Monday, August 1, 2011

The Journal of Penny Grant - May 1 - Settling in

I checked the mail to find that some of the wedding guests had sent presents. Including Mom and Dad sent us some gifts. Apparently a house isn't enough.

So I moved the old clunky computer from the top of this desk to write the thank you notes. I picked this desk since it's one of the rooms I haven't had a chance to look at yet.

Six letters later and I had a chance to explore our new place.

This one is obviously a room for boys. All blue and about space. The overall effects is a bit ... dark. I think it could use a little something before anyone stays in here.

Then there is the nursery with some of the most adorable wall paper ever.

I'm glad it doesn't seem to be for either a boy or a girl. Greens and yellows, not all blue or pink. 

Our room with a nice view and personal fireplace.

The other bedroom.

I don't like this one. It's kind of dark and gloomy with that wallpaper. It needs some real work done.

Oh my, that sounds like I want to fill all of them. That's four children and a baby. I don't know if Nick would like that. I don't even know if I'd like that many kids.

Of course, Mom and Dad only planned for 3. They just happened to get a 2 for 1 deal unexpectedly with Ronnie and I.

Finally the kitchen/dining/living area.

I like that these rooms all flow into each other, it's just like home.

Damn, I mean it's just like my parent's house. This is our home. Me and Nick.

I guess moving out is just another thing to get used to. Being married should be another but I was just so ready for that.

The backyard has a treehouse and a waterslide. It may be awhile before they see much action. I mean, you can't have babies climbing into treehouses, can you?

Still, it's a wonderful house. I can see I'll want to make some changes but it's really got everything we need for a family.

All the excitement has been getting to me. I've been a bit queasy lately.

Once I was over the sudden queasiness, I decided to take Dad's advice and get a job in professional sports. The stadium isn't too far from our new place. We are also close to the military base where Nick works. Unfortunately, this means we aren't close at all to the parents.

My passion is martial arts, not sports. But working in professional sports is as close as I can get and earn a regular paycheck. I hope that the skills from this surely will help the other along.

Then I went over to the gym to meet Nick. He decided a workout session would be just the ticket to for him.

He's been given a few days off because of the wedding. I think that was sweet.

By the time I arrived, Nick was already there and working out.

All the machines were in use so I did my routines in the aerobics room. There wasn't a class on so that room was pretty much deserted.

"Hey Penny?"

"Yes Nick?"

"Can we pop by and see my folks after the workout? Just to say hi?"

"Ok Nick. Next time we can visit mine."

Emerald had a promotion since I last saw her. Her new uniform is quite spiffy.

I think I see Nick's motives here. Emerald could help his career quite a bit, if she wants to. She might, I don't know her well enough to say. She might prefer that he earn his own stripes.

When did Brad get to be mayor of this town?

Well, we've known he's been in politics forever. And as the only honest politician in town, well, that had to have some dividends for Brad sometime.

Vincent finally divorced Kari. Now he is moving on to a new romance.

Wait, is that Nick's aunt Amelia?

It is his aunt Amelia. I guess that Vincent really has a thing for older woman since she's significantly older than he is.

"Nick, do you think your aunt really loves Vincent?"

"Well, for the moment, she does. But she hasn't stayed with anyone more than a couple of months. Dad said that he was surprised that his older brother settled down in marriage so fast and younger sister never did. He always thought it would be the other way around."

"You have an uncle too?"

"Yeah, don't you?"

"Well, I did have some aunts and uncles but nearly all of them have died. Dad had two brothers and a sister. Mom had a half sister. I do have a lot of cousins."

When we finally got home, Nick volunteered for kitchen duty.

Because I was still feeling a bit off.

Funny, I feel really really hungry when I'm not throwing up. It's not stomach flu, that just leaves you ill.

Oh my plumbbob, is that why I've been feeling off?

I hope Nick takes the news well. We're just barely married, we haven't had a chance to talk about children yet.

"Nick, do you like babies?"

"I love to steal candy from babies, why?"

"Umm, would you steal candy if it's your own baby?"

"My baby?"

"Our baby, actually. Nick, I'm pregnant."

