a baby.

I got up in the morning to find my husband quietly studying in the corner of the room.

"Nick, isn't the sofa in the main room more comfortable?"

"Just wanted to keep an eye on you, honey."

"Nick, I'm pregnant, not sick."

"And I wanted to say good morning to you and the baby."

Nick put down the book and came over.

"Good morning little bud. I hope to see you soon. Because there's been no candy for me to steal around here."


"Just kidding...well, mostly kidding."

Ok, what will I do if Nick steals candy from our baby? I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.


  1. Poor Penny, that's got to hurt x.x Kicky baby! Good to know pregnancy isn't slowing them down, though, ahem ;)

    I kind of forget to have my sims write thank you notes. But it's okay, because I forget in real life too.

    Family partiiiiies! Always fun. I've always been curious why there's that dome over the foosball table, when I've never seen one like that in real life (though there could be ones like that, I haven't shopped for foosball in a while).

    Awkward!exes are awkward! Poor Penny and Nick. Wonder who invited her. Hope she doesn't cause issues!

    Love seeing other family members! But saddd to see you laying the foundation for preparing us for Phillip and Vanessa to go ;( ;(

    Nick's being so cute and overprotective! I always forget he has the Evil trait, though. XD

    Wonderful post!

  2. They were still in honeymoon mode, though with her pregnancy, they can't travel anywhere.

    The thank you notes raises long term relationships a little. And it is polite.

    The family party was a great success. No idea how Nick's old girlfriend found out but she just played foosball the whole time.

    I have to prepare me to see Phillip permanently exit this game. It's going to be very hard, he's been special.

    Nick fails even more than usual to be good at being evil. I don't remember him doing the evil finger thing since he moved in with the Grants. Sheesh. At least Shrimp can be counted on to do that from time to time.

    Glad you enjoyed.

  3. D'awww--aren't they just precious! I agree with Amelia, it's great to see the pregnancy hasn't slowed them down any, lol! Hopefully that pesky kicking doesn't bother you too much longer, Penny--though maybe it means they're just taking after your skill in athletics! :D Haha

    "You dangerous woman! Thinking!" Hahaha. Be careful, Nick--just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she can't reach over and smack you if she wants to. ;) Good idea about the party! I actually just did something similar in my game, had Jeb, Mere, Shamus and Eva over--it was... a little tense. Family gatherings are always great, though!

    Yours was almost pretty tense too--like... wtf? What is with his ex showing up? That's pretty bizarro--I would've kicked her out, since clearly she was just trying to rain on their parade! XD Poor Abbey, what's the deal with her tummy? She almost looks glitched!

    Talking about daddies passing away is saad... I don't wanna see Phillip and Vanessa go! They better at least stick around to see Penny and Nick's kids, or I'll... ... yeah. Empty threat. Sigh.

    Travis is having a baby, eh? Haha, that's two saves he's expecting in, then--that boy apparently likes knocking women up. What canni say. :P lol!

    D'aawww again at the last pic--c'mon Penny, why wouldn't you want to let that boy steal from your children? *cough* Still, he's so doting I have to wonder if he even would steal without a little prompting. Very much a sweetheart.

    Always heartwarming and full of giggles! Definitely helped perk my mood up a litle, tonight <3

  4. The pregnancy is definitely not slowing them much. And Penny won't have too much longer to go before it's hospital time.

    Naughty Nick, teasing Penny with that comment. It was, as you might guess, a lot of fun to write a line like that. Family get-togethers are fun. And I did say that Nick would have to see his family as well as Penny seeing hers.

    I have absolutely no idea why Nick's ex that is a nemesis of Penny showed up to Penny's party. Gate crashers just happen. She behaved better than Em though, I didn't see it but Em did something in the three seconds she was on the lot that made Nick want to go tell her off for rudeness.

    Abbey had a glitch which was permy pregnancy look. But I followed some instructions post this party and I think she'll be normal after this.

    I know. I really don't want Phillip or Vanessa to go but they are getting there. Phillip has no siblings or in-laws left now - not a good sign.

    Travis is having a baby - but it took an unusually long time for that to happen in this save. He and Ginger have twins but that wasn't their idea, this one is!

    As I told Amelia, Nick is a bit of a fail when it comes to that evil trait. He hasn't been doing the evil laugh, finger twiddle or anything but that moment of scaring Penny at the wedding. Even Shrimp does sometimes want to steal candy from his baby so maybe Nick will. We'll see.

    Glad it was a bit of a pick-me-up. :) Thanks for the comment.

  5. Penny is so pretty. She should take off her hat more often!

    I can just see Nick: cuddle baby, steal baby's candy, play with baby.

    It's great when you have family outings. They seem so authentic. People getting along, people fighting, people being rude, it all happens with families.

    I really enjoyed this, PiB.

  6. Chrysame! Kermit flail!

    Funny enough, I've decided that Penny will be getting a new outfit and much smaller hat after the baby is born. Cause this hat let's her hide too much. :)

    LOL - I don't think Shrimp has stolen much candy from his babies, but that was what teenage Ted was like with his little brothers. Steal candy - cuddle baby. It's funny when they do that.

    I love family outings. I just have to keep in mind that for once, the spouse has family too.

    So happy to see you pop by!

  7. Aww, they're so cute together! <3
    I can't wait to meet the baby! ^-^
    I'm glad Nick is getting used to the idea of being close to Penny's family, or at least he's trying to get used to it.
    Great chapter! :D

  8. Comment re: the poll. ABSOLUTELY keep going with it! I love that common thread, and it's grown to be a sentimental throwback now, I think. Plus, it's INDIANA JONES THEMED blog. INDIANA JONES HAS A HAT. Nuff said.

  9. LOL! I agree with Amelia. I say keep it. :3

    Hopefully you don't run into a shortage of hats, though... Hahaha. ;D I think it's cool to keep with it, but if that turns into a roadblock I think I might survive with them not having hats. But still. HATS ON!

  10. Right now, it's the absolute decision - keep the hats. But Penny needs something harder to hide behind because you really can't see her face under the current one.

    It will come back when they can finally go on holidays but for day to day, something else! Cause she's too cute to hide (and not the shy one in the family.)

  11. :D Nick is so funny. No matter what he is going to be a good father... even though he's going to steal a candy from his baby XD

    So much things in RL are now in TS 3 like wedding gifts. But, have your sims received gifts from the deceased? Funny, because in my game the deceased still gave gifts to the livings.

  12. Lovely update, PiB. I also love that Phillip and Vanessa are still so lovable towards each other and looking so great.

  13. Thanks MJ. Phillip will love Vanessa till the day one of them dies. While I'm never surprised to hear about him flirting in other blogs, he is just devoted in this one. :)

  14. Stealing candy from a baby never stopped Shrimp from being a good dad. He just has to cuddle them after.

    I don't think I've had wedding gifts from the dead but to be fair, we forgot to invite them to the event. :)


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