Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Journal of Phillip Grant - Dec 23

Our view from the house
Is pretty spectacular. There is something so calming about watching water.

I decided to spend a bit more time with my remaining elder relatives.
Uncle Jack had been devastated by the loss of his brothers. He must be in work clothes, while my elder relatives don't have extremely great fashion sense, it is better than this.

I went scavenging at the junkyard. Didn't look like much when I brought it home but

A little elbow grease and good as new. Most of it was sold but we kept the trash compactor and the nice crib.

Time flies. Our baby is having his first birthday already.

My hair and Vanessa's pretty eyes. He'll have the girls flocking around when he's a teen.

I moved the gnomes back to near the mailbox. But wasn't Corey in a different position???

Young Vincent isn't the only child growing
Eric's girl Rocio. Isn't she a little cutie?

His boy Elmer is The Shrimp Mk 2. I thought it was the Shrimp but

Jerod isn't quite so small any more. He started school recently.

Marcelo Pendragon - his dad Captain Jack must be pleased by his younger boy finally growing up. Marcelo's mom Celia Pendragon died recently, the Reaper must be collecting overtime pay.

I don't know what Hugo said to Aunt Gabrielle but Uncle Jack is looking quite cross. Uncle Jack shouldn't worry, he and Aunt Gabrielle have been devoted to each other forever.

Two of my favourite people in the world. Vincent is growing like a little weed.

I've put that nice scavenged crib to use now.


  1. Cute toddler alerts! Rocio has Grant hair! The Shrimp is a handsome boy. Did his hair color change slightly? It doesn't look like it has the red tips any longer. It could be the angle of the picture. It looks just like the yearly school picture kids take. He has Macy's eye shape.

    Nice of Phillip to take time to visit his elders. He's a good boy. Every time I see the plum hair color I think of Rachel. She'd be pleased to see that's been passed down.

  2. Awww, look at da widdle Vincent!

    And all those boys with red hair.... Eeeeeee!

    You can sure find a lot of stuff to salvage, can't you? I need to get on doing that. Never at the junkyard enough.

    I agree, it is really nice of Phillip to visit his uncle.

    Vanessa looks so sweet with Vincent. They're such a cute little family, so far. :D

  3. You know you made me miss SV with that first pic, don't you.
    I've been scavanging too. Keeping what's needed and selling the rest.
    I love the gnomes! I just can't help it! I love 'em!
    Awwww, the toodlers and Jerod are sooo cute.
    Hugo best watch out and watch what he says before Uncle Jack does more than give him a look.
    Marcelo looks like a cool dude with those shades.

  4. I'm on a training course today. So frustrating to see comments and not being able to think about answering until lunch.

    Chrysame, I might have made a mistake with the Shrimp. I was playing around with hair and might have changing the colour slightly. But I can get his back. :)

    Yes, Phillip is a good man, and losing all your elder relatives is a hard time. He's trying to see them all while he can.

  5. Kaleeko, earlier in this save I had the red heads Macy Monroe (Chrysame) and Benjamin Lee (Dee) marry and have 3 girls in CAS. I should have red heads for quite awhile. :)

    Phillip is very happy with his Vanessa and Vincent.

    I tend to forget to do dump runs for ages but they can certainly be worth the effort. And Phillip loves selling photos at the consignment shop.

  6. Hey Dee,

    I do love those little mobile gnomes. The normal mysterious gnome is moving around more but the special one is so cool.

    Hugo won't have to worry about Jack. :( The reaper is on overtime still.

    Marcelo is a cool dude. I'm hoping that he starts dating soon. As far as I know, Phillip's cousins Kari and Tosha are of the right age and not dating yet. :)

  7. I hate not being able to see what is going on with everyone except when I'm at home. It must be even harder seeing all the comments and not being able to reply. Also the different times zones. Weekends are the only times I can really get to "talk" to you when we are both awake and not working.

    Gnomes rock. I just love those sneaky little buggers.

  8. Today was bad. I knew you, Chrysame and Kaleeko were having a grand time chatting and I was stuck in a room with only an iTouch to look at email/web. I can send messages but it's a real pain to do then.

    Still, at least the comments in the blogs don't vanish. That's one plus over the chat rooms we've not installed.

  9. Awww. :( <3

    Time zones are always a pain in the rear. But, I agree -- at least you can always go back through comments to figure out what's going on. ;)

  10. Agree with both of you. I have so much fun reading the comments but when I read them and don't have time to comment at the time, I get sad. Sometimes when it's time for me to leave and I see another comment I just have to read it and mark it as unread.

  11. I read all the comments, just takes so long sometimes that I don't make comments on them. :)


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