"I don't feel anything."

"Well, it's early days yet. But the doctor confirmed it. Definitely going to have a baby. She said everything was going fine."

"Honey. I'm speechless."

"Is that a good speechless or a bad one?"

Since words were failing Nick, he decided on a demonstration instead.

I'm pretty sure that translate to good speechless. He might not have had much to say about the baby but it seems to have made him happy.

I just adore my Nick. Look at those beautiful eyes of his. And when he grabs me, I feel so safe in his arms. It's such a good feeling.

bonus pics

On the far left is Marco Sekemoto - one of Laura Grant's grandchildren (Sam and Rache's great grand). On the right is Beatrice Warren - Ripley's only child and girlfriend of Marco. I have my doubts that this pair will manage to produce any children but Marco's little brother is married and has two.

Does anyone see a ring on the Sims finger when they do this, or is it just my graphics?

Don't they look so happy, cuddling in the bed?


  1. Baby time! :P

    And no, they never have a ring on their finger when they do that unless you give them one as an accessory lol

  2. Great update. No rings on fingers like Cami said but I found several great CC wedding rings.

  3. @Cami, poor kids, it was one risky woohoo and already a baby. :)

    I'm glad to hear that. I must remember to give them rings more often. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Rae, glad you enjoyed it. It's good to know it's not my computer. :)
    Thanks for the comment.

  4. Love the update, as always! They're settling in nicely. And ah HA, I suspected we'd be seeing more Grants soon. Frisky kiddies.

    I agree with the above comments- you have to put a ring on it. Otherwise they're just staring at their naked fingers.

    Excited to meet the new generation!

  5. Well, they have only once indulged in risky woohoo. Once was quite enough.

    Next generation not far away. Then I must send these two on their honeymoon, poor babies missed out. :)

  6. khakglkasjfs The cuteness! I really do love seeing Penny and Nick together--they make a very lovely couple. I really do adore Penny, too--she seems a lot different in some ways than previous Grants... I have to say, I like that very much. :3

    Their house isn't too bad! Could do with a little makeover on a few of the rooms, but it's certainly livable--but "can't make babies in Treehouses"... Oh Penny. You would be surprised. ;D

    Em is definitely looking quite prominent in that uniform! And Brad... Brad?! Mayor? Oh my! That is certainly interesting!

    Vincent... yeaaaah. I think he has a thing for cougars. Also--this generations has a SERIOUS thing for Kanes, lol!! It really does make me giggle so much. ^-^

    Didn't take long for that preggo bump to show up, but at least they're both happy about it. :) Penny ain't gonna be getting far in her career with sports with that, though! Hehe.

    Lovely post--I do so love this Grant generation... I think those twins+Phillip will always be my faves. Just sayin'. ^^ <3

  7. Hey, Kaleeko, when you do a catch up, it can get serious. :)

    Yes, Penny is her own self, not just a Grant voice in female form. It is good for me to finally get away from the boys, though a bit hard as well.

    The house is a pre-built from Generations. And yes, it will do until they have time/money to make over the rooms. It's not bad at all.

    LOL - I meant that babies can't climb up into treehouses...Penny may well find that treehouses are a lot of fun for adults too.

    Em is doing well in the military. And this Brad *always* goes for politics. Don't ask me, I have no idea why, but it's the same in Art Flows Through. I guess it's related to whatever LTW the game assigned him when I grew him up to marry Em.

    I hate to say this but this Amelia is on dangerous ground. She dated and dumped one Grant already. She has Vincent with two other Sims. And if she dares upset a third Grant - she is toast. :)

    One risky woohoo. That was it. Poor kids.

    I hope that Penny can take your heart. But you will get to see them growing up all over again in your blog - where Ronnie will rule. :)

    Thanks so much for the comment <33333333

  8. I love your design of the house. The children's room are so cute and so were the rest of the room and the backyard. They are so homey. The adorable gaze of Nick was certainly would make her feel safe.

  9. Wish I could take credit MJ but it's a Generations house - Kid Tested - Mom Approved. It's quite nice and reasonably priced.

    She certainly should feel safe with Nick. He's good for her.


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